Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 75 Izanagi Clan



Akabane Kuukan’s words made both Rozen and Raishin startled.

Especially Rozen.


“Who is going to marry? Is that a joke?” Raishin said that.

Immediately afterward, Akabane Kuukan said so.

“Do you know Domon Clan?”

Hearing these words, Rozen and Raishin faced each other.

“Do you mean Izanagi?”


That was the noble clan of that east island country, which was the relatives of the imperial clan and has a high status in the country.

For the Akabane Clan, Izanagi had another identity.

That was the enemy.

At that time, Izanagi was defeated by the Akabane Clan and driven out from the center of that country.

Unlike Akabane Clan who abandoned the Yin-Yang Techniques, Izanagi still used the ancient secret technique Yin-Yang Techniques, which was used conservatively in the era of Delicate Magic.

The clan who still practiced unconventional magic, that was all that people knew from them.

Izanagi Clan only used the shikigami summoned by Yin-Yang.

“A group of old guys who don’t know the era has changed, so sooner or later, they will be out of the game.”

Akabane Kuukan said with some disdain showed how was the condition between the two clans.

Rozen realized something from Akabane Kuukan’s words.

“Is that…” Rozen realized something from Akabane Kuukan’s words.

“Still as clever as ever.”

Seeing Rozen’s expression, Akabane Kuukan showed a faint smile.

On the contrary, Raishin was really upset.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Raishin protested, “Can you tell me so I can understand?”

“I already said everything, don’t you understand?” Akabane Kuukan’s attitude was different toward Raishin.

Akabane Kuukan said, “Domon or Izanagi Clan proposed a marriage request to our clan.”

“The granddaughter of the Izanagi Clan will come here soon.” Akabane Kuukan said.

“And her husband will be either one of you two.”

That was why Akabane Kuukan, called out Rozen and Rashin.

“Marriage with Her Royal Highness Princess of the noble clan?!” Raishin’s brain burned out.

The granddaughter of Izanagi Clan, an orthodox descendant of the noble clan, was called the Highness Princess of that country.

Rozen was surprised to hear that.

After all …

“Why does Izanagi Clan have to marry our clan?” Rozen asked, “Even if we want to marry her, based on our status difference, that should be impossible, right?”

Not to mention that the Akabane and Izanagi were in each other’s neck for as long as they could remember.

Izanagi was a noble clan of that country, but Akabane was only a mercenary clan.

No matter what people think, those two were like oil and water.

Or that might be a political marriage?

Rozen questioned that in his mind.

“In short, our clan has decided to marry Izanagi Clan.” Akabane Kuukan said.

“Why don’t you ask Tenzen instead?” Akabane Raishin said, “If the girl is Her Royal Highness Princess of the noble clan, then shouldn’t Tenzen be the right candidate?”

Akabane couldn’t hand over Tenzen because he was one in one hundred years talent, the rare gem, the future leader for Akabane Clan.

Even though Rozen was also amazing, he was only an adoptive son, he couldn’t learn the clan secret art the crimson wing formation.

As for Raishin, he was the infamous most useless man in the entire clan.

“Theoretically, that’s right.” Akabane Kuukan said.

Those words made Raishin really puzzled, but Rozen understood it all at once.

Regarding the resentment between Akabane Clan and Izanagi Clan, even though their descendant married each other, the hatred wouldn’t disappear.

Akabane Clan was probably trying to use Tenzen as the trump card, put him as a mole in the government, and brought the Akabane Clan back to the glory.

In the process, a confrontation with Izanagi was crucial.

“Our clan has chosen you two to be the candidate.”

“I just want to ask you two, which one of you is willing to marry Izanagi?”

“I do not want to!”

Rozen and Raishin answered at the same time.

“I’m just an adopted son. I don’t have the blood of Akabane’s Clan. You think they want someone like me to be their son-in-law?”

That was Rozen’s reason.

“And I’m just a talentless puppeteer anyway. I’m not talented in magic. How can I be worthy of Her Royal Highness Princess?”

That was Raishin’s reason.

Of course, what they stated was nothing but facts.


“I’m sorry, but this matter is already decided.” Akabane Kuukan said.

“If you can’t decide between you two, then, three days later, you will come with me to Izanagi Clan’s mansion, then, they will choose from one of you who is the person to marry their granddaughter.”

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