Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 77 The Video Games Freak


Tengu mountain.

It was a mountain located southwest of Otaru, Hokkaido.

From the top of Tengu Mountain, people could see the view of the city. As the Chinese ethnic on that nation in the far east, the base of Izanagi was right on that mountain. It had absolute power in that country.

Unlike Akabane Clan who has been on the road to perish, Izanagi Clan had a deep relationship with the aristocratic society since the Heian period, and their existence even affected national policy.

And it was not easy to meet such a noble.

Akabane Clan formed an elite team, each one of them sat in the ten luxurious carriages guarding Rozen’s carriage with their puppets.

The so-called puppet was nothing more than a puppet made of wood.

The puppets manipulated by the Akabanes were different, not only its appearance but also its quality, it had high flexibility in movements, and it carried various weapons and armors.

Of course, even Akabane Clan’s puppets were still just ordinary puppets.

The real automaton has a built-in magic circuit, could use magic, it was also equipped with a life-mechanism, it had its own will, and it was no different from a human.

Using that kind of puppet, someone was called a puppeteer.

Although Akabane Clan had the secret art to control the puppets, such as Crimson Wing Formation, if they made a move, they would shock the world.

Unfortunately, in that eastern island country, the automaton has not yet become popular, unlike in the western country.

And when those automaton puppets became popular, that was the sign for Akabane Clan to make their mark.

With the superb secret art Crimson Wing Formation, when the era of automaton was rising, Akabane Clan could stand on the top of the country.

Izanagi Clan realized that Akabane Clan had such potential, and then planned to marry their granddaughter to Akabane Clan.

No one knew if there was another secret in Izanagi Clan’s move.

Akabane Clan thought that Izanagi Clan valued their potential so they let the princess married one of their clan’s members, so that was a win-win condition.

Rozen and Raishin were in one of the carriages located in the center, and near them was the carriage where Akabane Kuukan was on.

Those two sat in the same carriage and were … playing cards.

“I won again.”

Rozen took one of the two cards in Raishin’s hands and declared his victory in front of Raishin.

“Damn, I lost again.” Raishin cursed because he never won against Rozen.

“Nonsense, why do you always win?” Raishin said to Rozen, “Are you cheating?”

“Practice makes perfect. Why do I need to cheat against you?” Rozen spread his hands and said, “This kind of game is just the simplest game. If it wasn’t because there were no computers in this era, I wouldn’t play it.”

Rozen missed his video games.

Even though the main purpose he came to that world was to improve his magic, Rozen still hoped to play games and relax.

But there was no computer in this world.

Rozen could only play those small games when he had free time and taught his siblings so they could play together.

And since it was entertainment, Rozen will not use any tricks to win.

“What magic did you use …” Raishin didn’t seem satisfied with the answer.

Indeed, if he used Heavenly Eye, he could easily know what kind of cards Raishin has in his hand.


“I don’t need to use any magic at all to beat you.” Rozen said politely.

“Okay, okay.” Raishin said, “You always say something that others don’t understand.”

“To be honest, Narukami, do you really want to marry that princess?” Raishin asked, “If you succeed, even if you are an adopted son, you can gain more strength and authority compared to our elder brother in the future, even higher than him.”

“What about you? ” Rozen said,” Why don’t you marry the princess, You can obviously gain a lot of benefits!”

“I don’t want to marry a girl I have never met before.”

Raishin said, “Moreover, I will be a man who studies martial arts in the future, so I can’t be the heir.”

“The same is true for me.” Rozen said, ” I also want to study magic and improve it, so I don’t have a time playing house.”

“You… ” Raishin was speechless.

“Anyway, they will choose you because I’m useless for magus like them.”

Rozen laughed and said, “They will choose you over some adopted child like me to get their hands on Crimson Wing Formation.”

As for the final result, only God knew that.

Not long after, Akabane Clan arrived at Izanagi Clan’s Residence at Tengu Mountain.

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