Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 73 Crimson Blood


Crimson Wing Formation.

When the title of this book caught Rozen’s eyes, he didn’t hesitate to pick it out.

Tenzen frowned when he saw Rozen picked that book.

“Are you going to read that book?”

Rozen answered, “Isn’t it natural for people in the Akabane Clan to read this book?”

That was right.

Because …

“This is the biggest, deepest, and highest secret art of the Akabane Clan.”

Rozen did not hide his desire to learn that secret art and stared at it.

And its content was straight forward, magic amplification.

In other words, that was a secret art to increase ones’ magic power and broke through the limit.

It could transform the human blood into magic power, it could be amplified up to ten times, and it used the string to transfer that power.

That was not just about increasing intensity.

Its principle was to utilize all fingers as if ten puppeteers were controlling a puppet at the same time.

If someone used its maximum potential, they could be stronger than tenfold its original power.

That technique required excellent control of the magical power inside their body, and the risk from using it could be fatal because that technique needed the user’s blood.

However, as long as the user could use that technique perfectly, it wouldn’t be a threat to the user’s life.

In fact, one could be the most powerful puppeteer in the world.

Because when using this secret art, the user’s blood would be vaporized and discharged near the shoulder, materialized into red mist, which looked like bloody wings, so it was named crimson wing formation.

That secret art was Akabane Clan’s pride. It has been passed down until today, and it could be called miraculous magic.

A miracle.

That word alone was enough to make Rozen lost focus.

Not to mention, if he could master Crimson Wing Formation, then his strength will also improve dramatically.

Whether it was summoning enchanters or servants, the quality of servants was determined according to the magical power of the masters.

The higher the magical power that masters could bring out, the stronger the servants will be.

Imagine if enchanters or servants’ power increased by tenfold, that would be scary.

Rozen was sure if he already mastered that technique when he fought at Fuyuki City.

He could easily turn the tide.

However …

To learn Crimson Wing, he must have the crimson blood.

The so-called crimson blood referred to Akabane’s blood.

That technique could only be learned by the Akabanes.

In other words …

“You can’t learn this secret art without Akabane’s blood.”

Tenzen reminded Rozen about that.

That was the biggest obstacle that Rozen must overcome.

Because Rozen was only an adopted child, he didn’t have Akabane’s blood.

It was impossible for him to acquire that technique even though it really useful for him in the future.

For Rozen, who only needed to summon enchanters and servants to fight, that technique was very compatible with his fighting style.

Crimson wing formation had high compatibility with Rozen’s fighting style.

So …

“I’ll think of another way.”

Rozen said that while holding the crimson wing formation book.

“Isn’t that just a matter of condition? We can find a loophole, no?”

In the original world, Rozen heard Roman said that some magicians would throw their humanity and used magic to transform themselves into existence with a long life span, in order to study magic for eternity.

That was, the physical fitness of a person was not eternal.

“Magic was a miracle. No matter what, I can’t give up too soon.”

Rozen patted the crimson wing book in his hand and looked at Tenzen.

His eyes became a little scary.

“… What are you going to do?”

“In order to replace the need of crimson blood and to use the secret art of crimson wing formation, I need to study thoroughly the composition of crimson blood.”

Rozen laughed, but his bad intention couldn’t be hidden.

“Brother, can you do me a favor? Can you please share some of your blood?”

Rozen’s words made Tenzen almost run away.

When those two came out of the library, Rozen’s face became red.

Meanwhile, Tenzen was pale.

That incident was later known throughout the entire family.

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