Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 57 In The Same Condition


“Why …!?”

“This …!”

The sudden magic storm surprised everyone.

“Huh …”

In front of everyone.

At this moment, a tremendous amount of magic was transferred into Mashu’s body.

Mashu felt her fatigue was gone, and she recovered her power even more than before.

“This magic …”

Saber held the holy sword covered with dark aura and looked at Rozen and Mashu, and she felt inferior in front of those two.

“Let’s go! Mashu!” Rozen gave a sign to attack Saber.


Mashu responded to Rozen’s command without hesitation, raised her shield, and charged toward Saber at incredible speed.


Saber then tried to block the attack from Mashu with her sword, but she didn’t make it in time.

The shield slammed Saber’s body and sent her flying.

Saber fixed her posture mid-air to minimize the impact and landed smoothly.

“It’s … successful!” Mashu was surprised.

“Good!” Caster was cheering on the top of the rock.

“How is that possible?” Archer looked at Rozen.

Even Saber stared at Rozen and whispered.

“What did you do?”

That question only made Rozen smiled.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Rozen kept smiling and said, “That’s not my magic. I’m borrowing it from somewhere else.”

“Borrowing it?” Saber was stunned and had no idea what he was talking about.

“It seems you have already figured it out, yes, this is the magical power I borrow from the Fuyuki City, the magical power under our feet.” Rozen got that idea after hearing Caster’s explanation about the ongoing holy grail war.

Holy Grail War Ritual Magic Circle

Also known as The Holy Grail.

It was the foundation of the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City.

Holy grail was not only about heroic spirit summoning but also servant’s enchantment, master selection, and gathering enough magic power within the city.

It was because Fuyuki City had the necessary magical power to hold the ritual. The holy grail war in Fuyuki City could be held every sixty years, and it must store enough magical power to provide the command seal for masters.

However, Saber’s power was not from the holy grail in Fuyuki City, and her action almost broke the restrictions.

Servants such as Lancer, Archer, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker, which were defeated by Saber, has completely disconnected from the holy grail, except for Caster.

“Since few people have used the holy grail magical power, why don’t I use it too?” Rozen smiled at Saber.

“Did you extract the magical power stored in the holy grail?”

Saber’s expression finally changed.

Not only Saber, but Archer, Caster even Olga Marie’s expression changed.

“How that kind of thing could be done …?”

That was not something that anyone could do easily.

The magic circle inside Fuyuki City was power source of the holy grail, and if he could use that magic circle at his own will, he could summon another servant.

That was impossible for a human to accomplish. So the heroic spirit summoning system backed it up — the Holy Grail authority.

But now, Rozen could interfere with the magic circle so he could achieve something beyond imagination.

With the help from Miracle, he received all the knowledge from ancient times to distance future about summoning the heroic spirit.

“I won’t be able to do this without learning everything about heroic spirit summoning system.”

Even though Rozen couldn’t summon a servant by himself, but he could interfere with the magic circle and used its stored magical power.

Before Saber and Archer attacked again, Rozen prepared to extract the magical power from the magic circle, and the location was below Archer and Caster battleground.

“Now, we can fight on equal footings.”

Rozen increased the rate of magical power extraction, while the magical power in the holy grail surged like a waterfall, he said,

“Now, it’s time for you to have a taste of the menu I prepared.”

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