Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 49 The Same Feeling


When Rozen and Mashu came back to the church, Olga Marie already woke up.

“I think she is ready, we can’t underestimate her.” Caster suddenly appeared while smiling.

And Olga Marie was shocked by his sudden appearance.

“Don’t you suddenly come like that! Do you want to scare people to death!?”

A servant could conceal their presence, which was called spiritualization.

When Caster fought against Archer, the reason why Archer turned into light particles and disappeared, was because he used that ability.

And Caster was also using that ability to conceal his presence and suddenly showed up in front Olga Marie.

“Although a servant does not need to rest, a servant must restore their magical power.”

For this purpose, Caster was remained in his spirit form, restoring his magical power.

“It’s really convenient stuff.”

Mashu said with no idea whether she was envious or really admired that ability.

The servant switch to spirit form for reducing the consumption of magical power and even used for recovery. As a demi-servant, Mashu couldn’t do that.

Because she had the physical body, Mashu does not need to consume magical power for daily activities.

“My magic is almost restored by about 80% or 90%.” He said that on purpose.

“It’s time we are heading to Saber’s place.”

Rozen declared a battle.

Mashu and Olga Marie’s expression changed.

“Then, please allow me to go.” Mashu said that to Rozen, “Although I still can’t use my noble phantasm, I will try my best to protect you.”

Then, Mashu’s eyes were sparkling full of spirit.

“… No…” Olga Marie sighed.

“Because we still can’t contact Chaldea, I will go with you guys.”

Olga Marie was ready for the worst.

“I don’t think so.” Caster looked at Olga Marie and said, “But will you be okay? You don’t have the qualifications to be the master, won’t you just be a burden?”

An average magus was no match against the servant.

“How can I turn a blind eye from my responsibility?” Olga Marie bit her fingernails and murmured, “If we can’t handle this, then Chaldea is done.”

Chaldea has received help from many countries with 38 masters, but the condition of the other 36 was unknown.

As Chaldea’s director, the fate of humanity rested on her shoulder.

Rozen glanced at Olga Marie.

“I didn’t expect you to have a strong sense of responsibility.” Rozen said that so casually.

“I don’t need your acknowledgment!” Olga Marie glared back immediately.

“So, where exactly is Saber?” A simple logic, find Saber’s position first.

“Well …” Caster wanted to answer, but Rozen talked first.

“If my guess is correct, Saber should be there, no?” Rozen interrupted Caster and pointed in a direction.

That was a mountain.

A huge mountain with a temple, and it gave an unpleasant feeling.

“Hm?” Caster smiled, “How can you be so sure Saber is there?”

“It’s simple.” Rozen turned his head and looked at the big mountain.

Looking at the mountain where he met Olga Marie.

Then Rozen said, “Since I did a rayshift and transported to this town and was attacked by Archer, I had an eerie feeling from that mountain.”

Rozen did not know why he felt that way.

However, he was certain…

“That feeling is exactly the same as what Professor Lev gave me. I think Saber who holds the Holy Grail that caused this singularity, is probably in that mountain.” Rozen asserted… “That mountain will be the final arena of this Holy Grail War.”

Everyone was stunned because of Rozen’s explanation.

“It seems that you are clever and have a sharp intuition and eyesight.”

Caster first sighed, then nodded affirmatively.

“Yes, Saber is in that mountain, and the ritual magic circle of the Holy Grail is also in that mountain .” In other words, that mountain was the headquarter of the Holy Grail War ritual.

“So let’s go.”

He commanded and glanced at the big mountain.

Under the night sky, the mountain was looking so horrific.

It looks like a beast with its mouth open, ready to bite its prey.

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