Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 63 Only The Begining


Chaldea, Command Room.

The command room’s condition was ruined, the rayshift capsule was scattered.

The swirling light like a tunnel suddenly appeared, and countless particles of light was materialized into a door.

Within the light particles, two figures gradually materialized, with a white creature falling out of it.

“It hurts!”

Rozen fell directly on the ground, his back got hurt, and he was grinning.

“Senpai! Are you okay!?”

Mashu was already prepared, so she landed properly.

Looking at Rozen, she stepped forward to help him up.


As for Fou, it landed safely on the ground, walked slowly, like a proud peacock.

Rozen and Mashu returned safely to Chaldea.


“Are you all okay!?”

In front of the command room, doctor Roman in a white coat, ran over in joy. He was surprised by Mashu’s outfit as a servant, then he saw Rozen returned safely and he cried out loud.

“That’s great! I launched the rayshift at the end of the battle, and I brought you back alive!”

It seems that Rozen and others were able to get out and return to Chaldea before the singularity disappeared. In the end, it’s all Roman’s credit.

However …


Rozen was angry and hit Roman’s head.

“Where are you all this time? You are too late to show up! Are you sleeping and have a meal leisurely in here?!”

Rozen suffered a lot when he was in Fuyuki City, he fought against heroic spirits who were famous in history and so strong. He went through a lot of hardship.

What’s more, Rozen was just a teenager. Because of his past experience, he has quite a different personality, and he was quite smart. However, as mentioned earlier, Rozen was only an expert in knowledge but not much in life experience.

He failed to control his emotions in battle.

But now, the life and death situation was finally over. The pressure was lifted up from Rozen’s shoulder.

“If I could get in touch sooner, I wouldn’t have a hard time, you dickhead!”

Rozen furiously threw it all on Roman.

In that regard, Roman was also wrong.

“I … I can’t help it! Who knew that the alarm suddenly sounded, saying that a fire broke out in the command room, and I was too scared to move.”

“When I hurried over, There was also an explosion. All the personnel was in a commotion. The central area was blocked. Nobody could enter the central area.”

“By the time I returned, I was already burdened with the highest authority in the Chaldea. Many people died in the explosion.”

“Even the director and the professor have disappeared. I can only give instructions at the request of others, first rescue the victims, deal with the explosion, and restore the basic functions of Chaldea.”

“After dealing with these in one day, we’re finally able to lift the blockade in the central area!”

Roman cried.

Rozen remembered something.

“Speaking of which, Professor Lev did say on such an important day, no one can be absent, so I have been looking for you.”

Rozen thought Lev searched Roman and led him to the command room to kill him.

But Roman became the highest-rank staff in the Chaldea and has been busy since yesterday. He has rescued all the survivors, he was also responsible for directing and even finding the remaining bombs. To avoid the total destruction of Chaldea.

Roman could deal with all of that in less than a day.

So he could catch up at the last minute to bring Rozen and Mashu back.

Usually, Roman should have been anxious since yesterday, but he understood the situation. First, he rescued the victims, then restored Chaldea’s system step by step, and re-observed the singularity points before he brought back Rozen.

Thinking of that, Rozen glanced at the direction of the command room.

There, the surviving technicians were operating all kinds of machines every minute and second.

After seeing Rozen and others returned safely, they smiled and even cheered in the command room.

The anger in Rozen’s heart gradually faded away.

“Okay, you have a reason.” Rozen said.

In this regard, Roman did not have any resentment and understood that Rozen had suffered a lot.

“Well, anyway, you are all right.”

After that, Roman looked at Mashu, who was in totally different conditions compared to Rozen and then turned to Rozen again.

“It seems that a lot of things have happened. Let’s report it first.”

That was what Chaldea needed most now.

“Then, let me make the report.”

Mashu then moved forward, earnestly to give a report.

Rozen glanced at the entire run-down command room, then turned his head and looked around Chaldea and noticed how grave the situation turned out to be.

Rozen sighed.

Because Rozen really knew that was just the beginning.

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