Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 54 The Highest Level of Melee


A depressing silence began to permeate in the air.

The dark magical power stormed through the large cave, making the air seem heavy.

Seeing Saber activated that vicious magic, Rozen and his team were full of cautiousness.

Fortunately, there are still people there who could withstand that pressure and take the lead to turn the tide.


Caster was the only one who could withstand Saber’s pressure.

“Although I don’t know what you mean …”

Caster stared at Saber with a sinister smile on his face.

“I will beat you down before you can do anything!”

After the declaration, Caster activated some magic and aimed at Saber.

“Is that magic?”

Saber looked coldly at the incoming fireballs, but she did not try to escape at all.

“Haaaaa!” So many fireballs hit Saber’s body.

But before everyone responded, a dark holy sword was swung heavily in the sea of fire and blew the fire away.

Saber appeared in front of everyone without injury.

“Hmm …”

Caster thought, “Is my magic really useless against her?”

Then, when Caster was about to do something, he was interrupted.


An arrow launched from the sky was aimed at Caster.

Archer stood on the rock, while everyone was focusing on Saber, Archer shot without hesitation.

“Watch out!”

Mashu stepped forward immediately, standing in front of Caster.

“Clang!” The arrow was blocked by Mashu’s shield.

After that, Saber made her move.

“Bwooosh!” Saber moved in a flash and lifted her sword rushed at Mashu.

“…!?” Mashu was surprised.

Saber, with a cold expression, held up the dark holy sword in her hand and slashed Mashu. And the strong wind blew as the impact.

“Aaaaargh!” Saber and Mashu clashed.

“It’s heavy …!” Mashu took a blow from Saber.

“Of course, it is heavy because this is the holy sword that bears the hope of humankind and the fate of the planet. Even though the holy sword has changed into the dark holy sword, but its essence didn’t change at all.”

Saber stared closely at Mashu, who was holding her shield, struggling so hard.

“If you can’t even defend such an attack, then your shield cannot bear the burden of saving humanity, so give up!”

Saber pulled back, and she turned around intending to cut off Mashu’s head.

“Huh?” However, Saber suddenly stopped.

Almost in the same second, the ground where she was standing before exploded, and several ants dug a hole below her.

Seeing this scene, Saber, who turned her body, glared in one direction.

Rozen tried to run away with Fou and Olga Marie.

“You dodge it?” Rozen’s eyes flashed with dim light.

That was the master’s ability to see through the servant’s ability.

Thanks to that, Rozen already knew Saber’s ability.

“Strength and endurance are both at A-level. Although the agility is D, the magic is A ++ level. Is she cheating?”

Rozen couldn’t help but startled.

Compared to the others, Saber’s ability was the highest.

After excluding a few skills that had less effect on combat, three of Saber’s remaining skills needed special attention.

The first one was Charisma.

Then second was Instinct.

The third was Mana Burst.

Thanks to those three skills Saber almost crushed Rozen and his party.

And for Caster, he needed some time to cast a high level of magic if he wanted to hurt her.

Rozen knew Saber could avoid the ants’ attack might be because of instinct.

Even Mashu suffered a heavy slash from Saber because of mana burst.

If it wasn’t for Rozen transferring his magical power to Mashu, so Mashu was able to use the magic defense with the same principle as mana burst, then maybe Saber has cut off through Mashu and her shield right about now.

“No, I have to think of a way to beat her.”

Otherwise, Saber would annihilate them all.

Rozen couldn’t find a way.

“Do you think I will let you do what you want?” Archer said.

Immediately, the powerful arrow pierced through space, and he aimed at Rozen’s head.

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