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S.S Chapter 14 Master


“Ah! Help!”

“Zhou Yi, help me!”

There were also monsters attacking, and everyone asked Zhou Yi to help them all. Even Liu Yunzhi, who has been looking for trouble with Zhou Yi from the very beginning, was frightened and hid.

“You all step back.”

Zhou Yi swung a sword and smothered the crocodile that had just come over and told the crowd.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A ray of light rushed out of the storm outside the light, and a large group of Crocodiles swarmed like tides.

“Ah! Help! Help!”

“Zhou Yi! Come on!”

“Save me! Zhou Yi, hurry!”

The crocodile rushed toward Zhou Yi and his friends. Although the golden light did not dissipate, it was already in jeopardy. The crowd screamed and panic.

“There is no end to this?”

Zhou Yi was in a hurry and continued to slash and kill the crocodile.

“Your Majesty, you can redeem a glass heart spell.”

“Glass heart light? Redeem, redeem.”

“The glass heart light, burn evil spirits!”

The white fire appeared from the hands of Zhou Yi, and the white fire swept the entire Eight Trigrams altar.


The fire was sweeping in all directions. The crocodiles around the Eight Trigrams altar, and suddenly turned into a pile of black ash the moment it came into contact with white fire.


Seeing this flame instantly burned the crocodiles into ashes, Zhou Yi was amazed.

Others look at Zhou Yi’s gaze, although there were still some inexplicable, they were too busy whit themselves to care about Zhou Yi. Only Liu Yunzhi’s eyes are full of grievances.


Suddenly, there was a giant crocodile in the sandstorm, and thunderous sandstorms were overwhelmed by it. It seemed that a wild beast had broken free from the shackles and roared.

“What is this?”

“Is there other monsters on Mars?”

“This sound… I have a bad feeling about this!”

Everyone’s face was pale, and they began to tremble.


Even the sandstorm was dissipated by this giant monster.


A loud noise, shaking the ground.

Everyone felt a violent shock in the earth. A thousand meters away, there was something terrible from above.

A pair of red eyes, like two lanterns hanging high in the sky.

Even though the sandstorm, everyone clearly felt fear and shivering.


Like a volcanic explosion, countless rocks flew. A large boulder bumped beside the Eight Trigrams altar, everyone was shocking and shaking.

“What monster is this?”

Zhou Yi’s heart was beating fast. This power scared him.

“Your Majesty, this is an Sacred Crocodile, a sacred demon!”

“Sacred Demon?”

Zhou Yi took a moment and was very upset after hearing the word sacred.

Those who possessed the title “sacred” were all extremely horrible characters! Like Sun Wukong, he was a sacred demon, and that explained a lot.

‘The One who holds the sacred title has the ability to tear the sky and break the earth!’



The light Eight Trigrams altar rose into the sky.

The ancient runes of Eight Trigrams appeared and pierced the sky.

“It’s going to start! Great!”

“Come on! Hurry up!”

The light of the Eight Trigrams altar shone brightly, giving everyone the hope of survive.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

The Eight Trigrams altar shook.

Qián, Duì, Lí, Zhèn, Xùn, Kǎn, Gèn, Kūn, the Eight Trigrams symbol shone in the altar and was projected to the sky, the light was fascinating.


The Eight Trigrams runes were constantly shining, each character of Eight Trigrams was arranged on one line, not all of those characters shone. The rune light slowly dimmed, and the huge Eight Trigrams shook, and the light was completely dimmed out.

“How could this be……”

“Why did it not activated? What’s going on?”

Everyone how saw this scene and suddenly speechless stiff. The Eight Trigrams altar couldn’t be activated.

“Srek! Srek! Srek!”

Thousands of crocodiles rushed again, and the black scales undulated, like the dark tide.


Zhou Yi’s face was pale, and he blocked the crocodile’s attack with white fire in his hands.


A huge monster rose into the sky, and a loud roaring sound shook the sky!

The huge bloody two lanterns in the dark were rushing fast! The murderous flames swayed the world.


Even just it breathes that made everyone trembled. Everyone was squatting and almost fell on the Eight Trigrams altar.

“How can we cope with such a strong presence?”

Zhou Yi was frustrated. “Did my journey end here? I haven’t seen the heroes of the Big Dipper yet. I haven’t fought. Am I going to die here? I don’t want to die!”

“Don’t worry, your majesty.”

“Well? Do you still have a way? Fast! Say it!”

Zhou Yi’s eyes lit up, and he kept asking questions to the Heavenly Spirit Book.

“Your Majesty, you forgot who gave you “Highest Heavenly Book”?”

“Ah? Highest Heavenly Book, Immortal! Immortal! Yes, the Great Immortal! Haha! We are saved! We are saved!”

Zhou Yi quickly fell to the ground, and respectful, “Immortal, I am disciple Zhou Yi with all due respect. Please Immortal, slay that devil!”


In the distance, a sword’s light rose into the sky and shook.

A figure came from the darkness.

Short hair, traditional clothes, a teenager about sixteen years old, like Moses separating the sea, tear through in the storm.

The storm of the sky was raging, but in the storm, there is a calm figure with a charismatic aura. It seemed that he unaffected by the sandstorm.

“It’s him?”

Li Xiaoman squinted and looked surprised. “If he comes, we will be saved!”

“It’s him?”

Ye Fan looked at the boy, his face was uncertain, and he had a feeling of faintness as if he had missed something.


Zhou Yi cried so much that he fell to the ground.

“The expected result of a mixed Dao is early as they have hope for, and there is no trace of the original Dao, thirty thousand miles from the East for five thousand years there you can find it.”

Li Yu walked into the Eight Trigrams altar and nodded to everyone with a smile. “it’s hard to be weak!”

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