Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 61 Truth


That mysterious voice made the girls wondered.

“Is this …?”

Mashu was surprised.

“This voice … is it …?”

Olga Marie seemed to recognize the voice. She was startled, and then she was so happy that she could cry with joy.

But the next second…


The sound of gunshots, the black-red magic bullet pierced Olga Marie’s body.

“Ugh …!”

Olga Marie lost consciousness and fell down.

Mashu was stunned saw Olga Marie’s condition.

“Director … Senpai …!”

It was Rozen who attacked Olga Marie.


“Don’t worry, I’ve adjusted my power, she just passed out.”

Rozen put Olga Marie on the ground and smiled bitterly at Mashu’s stunned expression.

“It’s better if she didn’t see what will happen in the next second.”

“It’s so kind of you, Rozen, you obviously should hate that woman, I thought you would be glad to see the despair and pain of that woman when she saw the truth.” Someone’s figure became clear as the voice was heard louder.

Coming out of the distorted space, that person was walking on the lava lake, and approached the water crystal floated in mid-air. A green coat, a round top hat, a staff, and that face. The person in front of them was familiar to Rozen and Mashu.

“Professor …” Mashu murmured.

Who else besides Lev?

“It’s must be tough for you, Mashu, I didn’t expect you to become a demi-servant.”

Lev looked at Mashu, looking at the shield in her hand.

The expression on Lev’s face was still so straightforward and gave of horrifying aura.


Mashu lifted the shield in her hand when she got the chill down her spine from Lev’s presence.

Mashu sweated a lot because she knew Lev was dangerous.

Even though Lev’s magical power was not like Saber, it was because Lev’s aura was intimidating and creepy Mashu was scared.

“We can’t win …”


They can’t win.

Even now that Mashu has gained noble phantasm, she could never win against the man in front of her.

“You … who are you exactly?” Asked Mashu.

Lev just smiled like usual when he heard Mashu’s words.

“Anyone who is just a servant is not qualified to talk to me without my permission.” Lev said.

“Compared to you, that master over there is much smarter.”

Lev said and looked at Rozen.

After that, he just smiled and gave off a terrifying aura.

“It seems you have figured it out from a long time ago, Rozen.” After he heard that, Rozen also smiled back, looking quite calm, but actually, he was sweating a lot.

“Since we met each other, you already gave off a creepy vibe. Also, the explosion in the command room happened at the same time as your disappearance, do you really think I won’t realize it was yours doing?”

Rozen was trying so hard pretended to be so calm.

“It is indeed you. You have always been like this. You are not serious but serious at the same time. You show extraordinary qualities in the mock battles. I have always had a feeling that you will be able to figure out my cover more or less, so I pay special attention to you, but I did not expect that in the end, I let my guard down and let you escape the command room.”

Lev nodded and said so.

“It’s really unpleasant.”

The words that would never have spoken through Lev’s mouth in the past just kept coming from his mouth.

Mashu had not realized what was happening yet.

But at least Mashu understood something.

“Then… the explosion in the command room is your doing …?”

Mashu couldn’t help but asked that

“I did plant a bomb in the command room.”

Lev acknowledged it sternly and looked at Olga Marie, who fainted on the ground.

“It’s at that woman’s feet.” The words made Mashu’s hand trembled.

Rozen was shocked even more.

“Sure enough …”

Rozen looked at Olga Marie on the ground while wondering something.

When he saw Olga Marie in Fuyuki City, Rozen already doubted how the director, who did not have the aptitude for rayshift, was suddenly in Fuyuki City.

When he summoned evil spirit servants and used them to deal with other servants, Rozen discovered an amazing fact.

The fact about Olga Marie was also one of the possible targets of the evil spirit of servants.

In other words …

“Is this woman already dead …?”

Olga Marie already died during the explosion, and the Olga Marie with them right now was just her spirit and consciousness.

Because of that, Olga Marie could perform rayshift.

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