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S.S Chapter 11 Has a System That is So Capricious


“Is this Bodhi?”

Li Yu sat on a rock, and held a walnut-sized Bodhi seed in his hand, looking at its unique shape, naturally showing a compassionate image of Buddha!

“Is this the seed of the Red Pine? I don’t know how to use it.”

These Bodhi seeds were gray and mediocre. They believe that Buddhism was sacred, simple, and natural, vaguely emitting a Buddhist aura.

“In his original work, Ye Tiandi was only an ordinary person. Although he also knew some knowledge about monasticism, he was just a normal person. But he held the Buddha scripture and could read it. It could be seen that the Buddha had an extraordinary effect.”

Li Yu shook the Buddha in front of his eyes and smiled.

“I am not exchanging the beginning, even though all the knowledge has been entered into my mind, I am truly understanding and mastering it, but there is still a big gap. This Bodhi can be used when necessary!”

Li Yu smiled and saved the Buddha in the collection of system resources.

The system resource library had the same effect as the storage space, and Li Yu was stunned.

Li Yu’s eyes looked at the six leaves of the emerald Bodhi.

After gathering the Red Pine, the large Bodhi tree turned into fly ash, and all the essences were collected into six emerald leaves.

“Bodhi leaf also has an enlightenment effect. I will try the effect first.”

Li Yu took the Bodhi leaves out of the system and put emerald leaves on his eyebrows. And began to feel the flow of energy from within his mind.

The clear stream merged into the mind from the eyebrows, and Li Yu’s entire mind was completely washed away by this clear stream. Li Yu’s heart was like moonlight.

“Everything is nothing! Everything comes from the beginning!”

The vast atmosphere was like a river flowing through Li Yu’s heart.

There was a sound heard in Li Yu’s ear, like thunder, Li Yu immediately woke up.

“It turns out that the Bodhi leaves are damaged!”

Ash spread, and emerald Bodhi leaves turned to fly ash.

Li Yu sighed a little, “The Great Emperors emergence phenomena are really deep, mysterious, and unpredictable! No wonder the beginning of the great emperor can reach the peak of this world. The phenomena are actually related to the power of time!”

A piece of Bodhi leaf allowed Li Yu to understand the Wheel and Sea Realm, so Li Yu had a full understanding of this cultivation method.

“There are still other five buddha leaves, i don’t need to hasty, there are still many unknown emperors candidate.”

Li Yu then rose while squeezing the ashes of the Bodhi tree and smiled. “Now, let’s see what about Zhou Yi?”

Li Yu’s mind was connected to the system and immediately entered “Highest Heavenly Book”, all the scenes around Zhou Yi was displayed.

In the ruins of the Great Thunder Temple.

Zhou Yi walked alone to the ancient temple of the Great Thunder Temple.

“Heavenly Spirit Book, where is the Buddha’s treasure?”

Zhou Yi walked to the ancient temple and saw an empty Bodhi temple, just an oil lamp, with no sign of Buddha’s existence.

“Hey? Didn’t I forget to add the search function to Highest Heavenly Book? Surely he doesn’t know that treasure.”

Li Yu has taken over “Highest Heavenly Book “, Zhou Yi’s movement was monitored by Li Yu. Seeing that Zhou Yi could not find Buddha, Li Yu gave the Buddha’s position to the Heavenly Spirit Book.

“To the Great Immortal, show us to the treasures.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book prayed, and then in Zhou Yi’s mind, all treasures’ positions appeared one by one.


Zhou Yi sighed and said that to the Immortal.

Following the Spirit’s instructions from the Heavenly Book, Zhou Yi gathered the broken treasure on the ground one by one.

Oil lamps, enamels, beads, diamonds, incense burners, prayer rulers, brass bells, golden bells, drum fish, scepter, Bodhi fragments. Zhou Yi smiled.

Every treasure gave Zhou Yi point energy, the Heavenly Spirit Book told him that each treasure he got, and he would get energy point. Zhou Yi thought that he could immediately get that extraordinary power, and he was excited.

Li Yu saw various broken treasures in the resource library and also smiled.

In addition to the remaining treasure power, these materials were also very extraordinary. The system even gave instructions to repaired treasure. But, Li Yu declined it.

Zhou Yi was not ashamed of selling all the treasure to the system, nor does he felt the pressure of immortal and Buddha energy on his body.

“Zhou Yi, find more treasures! This stone is also a Bodhi treasure. Even that plate can be converted too!”

Zhou Yi heard the Heavenly Spirit Book’s instructions, and several people were astonished. These broken treasures disappeared. Even the Buddha statues and plates on the gate disappeared.

However, Zhou Yi thought that he was a descendant of the Immortal, and immediately thought of something like “Can this Buddhist energy change my personality? But so far nothing has happened to me”.

“Finally Finished!”

Zhou Yi waved his hand at the stone Buddha, and the large Buddha statue disappeared without a trace.

After the treasures entered the resource library, Li Yu laughed.

“This is good! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, the array of six characters. Even though the system contains information about the array, but the array on the stone treasure, I can use it directly without chanting.”

Li Yu has a bit of excitement on his face. In the original work, the stone treasure has been destroyed. This is totally useless. The array of six characters, the power is endless!

“Zhou Yi, are you alright?”

“Zhou Yi, are you in here?”

Having just taken the Buddha stone, Zhou Yi heard someone calling him from outside the temple.

“I’m fine. Nothing dangerous here. Come here!”

There was still a plate left in the Great Thunder Temple.

When they heard Zhou Yi’s answer, everyone came to the temple.

When they saw an empty Buddha temple, everyone was shocked and completely unexpected.

“How could it possibly be empty?”

“This … there should be something here, right?”

“There is a clear trail of dust on the ground, and there must be something.”

Liu Yunzhi came to Zhou Yi and said with a sneer: “Zhou Yi, it’s not strange that you come here and explore. Have you planned this? Or maybe you might have hidden something from us?”

Liu Yunzhi turned to the others and said angrily: “There are many treasures in this place, everyone has a share, but Zhou Yi takes those treasures for himself! Give us our share too?”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

“Yes, that’s….!”

Some people also start to talk.

Ha? Zhou Yi, does he feel pressured? This is interesting.”

Li Yu saw this scene, touched his chin, and laughed.

“Zhou Yi, how will you deal with it?”

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