Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 78 Yin Yang Technique


Izanagi Clan Residence.

When the convoy of Akabane Clan came there and saw the gate of the mansion, the first thing everyone saw was an extremely spectacular group.

The group lined up like an army.

All of them wore traditional white priestly gowns, but some people wore black hats, some people only wore headbands, and most of them tied up their sleeves, exposing their upper arm.

Within the group, everyone who was wearing a priest’s dress showed their face, revealing an elegant atmosphere, but the military-like standing showed their bravery, reminiscent of the warrior.

That group resembled the ancient samurai clan.

Unlike Akabane Clan, Izanagi Clan had been in the center of the country for thousands of years and had been living for a long time.

Different branch families had long been formed.

Each of those branch families was like a small team.

All of them had the same values ​​and fighting techniques.

From the red funeral to the annual celebration, they had a resemblance and good teamwork.

Izanagi’s entire clan maintained a solid relationship.

And Domon was the center of it.

The infamous Mori branch clan led the people who scattered around the land and formed that group.

And the root of that clan who was the one that defeated Akabane Clan in the past.

Akabane Clan’s entire team stopped suddenly and was calmed down by the momentum of Izanagi Clan.

Izanagi Clan gave a warm welcome to Akabane Clan.

“I am the elder of Izanagi Clan. Welcome to Tengu Mountain.”

The man who claimed to be the elder said that humbly.

Many of Izanagi Clan’s members didn’t welcome Akabane Clan.

At this time …

Akane Kuukan came out from the carriage and walked forward as if he came facing the whole Izanagi Clan.

“I am the head of Akabane Clan, Akabane Kuukan.”

Akabane Kuukan didn’t tremble in front of their intimidation and greeted them with a careless attitude.

Seeing that, the elder took an in-depth look at Akabane Kuukan, and then, as if showing respect, lowered his head slightly towards Akabane Kuukan.

“The headmaster is already waiting inside the house.”

After he said that, the elder raised his hand, and then the gate opened.

Rozen and Raishin came down from the carriage and followed the elders and guards.

Rashin seemed to be scared and cautious.

Rozen was observing Izanagi Clan’s men who gazed on them.

“The marriage, I’m afraid it’s impossible from the beginning.” Rozen thought.

Izanagi Clan’s Residence, Main House.

“Please come in.”

Following the elder, those three came into the house.

The others waited outside.

The head of the Izanagi Clan was there.

It was an old woman who was over a hundred years old but looked quite fit.

Her body radiated frightening magic.

She was the head of Izanagi Clan, the head of the Izanagi Domon Family, and the principal of the entire Izanagi Clan.

Domon Chira.

One word of her was enough to influence national policy.

One word of her could determine life and death.

That person, while radiating tremendous magical power, sat on the behemoth.

It was a three-meter-tall monster with blue-faced, and he had fangs also a gigantic body.

Looked at that monster, those three expressions looked slightly changed.

“Shikigami Formula … the boy who swallows …” He said.

Shikigami Formula was a synthetic living body that was constructed with magical power and born out from miasma.

Miasma referred to the dangerous gas.

Shikigami Formula was the existence that transformed the miasma into life.

Such things as spirits, yokais, and ghosts could be summoned using that method.

That was Yin and Yang’s power, a magic that was enough to reverse life and death.

Now, there was such a kind of existence in front of the crowd, through the summoning of Yin and Yang.

It was the infamous ghost in that island country.

Its strength was enough to break the giant rock, and its fangs are enough to crush the steel.

It was undoubtedly powerful.

Rozen judged the strength level of that creature, “The superior familiar … maybe more powerful than that …”

That creature could fight against the high-rank servant.

In the face of this monster, Rozen is completely rigid.

While Raishin trembled when he looked at that creature, Rozen used his Spirit Vision to see the magic flow in that creature’s body.

Domon Chira glanced at Rozen and Raishin.

“Both of them is your son?” Domon Chira asked with a sinister voice.

Three of them were sure Izanagi Clan didn’t welcome their arrival.

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