Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 47 Unable To Use Noble Phantasm


The sky in Fuyuki City was still dark. Above the church in a remote area, Rozen and his party seemed to have a good rest.

“Click …”

The church’s door was opened.

Holding her shield, Mashu stepped out of the church.


Standing on Mashu’s shoulder, Fou screamed as if it was asking something.

“Sorry, I want to some the fresh air.”

Mashu said to Fou on her shoulder and then looked up, staring at the sky.

At this moment, Mashu was showing the same kind of look when she stared at the sky in Chaldea, but she was so beautiful.

Under such circumstances, even Fou couldn’t bring itself to disturb her and just stood on her shoulder.

But there will always be someone who would break the ice. Someone was coming closer, and Mashu realized it.

“Senpai …” The one who came was Rozen.

Looking at Mashu standing alone in the court, Rozen came over.

“Did I disturb you?”

Rozen stood side by side with Mashu, stretched his waist, and laughed, and he purposely approached Mashu, so she didn’t look as gloomy.

Rozen’s carelessness was making Mashu felt so comfortable when she was with him.

“Are you alright, senpai?” Mashu asked.

“Well, no problem. You know my magic circuit. Even if my magical power is exhausted, I just need one night to recover.”

Rozen shrugged and replied proudly…

That proud and childish attitude cheered Mashu a bit.

“Senpai is senpai, no matter the situation we were in, he will remain the same…” Mashu thought.

Rozen was someone dependable when they were in a critical condition.

Rozen’s personality always made Mashu felt relaxed.

“Your face is wrinkled, almost like a sandwich.” Rozen teased Mashu a bit, and he said, “What’s with the serious face? Something on your mind?” Then Rozen stared at Mashu’s eyes.

Being stared by Rozen Mashu was a bit flustered.

“No … nothing …” Mashu answered.

“Are you lying to me?” Rozen said, “You can’t hide your feelings from people who know you full well.”

Although Rozen sounded so stern, that was because she was worried about Mashu from the bottom of his heart.

“In this world, there is no one who knows you better than me, my sweet kouhai.”

Rozen laughed, and Mashu blushed.

But soon after, Mashu’s expression returned normal.


Finally, Mashu faced Rozen and talked.

“Am I useless?” That was all she asked, how could Rozen know what she was thinking?

“I want to help you, but I’ve done nothing but hold you back.”

Mashu said with a sad expression.

“Back when we were in Chaldea, senpai is almost died because of me.”

“And after becoming a servant, it was clear that I’m the one who is supposed to protect senpai, but it turned out that you are the one who protected me from Berserker’s attack.”

“Senpai has excellent skill and talent to be a great master, and you should have formed a contract with a better servant so that they can easily help you break through the predicament.”

“But you form a contract with a demi-servant like me.”

Every sentence she said showed the guilt in Mashu’s heart.

Rozen was confused about what he should say to Mashu in that situation.

Mashu was indeed a demi-servant who recently got her power.

“I don’t even know the true name of the servant who gives me power.” Mashu said it with a sad expression.

This led to…

“I can’t even use my noble phantasm.”

That was the real problem for her because noble phantasm was a servant’s true power that could decide the outcome of the battle.

“Didn’t you realize, senpai?”

Mashu looked up and stared at Rozen.

“I think a master on your caliber can pretty much guess a servant’s capability.”

Hearing that, Rozen saw something in his eyes.

Class: Shielder

A.K.A: Mashu Kyrielight • Mashu

Alignments: Lawful • Good

Attributes: Earth

Strength: C

Endurance: A

Agility: D

Mana: B

Luck: C

NP: –

Magic Resistance: A

Riding: C

Self-defense: Damage reduction skill. The higher the level, the wider the range of the skill.

Inheritance: One could inherit the same type of skill from another servant.

Transient Wall Of Snowflakes: It could increase party defense, including herself.

Obscurant Wall Of Chalk: It could grant one ally invincibility for a moment.

Shield Of Rousing Resolution: Draws the attention of all enemies to herself.

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