Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 64 Seven Singularities


“Professor Lev…”

Roman, who had received the report from Mashu, was speechless and then sighed.

“No wonder there are so many bombs in Chaldea. Professor Lev is a trusted technical consultant, so he can move freely in Chaldea without being suspected.”

Roman regained his composure quickly, he could judge the situation accurately.

The fire on the globe in Chaldea was a sign of human civilization, its color faded when the singularity was detected, but right now its color was burning red.

“Humanity was saved.”

Rozen thought of something.

“Humanity survives, and that fire is the proof of it.”

Roman made it clear.

And every technician in the room nodded their head.

“This …”

Mashu didn’t say anything.

Mashu understood why Lev didn’t care about the singularity in Fuyuki City and left just like that. That was because Fuyuki City was not the only singularity.

“Humanity still can’t survive to 2020, 2019 is the doomsday.”

Roman announced the result in a low voice.

“Maybe you guys don’t know yet. Now, except for Chaldea, the outside world has been devoured by the fire just like Fuyuki City, singularity point F.”

Roman told those two about this cruel condition.

“Only Chaldea, under the protection of special magnetic field, will survive from the anomaly in the outside world. But Chaldea will eventually meet its end if the singularities are not eliminated.”

Only humans in Chaldea survived the singularity.

“But we still have the past.”

Roman murmured, he turned and gave an instruction to the technicians in the command room.

The technicians in the command room immediately began to operate the machines, so that Chaldeas rotated, showing its other side.

The only way to observe the singularity in the world was by using Sheba and Chaldeas.

With that, one by one, the singularities were successively revealed.

That was the singularity that caused the doom.

“There are seven singularities.”

Roman said so.

“The singularities in the era that can be called a turning point for humanity. Once that era was in chaos, thus human civilization can’t progress up to the current timeline, so once all human was already extinct, there will be no humans in the future.”

“As long as these seven singularities can be eliminated, human history can return to its normal state.”

Then, Roman looked at Rozen.

“The only way to save humanity is rayshift to the same era that singularity appears and eliminate it.”

And only one person who could accomplish that.


“Surviving Masters are still in the rayshift capsule, I didn’t dare to move them out, I’m afraid they will lose their life sign.”

“Now, you are the only one who can still carry out the task.”

“No one, but you can save others.”

Rozen heard Roman very clearly.

“Senpai …”

Mashu looked at Rozen, but couldn’t say a word.

Roman also looked at Rozen, without expectation or hope, but just waited for Rozen’s response.

Under such circumstances, Rozen found that he was really confused.

To save humanity.

That was Chaldea’s mission.

However, Rozen really hated Chaldea and even hated magus.

“It’s really ironic.”

For the Chaldea that he hated, and humanity that gave birth to magus, Rozen must save it all. He was not a selfish person, but it was just…

“Can I have another option?”

Rozen could decline that responsibility, but…

“If I don’t want to do this, you will die, brother, you will die, and even Mashu will die, then I have no choice, right?”

That sentence told everyone Rozen willingly to do that.

“Senpai …”

Mashu smiled.

“Good boy …”

Roman was relieved and smiled.

“That’s the decision.”

Roman announced immediately.

“From now on, Chaldea will continue to do Olga Marie’s work.”

“Our goal is to eliminate the seven singularities.”

“Let us inherit her last will and save humanity.”

Roman was a little bit agitated. He gave an amazing speech.

When Rozen heard the word director’s last will, Rozen showed a weird expression.

“That … brother …”

Rozen said strangely.

“Actually …”

Before he could finish speaking, a scream was heard.

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