Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 79 The Successor Of Izanagi Clan


There was the pressure of tremendous magical power in the air.

In the face of that terrifying magical power of an old woman with the highest authority in the country, which could summon the legendary ghost, even Akabane Kuukan couldn’t act carelessly.

Akabane Kuukan put his hands on Rozen and Raishin.

With a faint magic flow, Rozen and Raishin suddenly felt that their bodies became lighter.

Then Akabane Kuukan spoke up.

“These are my sons. I brought them over today, I hope they piqued your interest.” Akabane Kuukan said that casually.

“Hmm …” Domon Kira sneered, then began to look at Rozen and Raishin.

Domon Kira first laid her eyes on Raishin.

She could detect that there was no magical power in Raishin. He was completely useless in front of Domon Kiran, and there was a slight dissatisfaction in her eyes.

And then Domon Kira turned her eyes to Rozen.

“Oh?!” Domon Kira narrowed her eyes.

Rozen immediately felt someone took a look at him by an invisible magical power.

“Is this her Spirit Vision?” Rozen thought.

Rozen remained silent, quietly waiting for Domon Kira to finish.

After a while, the invisible magical power disappeared.

“I see…”

Domon Kira stared at Rozen with a smile on her face.

“He is Akabane’s prodigy one of the two talented children, worthy of his title.”

Hearing that, Rozen knew that his amount of magical power was already being exposed.

“A ten years old child has such an outstanding magical power. I am afraid my granddaughter isn’t enough to be his bride.”

Domon Kira unexpectedly gave a good evaluation.

But Domon Kira didn’t know Rozen’s full potential because not all of Rozen’s magic circuits have opened.

But Rozen wasn’t happy about that, he felt something terrifying within her.

After all, Akabane Clan was an old enemy of Izanagi Clan.

They wanted to destroy their future enemy.

Domon Kira couldn’t control her murderous intent.

“The Akabane Clan’s prodigy seems to be an adoptive son, and does not have the Crimson Wing Blood?” Domon Kira said.

As Rozen expected. Even if he was talented, Rozen was only an adopted son and did not have the Crimson Wing Blood.

“On the other hand, there is a child with the Crimson Wing Blood but without talent. I can only choose one of them. Akabane Clan’s head, this is a pickle, it’s a difficult choice.”

Domon Kira peeked Akabane Kuukan’s magical power with the same method she did toward Rozen and smiled.

“There is no perfect thing in this world. After all, you just want Akabane Clan to be just a small branch family on a remote border.” Akabane Kuukan said.

After hearing that Domon Kira sneered, she was very dissatisfied, “But wouldn’t it be perfect if it was the Tendo of Akabane?

Akabane Tenzen had both talent and the Crimson Wing Blood.

But …

“That is not the same as what we agreed on, ma’am.”

Akabane Kuukan smiled when he said that.

“… whatever.” Domon Kira frowned.

“Hey, you!” Domon Kira said to her subordinate, “Bring Hinowa here.”

“Yes, Madam.”

The girl arrived in front of the Akabanes, that girl’s age was similar to Rozen, and the girl seemed like a scaredy-cat.

Rozen had two thoughts while he was looking at that little girl.

The first was …

“Is she the granddaughter of Domon Family, Her Royal Highness Princess of Izanagi Clan?”

The second was …

“She was cute.”

Rozen thought the girl would have a nasty personality, but the fact was different.

Even Raishin did not seem to think the princess of the nation would be such a delicate girl.

And their eyes met each other, the girl looked at Rozen first and then she glanced at Raishin.

The girl’s name was Domon Hinowa.

She bowed to the two of them while thinking one of them would be her future husband.

Under such circumstances, Akabane Kuukan and Domon Kira made a decision.

“Tonight, we will hold a banquet.” Domon Kira’s voice echoed.

“At that time, I will decide who will be the future husband of my future successor of Izanagi Clan.”

Today was a long day for Rozen.

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