Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 53 The Strongest Opponent



That was Rozen’s first impression after seeing Saber.

Her skin was white and extremely pale.

She was wearing heavy armor covering all her body, and that armor was utterly black in contrast with the skin, covering almost 90% of her body, flashing a dazzling light.

She was not very tall and thin.

However, on that skinny body, there was a tremendous magical power that could even silence every living being around her.

Her magical power was like a dark wave that could devour people’s hearts.

Rozen was already prepared for the worse.

Saber class required a title of Knight of the Sword in servant’s previous life.

The strongest class in physical power.

The most favorite class to be a winner in the Holy Grail War.

In fact, in Chaldea’s record, the winner of the 2004 Holy Grail in Fuyuki City was a Saber class servant, which proved that class was powerful.

Rozen was shocked because of what he saw, Saber, the strongest enemy, was…

“It’s a GIRL …!”


Saber, who even Berserker couldn’t defeat, was actually a girl.

“Then … that girl …!”

“The legend isn’t reliable at all!”

Even Mashu and Olga Marie screamed and was shocked.

Saber stood on a cliff, stared at everyone.

“Are they the powerful enemy that forced you to retreat and leave the frontline?”

Saber’s voice was so soft yet so cold.

She was talking to Archer behind him.

“We can’t underestimate them.”

Archer stood behind Saber, like a general of the war, and he said, “Even for you, if you fight them carelessly, they might be able to defeat you.”

Saber stared at everyone, starting from Caster, Olga Marie, Mashu, and lastly, Rozen.

When she saw Mashu, Saber paused for a sec on the shield she was holding, and she frowned.

But when she saw Rozen…

“I see…” Saber said.

“Are you master from Chaldea?” As soon as she said that, everyone’s face turned pale.

“She … she knew Chaldea …!” Mashu was surprised.

“What the hell is going on !?” Olga Marie was even more shocked.

Saber knew about where and from what era Rozen’s party came from.

Rozen’s party was not from that era, so how could she know about them?

Rozen remembered what Archer said to him, “Come, and see if you have the ability to save this era and save humanity.”

Archer might have learned something from Saber. He knew the words save humanity, those words were Chaldea’s mission.

As for Saber, she learned about those things from the third party who gave her the Holy Grail.

Rozen locked all these thoughts in his heart, facing Saber with a smile.

“To be honest, after knowing your real name, I didn’t expect that you would accept the Holy Grail from someone who told you to commit various wrongdoing in this era.”

Rozen finally could start a conversation after overcoming his fear of Saber’s magical power.

The conversation was the most effective way to obtain information.

Rozen always thought so.

Moreover, through the conversation, he could also gain advantages such as precaution acts, mitigation, diversion tactics, and even gave false information.

When facing an almost invincible enemy, and one couldn’t escape, the conversation was the only way to find a way to win.

Only at a time like that, Rozen was happy to buy some time, at least until Mashu and Olga Marie overcome their shock, and thought about how to deal with the current situation.

Rozen’s plan seemed a bit successful.

Saber hasn’t given any response.

“Good and evil cannot be determined one-sidedly.” Saber said with a cold voice.

“My purpose is only to maintain this era, so I will accept the Holy Grail after knowing that everything is irreversible, and whether this is good or evil is up to the world and history to determine.” There was too much that Rozen didn’t understand.

“Maintain this era?” Mashu was confused.

“Everything is irreversible?” Olga Marie was also confused.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” Caster was keenly aware that something was wrong.

A lot of things are going on in Rozen’s mind, and Saber noticed that. Rozen’s eyes became sharper, but his mind went blank.

“It seems you really are smart, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.” Saber said, “But lack of knowledge sometimes will bring something good for you, and to know too much sometimes bring you something bad.” After saying that, Saber slowly walked towards Rozen.


In an instant, the magical power from Saber was surging out.

The dark magical power was concentrated in Saber’s hands and turned into a sword.

The sword’s color was black, and the sword covered with red lines, a holy sword that already changed.

“Master of Chaldea, do you want to save humanity?”

Saber raised the black holy sword in her hand and pointed at Rozen.

“Then let the sword in my hand determine whether you have the qualification or not.”

The crazy amount of magical power disrupted the air.

Rozen understood this battle would be so fierce.

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