Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 65 Stay Strong



When that scream echoed in the command room, everyone except Rozen was startled.

“What … what’s wrong …?”

“What happened !?”

Mashu and Roman panicked at the same time and quickly looked at the direction of the voice.

In the next second, they were speechless.


Fou was chasing an owl.

That’s right.


Moreover, it was an owl that walked on two legs and didn’t use its wings to fly at all but only ran with two short legs and screamed.

Of course, that was not a reason why everyone was shocked.

The real reason everyone was shocked was that the voice they heard came out from the mouth of that owl.

“Don’t … don’t come over here! You are an unidentified creature! I am the director of Chaldea! The descendants of the Animusphere Family! How dare you be so rude to me … Ah! Don’t come near me! Ah! “

The voice and words from the mouth of the owl were so familiar.

“Wha… What…?”

Mashu’s head was completely blank.

“That … that’s the director!? No, no, no, no, no!”

Roman shouted so loud because he was much shocked.

“Well …! Ha ha ha ha!”

Only Rozen laughed.

That made the owl … no, it should be said that Olga Marie was angry.

“Asshole! What the hell did you do to me!?”

The owl rammed toward Rozen. But Rozen caught it.

“You should thank me, my great director.”

Rozen looked at the owl struggling in his hands and said with a smile in his eyes.

“If I hadn’t saved your life, you would have disappeared from long ago.”

That was what happened.

Olga Marie’s body disappeared because of the explosion, and only her consciousness and her spirit remained.

Olga Marie was not a servant, a servant could rely on its spirit core, but she couldn’t.

And even if the singularity was already eliminated, and everyone came back to the present time, her body was already dead.

In other words, Olga Marie was destined to disappear.

If it was not for Rozen.

“You should be grateful that I can summon evil spirits servant that can devour spiritual bodies.” Rozen said, “If it is not for the slight time window, where I summoned an evil spirit servant and commanded it to swallow you, you would have been a goner.”

Although the evil spirit servant could eat the spirit, like a legend, it turned into an owl and took the dead away, but it didn’t really bring the dead to the underworld.

The middle-level evil spirits servant had no power to travel between this world and the underworld, so they only saved the spiritual body in their abdomen by swallowing it, and then slowly convert it into the magical power.

When Rozen knew that the evil spirit servant had that ability, he even tried the idea of ​​reusing the magical power of holy grail to make up for the hefty amount of magical power required to summon the evil spirit servant, but the result always ended up in failure.

However, it allowed Rozen to explore some more elaborate tricks for manipulating evil spirits.

For example, forbidding the evil spirit servant from converting the devoured the spirit body into magical power, and simply kept it in the abdomen.

In other words …

“The new evil spirit servant has swallowed you and kept you in its stomach without signing a contract with me.”

Rozen explained.

“And this evil spirit doesn’t have its own consciousness, and it is also a spirit body. As a result, when the contract is not concluded, your spirit body formed by your consciousness will devour the evil spirit itself.”

If Rozen wasn’t a prodigy on the summoning system, the evil spirit servant would have devoured Olga Marie’s spirit as its food, and she would be a goner for sure.

What’s more, if Olga Marie’s spiritual body didn’t retain her consciousness, and she was incomplete as a spirit body, she would not instinctively devour the evil spirit. Luckily her spiritual body still kept her consciousness and managed to devour the evil spirit.

In summary, for various reasons, including luck, Olga Marie has become an evil spirit servant.

“Congratulations on your rebirth, please live strong as an owl.”

Initially, he just wanted to do a temporary countermeasure so Olga Marie did not disappear. He had no idea that it would turn out like this at all.

“I … I’m an owl … Owl … Owl …”

Olga Marie stood there and was shocked, like everyone.

“Fu! Fufu!” Fou ran to Rozen and yelled at Olga Marie as if welcoming a new partner.

“That … please mourn … Director …”

Roman trembled, he tried so hard not to laugh.

“From today, Fou has a companion. Just like me and senpai. It is a wonderful relationship. You have to take good care of your new junior, Fou.”

Mashu successfully landed the final blow on Olga Marie.


Olga Marie screamed again in the command room.


Along with that, Rozen laughed really hard.

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  1. Ash Knight says:

    This is nothing a boring repeat of FGO, except that there are either purpose error or trick added to try to make it unique. Like the ring of miracles. Or Caster name being that of the Lancer Cu chulainn. The purpose error, I seen so far is Mash Kyrlielight being named Mashu Kyrlielight. This so far, is a knockoff and a ripoff of FGO but in light novel verison. Also is this novel made by a Chinese. If so, it make sense why this novel is a knockoff, as Chinese are known to copy and add nothing to the original story.

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