Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 62 The Conclusion


“This …” After learning the truth, Mashu was speechless. She understood the reason behind Rozen’s act earlier.

Olga Marie would be shocked if she learned that she already died, and the one who killed her was her most trusted person, Lev.

“But I don’t understand. Professor, why did you do this?” Mashu asked Lev.

That was the first question that crossed Mashu’s mind, “Why?”

“Because it is necessary.” Lev answered.

Lev reached out his hands and declared, “Human beings have no meaning at all. In that case, isn’t it normal for them to disappear?” His way of thinking about humans was so heartless.

“Preaching about joy, but they are only seeking pleasure for themselves!”

“Preaching about of sadness, but they are the ones causing sadness!”

“Preaching about a relationship, but can’t accept rejection!”

“Preaching about their concern of the environment, but never stop exploiting all resources on this planet!”

“The existence of human beings is so harmful, dirty, sinful!”

Lev’s expression began to change.

The creepy vibe became clearer.

Then Lev said, “Since human beings were so helpless, they should be erased from history!”

“Human beings should not only disappear from this age, but they should disappear from all times!”

“That is by us the seventy-two demons!”

“Humanity history must be destroyed, all humans must die! This is the conclusion! “

At this moment, Lev was like a maniac, a monster, even though he still had his intellectuality.

Facing such maniac, Mashu was speechless and could only stand in front of Rozen with her shield.

Protected by Mashu, Rozen glanced at Olga Mary who was lying on the ground and then patted Mashu’s shoulder.

“It seems you hate humans, Professor Lev. “

Rozen opened his eyes and looked at Lev.

“I never thought you have been hiding this all along.”

“Destroy humanity.”

Rozen didn’t expect that was Lev’s goal.

“Since your intention is to destroy humanity, why do you join Chaldea?”

Rozen asked.

“Maybe you can say that you are undercover, but how can you give a huge contribution to your enemy?”

That was why Rozen did not expect Lev to do such a thing.

The near future observation lens Sheba was Lev’s work.

Thanks to Sheba, which helped Chaldea’s observation of humanity to develop to this point.

In other words, if Lev did not help Chaldea to develop Sheba, then Chaldea’s mission to protect humanity would impossible.

A contradiction of his true goal.

“Do you think you can protect humanity?” Lev said sarcastically, “No, you can’t do it.”

How could Lev be so sure?

“The destruction of human history is already complete.” Lev laughed, “This is just a small part of the destruction, do not think it is all over.”

Lev’s words made Rozen panic.

What exactly was he trying to say?

Before Rozen really understood, Lev moved out.

He saw Lev reached out and recovered the holy grail in front of him, then turned around and walked out.

“Wait …!”

“Professor …!”

Rozen and Mashu shouted at the same time.

Unfortunately, Lev didn’t stop.

“I don’t have enough time to play with you. Just continue your futile struggle.” Lev said coldly, “This singularity space is about to disappear, and can you protect yourself?”

Space began to distort.

No, it’s not just space was distorting, but time, world, this particular point was distorting too.


Rozen’s foot was unstable and fell into the cracked ground.


Mashu jumped immediately, holding Rozen in her arms.

However, even Mashu had no choice but to run around in the singularity distortion.

Lev disappeared with the holy grail crystal.

“You bitch!”

Rozen cursed Lev.

The distortion of the singularity trapped Mashu and Rozen in a difficult condition.

“How can I get out of this singularity …!?”

Both Rozen and Mashu will disappear along with it.


Mashu also understood that fact, she was holding Rozen tightly, as if Rozen was not allowed to disappear from her sight.

“That being the case …!”

Rozen clenched his hand.

Just when Rozen was going to use the power of Miracle to open the door of another world, it came to them first.


A circle light enveloped Rozen and Mashu, and they both were being pulled toward the same light particles, which was so dazzling.

Rozen and Mashu disappeared in that light, gradually sucked into the tunnel.


At the same time, a big hollow of singularity completely disappeared.

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