Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 74 To Talk About Your…


It was not an easy task to study the composition of crimson blood and found its replacement so Rozen could use crimson wing formation. He didn’t expect to face the big obstacle that soon.

Night has come, Rozen went to Akabane Kuukan’s room, following Akabane Kuukan’s instruction after the mock battle.

And Rozen met his other brother when he arrived in the front of Akabane Kuukan’s room.

“Raishin?” Rozen shocked.


Akabane Raishin was ready to open the door, Raishin was about the same height as Rozen.

Different from the calm Akabane Tenzen, Akabane Raishin was really stubborn and persistent, and he had sharp eyes.

There was a strong impression of never give up on his eyes, and he was not interested to learn magic.

“Why are you here?”

Those two spoke at the same time.


“Father calls me.” They said that at the same time again.

And those two fell into silence at the same time.

“Don’t you learn how to knock?”

As soon as they heard the words, they fell into silence again.

Akabane Kuukan had three sons and a daughter.

The eldest son, Akabane Tenzen, was a very tolerant person who loved his siblings equally.

Even Rozen, who was an adopted child, looked up to him, so he was respected by everyone including Rozen.

The second son, Akabane Raishin, was a problematic guy, he often had a conflict with Akabane Kuukan, because he was not interested in magic, Raishin often being compared with Rozen and Tenzen.

Sometimes he had a conflict with Rozen because of jealousy, but he never had a conflict with Tenzen.

As for the young daughter, her name was Akabane Nadeshiko, and she was also a talented little girl.

That little girl was very clever and sensible.

She respected Rozen and Tenzen.

She was very close to Raishin, and she was often seen following him.

The last was Rozen.

When Rozen was only a two years old child, who hasn’t recovered his past memories, he focused on spending a lot of his time on improving himself.

He rarely interacted with his three siblings.

However, those four cared for each other and loved each other.

Rozen had a different attitude towards his three siblings.

In Rozen’s eyes, Tenzen was a partner who grew together and improved together.

And Nadeshiko was his junior like Mashu, who could take care of him.

As for Raishin, their relationship was like between Rozen and Roman, which often suffered mutual losses.

Raishin broke the ice.

“Don’t you already have permission to enter the library? How come you are here?”

Raishin knew Rozen liked to study a lot. So he wondered why Rozen wasn’t reading books in the library.

“Didn’t I say I get called?” Rozen said, “You should listen to what others say.”

“Whatever, I don’t have a talent for magic anyway.” Raishin said.

“You just don’t care about it.” Rozen said.


“I believe you have a talent for it.” Rozen said.

In fact, Akabane Raishin was not a talentless individual.

The magic family was like the noble family in the magic association.

As long as they had descendants, the quality of their descendant’s magic circuits would keep increasing, but as the descendant of the Akabane clan, each of them has amazing magic circuit.

However, compared to Rozen and Tenzen, Raishin was not as talented, even Nadeshiko outshone him.

Raishin was not afraid of people, but he was afraid of being compared with his siblings. It was like he useless in others’ eyes.

From Rozen’s point of view, Raishin was just a bit different.

Raishin was only interested to learn about martial art and swordsmanship.

The same goes for Rozen himself, he was only interested in miracles, magic.

“Since we are here, let’s come in together.”

After heard that, Rozen and Rashin stopped talking and looked at each other, then they opened the door and went into the room.

There was a faint scent in the room, that was a wood’s scent.

They saw Akabane Kuukan sat, and they approached him.

“Sit down.” Said Akabane Kuukan.

“When Tenzen and Narukami had a mock battle today, where did you go?” Akabane Kuukan said to Raishin.

Akabane Kuukan said that majestically making Rashin held his breath.

“I went outside to find any martial arts masters, and learned something from him.”

When Raishin said that, Akabane Kuukan stared at him fiercely.

Raishin could only look down to the ground without saying a word.

Suddenly, Akabane Kuukan told a shocking thing.

“I called you here to talk about your wedding.”

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