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S.S Chapter 10 Grandpa is Like This


The Heavenly Lake Sword’s light passed like a meteor.

Li Yu’s figure was like the shooting star.

“This sword is truly magical.”

Li Yu saw the gloomy red-brown scene in front of him and nodded with a smile, “Very fast. Much faster than the previous speed when I use that fly skill.”

“This position …”

Li Yu looked around and couldn’t read the directions, “Well, as long as I have a system, I’m not afraid to get lost.”

“System, give me direction to the location of the Great Thunder Temple.”

The system immediately gave him a compass, and the direction of the sparkling arrows directly indicated the destination.

“pretty convenient.”

Li Yu smiled broadly, controlling the Heavenly Lake Sword, but suddenly there was a notification in the system, “Zhou Yi has entered the Great Thunder Temple.”

“Has Zhou Yi arrived?”

Li Yu stopped the Heavenly Lake Sword and opened the system connection. “The state of the Great Thunder Temple isn’t bad with the Bodhi tree. All that’s left is copper and iron. There’s still a long way to go. Let’s go!”

Looking for a rock to sit on, Li Yu immediately took over the “Highest Heavenly Book” system through the system connection, witnessed Zhou Yi and his group.

Zhou Yi walked out of the ruins of the heavenly palace.

“Is this the Great Thunder Temple? Buddha Dojo, how can it be ruin like this?”

Fifty meters in front of him, an old broken temple stood calmly, like a small light, faintly emanating from the temple door.

In front of the old temple, a large ancient tree stood.

The ancient trees were fragile and dry. The branches were like dragon bones, the whole tree was only decorated with five or six green crystal leaves like jade.

“Is this a Bodhi tree?”

Zhou Yi looked at the dry old tree and frowned slightly, “Immortal asked me to sacrifice the Bodhi tree to him. How do I sacrifice it?”

“Zhou Yi… this child has potential!”

When Li Yu saw this scene, he nodded while smiling, “Bodhi trees can read someone’s mind and understand one!”

The Heavenly Spirit Book had explained it to Zhou Yi.

The Heavenly Spirit Book was originally like an intelligent program. Li Yu ordered that the Heavenly Spirit Book respond immediately.

“You don’t need to worry about that, Your Majesty!”

The Heavenly Spirit Book showed its true form, and answered Zhou Yi: “Your Majesty, for the sacrifice of the Bodhi tree to the Revered Immortal, just stand near the Bodhi tree, mourn in the name of the ancestors in the heart, and say sacrifice.”

“Over here? This is really magical!”

Zhou Yi was the relief and walked toward the Great Thunder Temple.

At the same time, Ye Fan and the others also walked out of the rubble and looked at the temple.

“How can there be a temple?”

“There’s also dead tree there, a big tree!”

Seeing the ancient dilapidated temple in front of them, everyone was shocked.

“Hey! Zhou Yi, be careful. This place is too dangerous.”

Li Xiaoman saw Zhou Yi was walking to the ancient temple and quickly told everyone.

“Everyone, be careful!”

Zhou Yi turned and smiled at Li Xiaoman and continued moving forward.

The others also followed Zhou Yi carefully.

When in front of the ancient Bodhi tree, Zhou Yi stood still and thought to himself: “To the Revered Immortal, here Zhou Yi who was sacrificing ancient Bodhi trees.”


A small, unseen sound wave swept over an ancient Bodhi tree.

A large Bodhi tree suddenly fell, no wood chips, no dead branches, suddenly just turn into ash, and disappeared.


A faint sound was heard in Zhou Yi’s ear, and Zhou Yi saw a strange old man smiling at him.

“Haha! The Bodhi tree is already disappearing!”

Li Yu couldn’t help laughing. This kind of thing encourages people to do anything as long as it could benefit themselves.

This sacrifice was not a function of gathering resources using the “Highest Heavenly Book” connection system. It was very convenient to use this trick to create a system.

“Ah … what happened?”

“Zhou Yi, what are you doing?”

“Ah! Ash gets in My eyes. Help me blow it up.”

When Zhou Yi sacrificed an ancient Bodhi tree, the people behind him had just arrived. The ancient Bodhi trees turned to fly ash, and these people were surprised.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

Zhou Yi apologized to everyone and explained: “I don’t know what happened! I just arrived here, and the tree suddenly turned to ashes.”

Of course, Zhou Yi would not admit that was his doing. He flickered and found an excuse.

“When I come, this tree sway and has turned into fly ash.”

“Mmm … It’s very possible.”

Ye Fan nodded, “Many antiques are found when dug up. The items are very fragile, even a slight touch can destroy it immediately.”

“Yeah! Ok, we will enter the old temple, be careful!”

Zhou Yi nodded and glanced at the crowd and said: “Since this old tree can become fly ash. Who knows if this ancient temple will collapse? Everyone, be careful!”

Zhou Yi said, he was carefully and moved forward.

At this moment, in Zhou Yi’s mind, Li Yu also instructed The Heavenly Spirit Book to start talking.

The Heavenly Spirit Book says: “Your Majesty, your future achievements are extraordinary, but your current strength is insufficient. There are still some Broken Buddhist treasures in the Great Thunder Temple. You can get this treasure, and gain strength.”

“Broken Buddhist treasure?”

Zhou Yi’s face was focused, but there was a flash of light in his eyes. The Highest Heavenly Book was everything, but everything required energy points to be redeemed. “With this treasure, I can get extraordinary powers.”


Thinking about this, Zhou Yi quickly turned around and looked at the people behind him, “we take a short break, we don’t know whether this ancient temple is harmless or not.”

Zhou Yi’s expression looked slightly dignified, “We divide into groups to explore this place, and if there is a danger, other groups can help and vice versa, how about it?”

“Divide? Who knows what you will do?”

Liu Yunzhi snickered and looked at Zhou Yi, “What? Are you crazy? Do you want some people to explore? Are you looking for someone to sacrifice? Why don’t you explore it yourself?”

“Liu Yunzhi, what do you mean?”

Zhou Yi’s face deliberately showed anger, but his heart secretly praised Liu Yunzhi.

“Because this is my suggestion, of course, I have to go!”

Zhou Yi stood up with a sigh of relief, “Is there anyone else who wants to go with me?”


Everyone fell silent for a while.

“Forget it! I’ll go alone!”

Zhou Yi snorted and walked away, but his heart laughed out loud.

Li Yu laughed too.

“Zhou Yi, this child is very interesting! It seems like Zhou Yi has a personal matter with him. Unfortunately, even if you are stronger, you cannot escape from the old man’s palm! Hahahaha!”

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