Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 48 Must be…


Every master could see their servant’s status such as strength, endurance, mana, agility, noble phantasm, etc. And it was divided into six categories.

Starting from the lowest was E, D, C, B, A and the highest was Ex. And there was also + symbol as an additional status.

Their skills were based on their class, but the noble phantasm was based on their previous life.

For example, Saber, Lancer, and Archer were granted a certain degree of magic resistance, so they are also called the three knight classes, and servants of the Rider class were granted riding skills, Caster was granted Territory Creation and Item Construction, Assassin was granted Presence Concealment, and Berserker was granted Madness Enhancement.

Noble Phantasm was the ability a servant possessed during his lifetime.

Just like Archer, his Projection Magic and Clairvoyance were abilities that he possessed during his lifetime.

“Can Master’s ability affect the servant?”

Mashu looked at Rozen with some hope, “If it’s you, then it’s possible to maximize the servant’s potential to the greatest extent.”

That was indeed true.

As Mashu said, the higher the master’s ability was, the greater ability a servant would have.

And Rozen also could see attributes, skills, rank, and noble phantasm.

And Rozen had already confirmed Mashu’s ability before they met Archer.

However, Rozen was really confused when he saw Mashu’s status indicator.

“I do not expect that I can’t even check her noble phantasm.”

But now, Rozen understood.

The reason was Mashu couldn’t use her noble phantasm yet.

But there was a ??? on Mashu’s noble phantasm status.

Maybe Mashu had unbelievable potential.


That was an unorthodox class that was different from the other seven.

It might not be necessary stronger than other classes, but it had a unique ability, skill or noble phantasm.

Rozen didn’t know much about this class, but he could guess the class might be based on the real servant’s ability, character, or will, who possessed her.

“Based on her personality that always wanted to protect everyone, it’s not a surprise if she gets this class.”

Because of that strong defense ability, she could withstand Berserker’s attack.

But the fact that Mashu was unable to use her noble phantasm was a big problem.

She must know the servant’s name that possessed her to activate the noble phantasm.

That was the problem.

Mashu was hoping that Rozen might know it.

But what a pity …

“If masters can identify servants’ names, then it’s pointless to hide their identity from the beginning.”

Rozen was no doubt, a first-rate master. But he couldn’t identify the servant’s name.

Otherwise, he could identify every servant’s weakness and strong point from a glance.

“… Really?” Mashu was disappointed.

“Sorry, senpai, I put you on the spot by asking these questions.” Mashu said, “You really should have formed…”

This time, Rozen did not let Mashu finish her words.

“If you say that again, I’ll be angry.”

Rozen said that with a serious expression, and Mashu held her lips.

Seeing this, Rozen patted Mashu’s head.

“Don’t worry.” Rozen smiled.

“Since I am the best master in the whole world, then you who form a contract with me will never be a half-assed servant.”

“So, trust me, just leave it to me.”

Rozen comforted Mashu.

“Senpai …”

Mashu suddenly looked at Rozen, looking at the confident expression on his face, and her loneliness gradually disappeared.

That’s right, just believe in Rozen.

A bond between master and servant was important.

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