Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 56 Limitless, Seond Attack!


When the light gradually faded, everyone could see clearly.

“Well …”

There were sounds echoed from the large hole on the ground.

Archer and Caster stopped their fight and looked there.

Saber held her holy sword looking coldly behind of a huge rock, Mashu was standing in front of everyone with her shield.

“It’s so beautiful, and it blocked my holy sword.”

Saber’s voice was cold, but she sincerely praised Mashu.

And Saber was also fascinated by Rozen.

“Huft… Huft… Huft…” Mashu was breathing heavily.

And another person showed up. That’s Rozen.

“How is your condition?”

Rozen was kneeling on the ground, and his magical power was exhausted.

In order to protect Mashu, Rozen not only transferred a lot of magical power to Mashu, but he also summoned a lot of Shell servants in front of Mashu to block Saber’s attack.

Thanks to that, Mashu was able to survive.

“Is this the full power of her noble phantasm?”

Noble phantasm has various types, and there was a type whose power depended on the enemy’s number.

For example, Cú Chulainn, if his class was Lancer, his noble phantasm was a single target magic piercing spear.

And there was also an Area of Effect damage noble phantasm to target multiple enemies at once.

Even though it had the same level, but it had different power and damage range.

However, Saber’s noble phantasm was not a single target nor Area of Effect noble phantasm, but its the higher class of Area of Effect noble phantasm.

Saber’s noble phantasm was more powerful and had a wider range of damage from Area of Effect noble phantasm.

Moreover, its level was A ++.

Even Ex noble phantasm was powerless compared to it.

Its power could destroy the entire city.

“She was able to convert her magical power into a laser beam, and launch it from the tip of her sword, destroying everything …”

Rozen was trembling because he knew how powerful Saber’s noble phantasm was.

And even if someone could stand against it, that person’s magical power would be exhausted, and the same goes for Saber.

But the problem was…

“Will you able to stop that for the second time?” After she said that, Saber gathered her magical power once again and prepared to launch the second attack.

“Haaaaaa!” The black light was shining from the holy sword, imbuing it with a dark aura and disrupt the air surrounding it.

Everyone got chill down their spine, and because she had the holy grail in her possession, she could use her noble phantasm multiple times.

“This is as far as go.”

Archer said that as if he was making a victory declaration.

“It’s over.”

Saber was still expressionless.

“Hmm …”

Mashu tried to raise her shield, but she didn’t have enough energy left.

“What should we do… what should we do…”

Olga Marie was full of anxiety.

Under such circumstances, no one realized that a smile emerged from Rozen’s face while he was kneeling on the ground.

“Finally … it’s successful …”


The air burst out from Rozen, like a storm it was raging out.

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