Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 66 For The Future Battles


Poor Olga Marie.

At her young age, she had to inherit Chaldea left by his father, and she managed the entire facility, and Olga Marie had been under various pressures, making her extremely tough.

Failure of the first battle.

A lot of victims.

The damage in the facilities.

A series of events were waiting for Olga Marie to deal with it, which was definitely enough to make Olga Marie fainted.

Of course, compared to the seven singularities, these are just child’s play.

And don’t forget the betrayal of her most trusted person, and that person was the culprit behind all disaster.

Her body was destroyed because of the explosion, and she became a servant.

At least, Olga Marie survived, didn’t she?

Well, there was a piece of good news for her.

“Although… the director has become like this, the spirit body is a kind of extremely unstable existence. Maybe if we try to use Chaldea’s technology, we can restore her. We must regenerate her flesh and its design based on her old appearance. We can do what is impossible in the magic world!”

As the highest authority in medical division within Chaldea, Roman was almost beaten down by Olga Marie. Finally, such a briliant idea was coming out from his mouth.

The resurrection could be considered a good thing, but the real deal was to accomplish the regeneration as Roman said.

The complete resurrection was something that magic could never do.

A miracle that couldn’t be accomplished with human technology.

It was a shortcut to the root of magic that magus dreamed of.

Once someone could achieve that, he or she would be able to reach the root of magic.

For a magus, that was definitely something priceless in their whole lifetime.

So, maybe Olga Marie would able to reach the root of magic in the process.

Of course, that was just a tiny possibility.

But magus was regularly doing various researches for that possibility, experimenting with human’s body, looking for excellent partners in an attempt to produce better offspring. And their lineage will inherit the legacy and research, they hoped one day they will reach the source of all things, a vortex of record of all knowledge, the root of magic.

Because of that, Rozen hated magus.

Fortunately, Olga Marie was not a maniac like others when it comes to the root of magic.

Olga Marie disagreed with the idea because she was focusing on the repair of Chaldea’s facility.

She thought her current condition would not hinder her capabilities as a director anyway.

She won’t allow the resources to be wasted on her regeneration.

“From today, I will give instructions behind the scenes. No one in Chaldea will be allowed to know my current condition and declare to the outside world that I am dead. Roman will act as the highest authority for a while and become my right hand.”

As she said, Olga Marie was so excited, Roman thought that she would kill him, and Roman almost ran away.

Rozen couldn’t stop laughing even though the situation was dire.

She never expected her mighty Chaldea would fall into those brothers’ hands. But she couldn’t help it, because Rozen was the only one master that could stand by on duty, and Roman had the highest authority after Olga Marie and Lev.

“We only have less than a year and a half. To eliminate the seven singularities. We don’t have much time to waste. We will use all personel to focus on our mission. In the next battle, we can’t afford to suffer any further losses!”

Olga Marie returned to her room staggeringly after she issued such an order, probably wiping her tears alone.

Roman was completely busy, following Olga Marie’s instructions, and he also needed to check Mashu’s physical condition.

“Your body is just fine, there are nothing strange side effects with the transformation after you become a demi-servant. But you must not act too reckless in the next mission.”

Mashu won’t meet Rozen for the time being because she must follow Roman’s order to do a full check on her body.

As a result, Rozen became the only person in Chaldea who could laze around.

“Your task is to take a good rest and prepare yourself for future battles.”

Roman said that sentence and let Rozen move freely.

Rozen returned to his room alone.

“Maybe, this is a good opportunity.” Rozen thought.

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