Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 51 Did Not Plan To Leave


The flames were like a shrine on the dark mountain, and Archer emerged from the fire.


He got hurt because of the explosion, but there was no major damage to him.

“You can’t even stand this level of magic? You bring shame into the name of the knights class!”

At the same time, the roots carrying Rozen and the others reached the temple on the top of the mountain safely.

Rozen smiled and looked at Archer, who was on his knee.

“Although you do have magic resistance skill, it seems like your magic resistance is not that high.”

Saber, Lancer, Archer class all had magic resistance skill, which granted them the immunity to magic damage to some extent, but there were also different levels of magic resistance.

For example Mashu, her magic resistance was A-level and in maximum power. She was the strongest servant to withstand magic attack besides Ex-level.

Compared to Mashu, Archer’s magic resistance was weaker.

“Your magic resistance is very weak. It is only D-level. You can’t win against us. We have Caster on our side.” Rozen stared at Archer’s eyes.

“Do you think plugging the sewer will slow us down? That is a big mistake.”

“Your biggest mistake is attacking me, a master. I can see your status thanks to our last battle.”

“So, your low magic resistance has become my winning path.”

As soon as he finished his words, Rozen’s body was surging with tremendous magical power.

Rozen transferred that magical power into Caster, through the temporary command seal.

“Game on!”

Caster laughed loudly and flicked his finger, he was casting magic in front of him, the runes were shining.

The next moment, these runes turned into fireballs, bursting out like artillery bullet aimed at Archer.


Archer was startled, he stood up and tried to avoid the incoming attack. But he forgot his enemy was not only Caster.


A servant has drilled the ground around Archer, strangled Archer’s leg with all its might.


Archer was a bit shocked when he realized it.

He couldn’t avoid the incoming attack.

“BOOM!” An explosion sounded through the clouds with the fire soared through the sky.

“We did it!” Olga Marie, who was holding Fou, shouted with surprise as she defended herself from the impact of the explosion.

However, unlike Olga Marie.

Rozen, Mashu, and Caster said a different thing.

“No! Not yet!”

Archer came out unscathed, and the black bow in his hand turned into a black and white short sword like the yin yang symbol. And then he cut off the ants.

In front of Archer, a transparent shield with six petals stood like a mirror. Rozen smiled while looking at Archer.

“Of course you have a shield, why would I be surprised?”

It was beyond surprising if Archer used a shield, but since the opponent used projection magic he was an exception.

When Rozen thought about that, he didn’t hesitate to give a tremendous amount of magical power to Caster, in order to beat Archer in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, Archer was an expert at projection magic, and the weapons projected were all extremely sturdy.

Unlike the average magus, things they made from projection magic would become very vulnerable due to insufficient imagination, magical power, and other factors.

From that point of view, Archer really was the hero that only existed in myths and legends.

Of course, Rozen did not realize that his actions could bring such a great threat to himself, which was very rare.

“I almost get you.”

Archer stood up and stared at Rozen.

“Is this the difference between a servant with a master and a servant without a master?” Archer was aware of that fact.

“The most dangerous is not that hound, nor the girl holding that shield, but you.”

Archer’s eyes gave murderous intent.

“Senpai!” Mashu tried to protect Rozen, she leaped in front of him.

“Your opponent is me. Don’t you dare to touch these guys.”

Caster also stood in front of Mashu, stared at Archer.

Even Olga Marie stared at Archer with a furious look. By seeing that, Archer acknowledges Rozen more than before.

“It seems that the key person is not anyone else but you, the unknown master.”

Archer said calmly.

“Prove that I’m right and come!.”

“Come, and see if you have the ability to save this era and that person.” Archer did not launch an attack, but turned into light particles and disappeared.

Seeing this, everyone frowned.

“Did he realize that he couldn’t win the game by himself, so he retreated?”

Olga Marie understood this.

“He is so smart and annoying as ever.” Caster was a little upset.

“Senpai …” Mashu looked at Rozen.

Being stared by everyone, Rozen shrugged.

“Although I really want to defeat Archer first and then focus on the battle against Saber, he is smarter than I thought. Next, we deal with both Saber and Archer at once.”

That was not a situation that could be said with a smile.

It’s just …

“I didn’t plan to back off.”

Rozen stared in the direction that gave him a creepy feeling.

There was only one thing left to do.

That was heading straight to their base.

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