Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 52 Drilling, Reborn


Big and empty.

It was a huge cave located in the belly of a mountain called Tibetian Mountain.

As the name implied, it was huge and quite spacious.

After Archer retreated, Rozen and his team came to the tunnel leading to the big cave.

“Finally…” As soon as he saw the spacious cave, Rozen felt as if he was burned out and lied on the ground.

“Hey, hey, this is just a twenty-minute journey. Is your physical strength that low?”

Looking at Rozen, Caster was dumbfounded.

“What do you mean by that low? It’s not easy to keep up with a servant!” Rozen answered fiercely.

The big cave was located inside the Tibetian Mountain.

If they want to find the way to the big cave they need to cross a long mountain road.

Of course, that was a heavy task for Rozen.

“Is this the price of the so-called talent? A genius brain and enormous magical power in exchange for weak physical strength. If my master sees it, she certainly will not be able to bear it.” Caster said.

“Mr. Cú Chulainn’s master is the warrior from the land of Alba, isn’t she the infamous Scáthach that even gods can’t kill?” Mashu asked.

“Forget the honorific. I’m not used to that, so just speak to me normally, don’t call my real name, call me Caster.” Caster smiled after he said that.

“Yes, master is much stronger than me. Only a few in the world can beat her.”

She was able to train Cú Chulainn, the strongest warrior in Ulster. Of course, she was not an average warrior.

She was a witch who lived in one of Scotland’s shadowlands and was considered the king of the shadow fortress, Dun Sgathaich.

She was also a talented teacher who has trained many disciples into warriors or magicians and trained many famous heroes in history.

She had decent fighting skills to enter the realm of gods and had a special magic that many gods couldn’t beat. Obviously, she was a human being, but she has stepped into the realm of god, thus killing countless undead and humans — even the gods.

Thanks to that, the great witch was cursed for her entire life. She couldn’t die and lived forever in Dun Sgathaich. Unless the world got destroyed, there would never be peace for her.

She was one of the most famous figures in Ireland mythology, the eternal queen and the lord of the shadow world, Scáthach.

“Can you tell me … about Mr. Caster’s master?” Mashu asked curiously, “What kind of person is she?”

“Hm…” Caster was a bit confused to answer Mashu, “She is a sage who is not only strong, but can also see through the time into the future. She is incomparable to any other warrior, and she can easily see through the quality, personality, and a person’s future with her Clairvoyance skill.”

Because of that, Scáthach has many disciples, and every one of them was brilliant, and Cú Chulainn has been taught to become a hero.

“Master’s greatest wish is to train a guy who can kill herself and free herself from the eternal curse. Unfortunately, no one can do it until now. She is still living in the kingdom of shadows until now. If you have a chance to go there, you may be able to see her.”

Caster said something important so casually and made Mashu dumbfounded.

Olga Marie even spoke out.

“The kingdom of the shadow was no longer connected to the present world because it was in the same era as god’s age. In the modern era, where the supernatural phenomenon is less believed, it is useless even if we go there, even if we use rayshift, we didn’t know the exact year, And even if by some chance we can get there, we will die for sure.”

After all, the so-called shadow kingdom was the land of the dead, and if a living one entered it, and the chance of survival was not even one in ten thousand chance. If one thought of going there, That was no different from suicide.


“You must be able to survive in there, that’s the basic qualification to have Master’s guidance.”

Caster explained, then looked at Rozen and laid on the ground, too tired to stand. Rozen grinned and laughed.

“However, master might be able to do it. If you have spare time, just try it. My master, Scáthach, will think it’s a waste if she didn’t train you if she looks based on your talent. She won’t let you sleep in her training.”

That remark made Rozen shudder a little.

He thought he would be grateful if Scáthach wanted to train him, but he felt like that would happen in the future.

“I … I’ll send my other servant to inspect the cave!”

Rozen changed the topic decisively and prepared to summon the enchanter. But this time, Caster stopped Rozen.

“Don’t waste your magical power, that method is effective to deal with Archer, but it won’t work against Saber.”

Caster once had a battle against Saber and even took a blow from Saber’s noble phantasm, and for him to survive was only a fluke.

“From Saber’s noble phantasm, everyone will know that person’s real name.” Caster said.

Rozen’s party was stunned and speechless when they learned about Saber’s real name from Caster.

If Saber was really that person, everyone was just wasting their time and power.

So …

“Just go on a rampage!” Caster proposed the most brutal methods.

“No way.” Rozen cleared the dirt on his body and stood up.

“Let’s go.” Rozen commanded, the crowd rushed into the big cave.

Finally, Rozen’s party came to Saber’s hideout.

“Whoa …”

“Fuck …”

As soon as he entered the large hollow and saw Saber, Mashu and Olga Marie murmured at the same time.

“Humph…” Caster also clenched his staff.

Rozen took a deep breath and suppressed his feeling.

All of this was because of the amazing magical power Saber released.

“Are you already here?”

Light and cold voice, the biggest enemy in that singularity, stepped and appeared in front of everyone.

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