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S.S Chapter 12 A System That is So Capricious


“Haha. It’s so funny!”

Zhou Yi sneered Liu Yunzhi with a disdain. “I don’t take anything. Even if I take it, it is what I deserved. When I suggest everyone to explore with me, why don’t you come?”

Zhou Yi pushed Liu Yunzhi away and snorted and walked out of the Buddhist temple.

“Not bad!”

Seeing this scene, Li Yu nodded and was satisfied with the performance of Zhou Yi.

“Heavenly Spirit Book, tell him that the sandstorm is coming. Let him take the opportunity to take the broken treasures.”

Li Yu took over the “Highest Heavenly Book” and directly told the Heavenly Spirit Book. “Yes, don’t let him waste his energy point for now. Soon Sacred Crocodile might attack, advise him to use energy point to redeem a defensive item, his safety comes first.”

As Li Yu’s ordered, the Heavenly Spirit Book naturally did not hesitate to execute.

Zhou Yi walked out of the Great Thunder Temple.

After collecting more than a dozen broken treasure, Zhou Yi could exchange energy points for some extraordinary abilities.

“The Heavenly Spirit Book, how many energy points left? What can I redeem?”

Zhou Yi asked the Heavenly Spirit Book.

“Your Majesty, all the Stone Buddha that you have collected are fourteen Buddhas. The total energy point is eighty-four.”

“Well! Eighty-four, I can exchange some martial arts and pills.”

Zhou Yi nodded, and he was a little bit eager. “I will have extraordinary power right away.”

“Your Majesty, the environment in front of you, is not suitable for practice. I suggest that you keep these energy points. If you are in danger, you can also exchange the defensive item for defending yourself.”

“Well? Is it?”

Zhou Yi was stunned, looked up at the desolate land, and nodded. “Oh, I am a little too anxious.”

“Your Majesty, the sandstorm, is coming. The shield of the Great Thunder Temple will not be able to withstand it for a long time, and you have to prepare for it.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book reminded Zhou Yi.

“The sandstorm is coming.”

Zhou Yi was shocked and looked up at the sky. Sure enough, he saw reddish-brown dust in the distance.

“Let me first take the plaque of the Great Thunder Temple.”

Turning around and looking at the people in the Great Thunder Temple, Zhou Yi’s mouth sneer. “Everyone just wants their own share, but they are not willing to take risks. Is there such a good thing?”

With a wave of the hand, the invisible fluctuations swept, and the plaque of the Great Thunder Temple disappeared instantly.


A loud noise, the entire Great Thunder Temple, crashed into debris.

“Hey? What happened?”

Zhou Yi saw this situation and was shocked. “Heavenly Spirit Book, what is going on?”

“The Great Thunder Temple has already been run down. It has not collapsed because of the support of the remaining Buddha power. Now all the Buddhas are collected, and the Great Thunder Temple will naturally collapse.” The Heavenly Spirit Book said.

“Oh, I see, might interesting too!.”

Zhou Yi thought that the people inside the Buddhist temple would definitely be gray-faced, and he could not help but laugh.

The temple was turned into ash, and everyone suddenly exclaimed and screamed.

“Ah! What happened?”

“The temple is crumbling! Run!”

“Ah! Help!”

Everyone jumped out of the Great Thunder Temple. The crowd was covered in ashes and rushed out.

“Zhou Yi, is that you’re doing?”

Liu Yunzhi ran out and saw Zhou Yi leisurely standing like he was watching the drama. Suddenly Liu Yunzhi was furious, pointing to Zhou Yi, “Zhou Yi! How come you are already here when the temple has just collapsed? Seen from your expression, it must be your doing!”

“Shut up!”

Zhou Yi snorted, looked at Liu Yunzhi, and pointed his finger at the horizon. “Look at it yourself! Look over there!”

“Boom! Bang!”

There was a roar of sound from afar, and the ground began to tremble, like a galloping horse, and it was like a raging turmoil.

“Ah? What is that?”

“Now, do you know how the ancient temple collapsed?”

Zhou Yi looked Liu Yunzhi with a disdain. “With such a big shock, the temple will definitely collapse!”

“This is… sandstorm… What a disastrous!”


In the blinked of an eye, sandstorms swept through. For a moment, the sky was dark, the sun and the moon are gloomy.

Overwhelming reddish-brown sand covered the entire sky and a storm that swept the entire Mars.

“What the hell!”

Li Yu looked at the overwhelming sandstorm and quickly opened up the system’s resource collection function.

An invisible black hole shrouded Li Yu and the sandstorm that swept through to the side of Li Yu and was absorbed by the system and turned into energy.

“The sandstorm has already appeared. The next is the Sacred Crocodile.”

Li Yu walked easily in the sandstorm, and he was very calm like Moses splitting the sea.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t appear at a time like this, even if I could appear, no one could see me.”

Li Yu couldn’t find the opportunity to show off, and he sighed with a deep sigh. “Let’s watch the show first! Oh, boy, don’t be afraid!”

The site of the Great Thunder Temple was attacked by the disaster.

When the sandstorm hit, the people were terrified.


Sandstorms swept through. Everyone was frightened and confused.

“Ah! What should I do?”

“Definitely dead! Dead!”

Desperate emotions spread into everyone.

“Don’t panic! We still have a way to survive!”

Zhou Yi looked up at the overwhelming sandstorm, and calmly said: “We still have a way to survive.”

“Is there still a way to survive? Whatever it is, quickly!”

“This is Mars. Where else can I survive?!”

The people panicked.

“Did guys forget how we get here?”

Zhou Yi pointed to the Bronze Coffin in Kowloon and said to the crowd.

“Yes, this may be the only way to live.”

Ye Fan was nodded.

“Yes! Right! That’s Bronze Coffin! This must be a way to survive!”

At this time, everyone understood and quickly rushed to the Eigth Trigrams.

Not too far away.

The site of the Great Thunder Temple was only about a kilometer away from the Eigth Trigrams. However, this distance seems to be separated by thousands of miles.

If they didn’t reach the Eigth Trigrams in time, everyone might die.

“Fast! Run!”

Along the way, the ruins were everywhere, and there were countless broken ruins. Even the weakest women could move fast because they were so panicked.

“Be careful, the Sacred Crocodile might attack.”

The sudden reminder of the Heavenly Spirit Book, let Zhou Yi was shocked, “Sacred Crocodile? What?”

“Such a thing.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book showed the image of the Sacred Crocodile in Zhou Yi’s mind. “Your Majesty, the Sacred Crocodile, is fierce. You must be careful.”


When a woman ran in the ruins, she suddenly screams and fell into the ruins with no sound.

“Sacred Crocodile is coming?”

Zhou Yi was shocked and squeezed his fist.

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