Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 60 Not Ready To Come Out



Everyone was in silence.

After the impact of Caster’s noble phantasm subsided, everyone could see clearly again.

In the large cave, the air was so warm, and the ground was like a lava lake. And the smell of sulfur was so intense in that cave.

But everyone was saved thanks to Mashu’s noble phantasm.

“We did it …?” Olga Marie was excited.

“Fu!” Fou gave a pleasant cry.

“We did it …”

Mashu was amazed by the result.

“Fyuh …”

Rozen took a breath slowly, looking at Mashu, showing a bright smile.

Seeing Rozen’s smile, Mashu was so happy, she was able to execute Rozen’s command successfully.

“That’s … my noble phantasm …” After successfully activating

Her noble phantasm, Mashu knew what the shield in her hands was.

The ability was not only to defend but also to reflect the enemy’s attack.

“Good job, little girl, thanks to you we survive.”

Caster held his wooden staff and said that.

“I thought your noble phantasm will be weak. I didn’t expect your noble phantasm to be this powerful.” But compared to Saber and Caster’s noble phantasm, Mashu’s was indeed a weaker one.

Its level was only D-level, and it only worked if someone attacked her first. Her noble phantasm didn’t have any attack power.

However …

“That shield hasn’t shown its true power, has it?”

Caster was sure.

But he was right.

As Caster said, Mashu’s noble phantasm was far from its true power.

“I think that’s because you still don’t know the real name of the servant who is possessing you. You use it based on your instinct. If you know that servant’s name, I’m sure you will be more awesome.”

Caster grinned.

“If one day you can discover the real name of the servant in your body and use the true power of this shield, then it will become your important trump card, definitely no less than my trump card.”

That was the hero’s approval. That was the hunch of the sage.

“Although my hunch has never been so accurate.” When Caster said that, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

“I think nothing good will happen in this holy grail war. But my prediction was wrong…”

Caster’s eyes glanced at Mashu and Rozen as if he was impressed by the two of them.

“Thanks to you, we have achieved our goal.”

Caster was looking forward.

“And what you want is there, right?”

Everyone looked subconsciously in the direction that Caster was pointing.

The next moment, everyone saw something.

“Eh …”

A brightly colored water crystal floated in mid-air.

Everyone felt an extraordinary magical power within that crystal.

“Is that the holy grail?” Rozen said.

“It seems that holy grail is not fully perfected yet.” The so-called holy grail was, as the name suggested, supposed to take the shape of a cup.

The one who gave that to Saber was so impatient, even though it was still imperfect.

“Does that person just want humanity to meet its end?” Rozen thought.

Thinking of such things, Rozen fixedly looked at the holy grail.

As long as they recovered the holy grail, their task would be completed.

And the singularity would also be eliminated, and there would be a new future.

“So, what’s next is.”

Caster lifted the staff and grinned, his body suddenly glowed, as if it was about to disappear, and turned into light particles.

“Mr. Caster …!”

Mashu was startled.

Only Rozen that still acted normally.

“Are you going back? Caster?”

Rozen looked to Caster.

Seeing that, Caster smiled.

“The holy grail war has ended, and naturally, there is no reason for me to stay in this era.”

Servants were such an existence. Once their purpose was fulfilled, they will be returned to the throne of heroes. Back to their bodies.

The servants of Chaldea were also the same. If one day, their purpose has been completed, they will disappear too. Otherwise, it would take a huge load of magical power to maintain their existence.

In other words, there will be a day the servants got separated from their masters.

“Although it is only a temporary contract, you give me a joyful time.” Caster laughed out loud.

“If you still need a servant, think about me and try to summon me.”

“Fighting with you is making me very happy.”

After saying such words, Caster completely turned into light particles and disappeared.

The crowd watched the disappearance of that hero.


Olga Marie calmed down and said that.

“We should recover the holy grail, and when this singularity is eliminated, we must find a way to contact Chaldea.”

That was the only thing everyone hoped for.

If they still couldn’t contact Chaldea after recovering the holy grail, then it would be the end for them.

“Recover the holy grail now, Mashu.”

“Yes, director.”

Under Olga Marie’s instructions, Mashu nodded and prepared to step forward.

But …

“Don’t be so anxious.”

Rozen held Mashu’s shoulder and continued to stare forward.

“Fu! Fu!”

“Senpai …?”

“What’s wrong?”

Mashu and Olga Marie wondered.

Rozen just stared into the distance.

“Not ready yet?” The voice echoed clearly in Rozen’s ears.


“It’s not just my imagination.” Rozen said.

Someone was laughing.

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