Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 59 I Believe In You


“Hmph… What is this?”

Saber couldn’t use her noble phantasm, thanks to the Owl servant. Rozen attacked her with the runes on the Ants’ back.

Ochd Deug Odin.

Rozen saved the best for the last.

He already planned to use Caster’s noble phantasm to fight Saber when he looked into Caster’s status window.

With the unlimited magical power from the holy grail, Rozen wasn’t worried about exhausting magical power, but he remembered Caster’s words about will do too much power sometimes was not good.

“I’m afraid if I unleashed this noble phantasm, this cave will collapse.”

Caster’s noble phantasm had high destructive power and also had a wide Area of Effect.

If they fought outside the cave, Rozen and his party could flee when the noble phantasm was being unleashed, but since they were in the cave, that was a different story.

Rozen wanted to lure Saber to fight outside the cave, but Archer won’t let it happen.

But Rozen realized something important. He still had Mashu on his side.

Mashu could block the damage from Caster’s noble phantasm for everyone.

“Mashu!” Rozen shouted.

“Yes! Master!”

Mashu stood in front of Rozen, Olga Marie and Fou also already stood behind her.

Rozen knew Mashu full well, so he wanted to say something important in that crucial moment to her.

“I believe in you, Mashu…”

Mashu’s confidence was skyrocketing.

Mashu’s determination to protect her comrades surged into her heart like never before.

“I order you with the command seal, Mashu Kyrielight. Use your noble phantasm!”

That was the last command seal Rozen had.

Mashu felt something strange inside her, even though she didn’t know the name of the servant that possessed her body yet, but she must use the noble phantasm this time for sure.

“Trust me.”

“Use your instinct.”

Mashu heard Rozen’s words and tried to believe in him.

Mashu didn’t know what to do even though the command seal was already in effect.

“I believe in you.” Rozen said that again to Mashu.

Rozen’s words reached Mashu’s heart and…

“Haaaaaaaa…!” Mashu struck down her shield on the ground.

Mashu’s shield was shining bright, and its light materialized to a transparent giant shield.

In response to Rozen’s faith in her, Mashu was finally able to use her noble phantasm.

“That’s …?”

Saber, who was interfered with by the Owl servant, could no longer see the battlefield clearly because of something that blurred her vision.

Then, Rozen commanded Caster to unleash his noble phantasm.

In the next second …

The dazzling white light flickered, and its sound was so loud that the human’s ears couldn’t hear it.

Everyone could not see what happened because of the light.

Actual demons emerged and burned everything within their sight, including Saber, Archer, and the ants.

“… Is this the end?”

Archer muttered as if he had given up while the light was burning him down.

Saber also seemed to give up, while her body was floating in the air, she stared Rozen and Mashu, who survived because of Mashu’s shield.

“If it’s you, maybe I can …”

Saber disappeared along with her last words.

At this point, the holy grail war in Fuyuki City has come to an end.

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