Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 76 Heavenly Eye


Three days had passed.

Today, Rozen sat in the courtyard with his eyes closed.

His magic circuit began to restore closer to its original power.

Then, the great amount of magical power surged from Rozen.

Rozen concentrated his magical power and fully controlled it, then it spread out like bat’s supersonic sound.

No one could sense it, and eventually when his magical power returned to him, giving him the information of everything passed through.

“An ant crawled on the left small stone.”

“2.3-pound snow fell from the tree.”

“Three people were passing by across the wall, and they are two men and one woman.”

“The maid is already cleaning the next room and will be here anytime soon.”

After that, Rozen opened his eyes and said something, “The sixth step – Heavenly eye.”

Rozen finally mastered the sixth step.

“Brother, I have finally caught up to you.” Rozen stretched his body and was so happy.

Because the technique required ten years of practice to master it.

Tenzen, who was called the genius, mastered it at the age of twelve, and Rozen also mastered it now.

“If I already master this technique back then in Fuyuki city, I don’t have to worry about being sniped by Archer.” Rozen thought.

As the name implied the so-called Heavenly Eye was like looking from the sky and saw through any object and the terrain around.

Thanks to that technique Tenzen could perfectly control his automatons. He could charge without breaking the formation, and he wouldn’t be fooled by his enemy.

“With the help of Heavenly Eye, my control of the battlefield will be more accurate, and I will be able better to control the servants, and give better instructions and at the same time prevent the enemy’s sneak attack.” Rozen thought.

“If I keep training this technique, I will able to analyze more detail information, I can detect more accurately. It seems like a military radar, right?” He thought.

Even if one mastered the Heavenly Eye, its power was determined by the user’s talent.

That was why Rozen’s Telekinesis, Spirit Vision, Body Hardening, and Magic Defense all surpassed Tenzen.

Telekinesis converts magical power into psychic power so the user could control objects.

Spirit Vision allowed the user to see the flow of magical power, be it the environment or inside people’s bodies. It was possible to see through walls as well.

Body Hardening allows the user to strengthen their body. Because of Rozen’s weak physical body, when he used that technique, he was just a bit stronger than ordinary people.

Rozen intended to use that on crucial time and he kept training that technique to strengthen his enchanters and his servants.

Magic Defense was a magical barrier, similar to Mashu’s magic. The principle was to use magical power to form a shield to resist the enemy’s attacks.

Advanced users could even enchant it with magic arrays, so the defensive power would increase many times.

Rozen’s Magic Defense was Magic almost comparable to his shell enchanter.

After mastering those skills, he was confident if he went back to Chaldea.

“With these new powers, I can greatly improve my combat ability.”

If he could also learn the Crimson Wing Formation…

Rozen was able to control many of his enchanters and servants at the same time.

“I must continue to hone my summoning magic, and open my magic circuits one by one, so I could return to my former state, even greater than before.”

Because his magic circuits were not fully opened yet, he couldn’t summon a large number of ants too many times like he did in the past.

Only by opening all the magic circuits will Rozen be able to utilize all of his techniques he has mastered in his current world.

“People in this world don’t have magic circuits to activate the magic. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.”

In that world, magic circuits were not like pseudo-like nerves used to active magic.

Magus practiced magic on their own.

As long as they practiced, they could increase their magic skill.

Meanwhile, Rozen only needed to open the magic circuit.

It sounded like the magus in that world had more potential, but they did not.

“In this world, everyone will train so hard to be able to use magic, but in my former world, I don’t need to do that. And the magical power can’t be improved. How long someone learns magic, talent, and physical strength will affect someone’s magical power.”

From that point of view, talented magus in that world was like a God.


Rozen patted his cheek and stood up.

“It’s time to go.”

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