Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 69 The Akabane



That was a world of nothingness.

No direction.

No sound.

No gravity.

Rozen only felt that he was spinning in that world, as if he was drawn into a whirlpool, he couldn’t control himself at all, and he couldn’t even maintain his consciousness.

“This … where is this heading to !?”

Rozen did not even find out that his body was undergoing changes.

To be precise, Rozen was constantly getting younger.

Obviously, that was the price to pay to cross different worlds with the power of Miracle.

Rozen couldn’t choose a world with a slower time flow than Chaldea.

Therefore, the gate that Rozen chose to open led him to a faster time flow than Chaldea. For example, ten days in the other world was equal to one day in Chaldea.

That was also the only thing Rozen could do through Miracle.

After all, Miracle only had the power to open the door, but could not confirm what kind of world was on the other side of the door. What Rozen could do was only to choose what kind of time-flow behind the door. The door that Rozen chose to open now was the world with a faster time flow.

As for how fast the time flow rate would make Rozen younger enough to become spermatozoa, Rozen did not know.

In other words, that was quite a gamble.

“Well, I just need to open it first to know what is inside.”

Because, if Rozen has visited that world once, he could come to that world again without being affected by the time-flow.

As long as his body passed through the different time flow between the two worlds once, there would be no side effect for the next time.

In the future, if he couldn’t stop the singularity, he just needed to escape with Mashu and Roman, which won’t be inflicted with the side effect.

Rozen’s body became younger.

15 years old …

12 years old …

10 years old …

7 years old …

5 years old …

Until the age of 3, Rozen continued to become younger.

If that continued, Rozen really could return to spermatozoa.

Fortunately, God has not forsaken Rozen’s.

Rozen, who turned into a baby, entered a whole new world.

Another world.

That was a world far from Chaldea.

In terms of time, Chaldea was in 2018, and it was already the 21st century. But in that world, the industrial revolution seemed to be still in progress, that world was in the early 20th century.

There was also magic in that world.

However, unlike Chaldea, there were no servants, but there was another kind of existence, puppet.

To be more precise, it should be said the automaton doll.

It was a kind of puppet with a built-in magic circuit.

In that world, the so-called magic circuit did not refer to the nerves used to generate magical power, but a device similar to a magic array that could replace the use ritual and the process when using magic and to activate the magic.

Each of these devices was equivalent to a kind of magic. Just like magic arrays, each of them had a different purpose. Both had the same nature.

As a matter of fact, even if there was a magic circle, no one could use magic through it.

First, magic was an essential fuel.

Secondly, if one wanted to use magic through a magic circle, one also needed to have a good understanding of the magic’s law and how to use it.

The existence of the puppet was to replace all these conditions. As long as someone injected magical power, they would use the magic naturally and skillfully as if they were using their limbs.

That kind of cooperation between magus and automaton doll, to exhibit an unbelievable speed and precision of magic skills, was the mainstream of that world.

The magus who used that kind of magic, they were called a puppeteer.

A baby emerged from the tunnel of light and landed on the ground, covered by weeds.

The baby seemed to exhaust all his strength, he didn’t even cry, closed his eyes tightly, and fell into a deep sleep.

Then …


“What’s wrong? Master?”

“Nothing. I just found something interesting.”

“Something interesting? Huh? Whose baby is this? Why is there a baby in such a place?”

“I don’t know, but it is not difficult to guess, I found him in the weeds, this baby is being abandoned without a doubt.”

“His parents really are pathetic.”



“Oh, let’s go back.”

“The baby …”

“… Bring him back with us.”


Two men showed up.

The two men’s outfits were different. One wore a kimono and one in casual clothes like a guard.

The two men walked toward the same direction.

Those figures are the puppets.

The nobleman quietly looked at the baby lying in the grass. After a while, he squatted down and held him up.

“You will be fine.”

“It may be a fate to meet here.” Said the other person.

“That being the case, starting today, you are my third son of Akabane Clan.”

“I have two kids, one is Akabane Raishin, the other is Akabane Tenzen, one is a few years older than you, and one is about the same age as you.”

“So, you are called Akabane Narukami.”

In that way, Rozen came to another world and got a name in that world.

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