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S.S Chapter 16 A Poor Road to Take a Ride


“This crocodile corpses for might later!”

Li Yu stepped forward and swung his sleeves. The resource collection function was activated, and the corpse of the Sacred Crocodile was collected into the resource library.

“Sleeves… how on earth this is possible?”

Zhou Yi was stunned and looked envious.

Sure enough, it was a Great Immortal! This kind of great supernatural power was so understated. Zhou Yi’s eyes on Li Yu was very excited.

“There are no crocodiles anymore!”

Li Yu walked back to the Eight Trigrams altar, and his heart was secretly relieved.

If there was no Bronze Coffin, and helping Li Yu absorbed energy from Immortal World, they would die.

Li Yu was secretly vigilant.

Li Yu was also a little bit flustered with the system. Now was not a time for him to rampant, he must be careful and vigilant.

“The ancestors of this world should count as the strength of Immortal. Although the Sacred Crocodile possessed sacred demon character, according to the original book. Of course, they can’t stop the Immortal strike.”

Li Yu turned his head and glanced at the Bronze Coffin and was a little embarrassed.

There will be no problem as long as Li Yu did not absorb too much energy.


Over the Eight Trigrams altar, the Eight Trigrams character was illuminated, the huge Eight Trigrams figure manifested in mid-air, and the yin-yang fish began to shake as if it was about to open the door.

Previously the altar could not be activated due to lack of energy, but when Li Yu injured the crocodile, thanks to the blood of a sacred demon, the altar could be activated.

“The altar has been activated, everyone, which path will you choose?”

Li Yu smiled and walked toward the Bronze Coffin. “Everyone. On the next journey, you will have the opportunity to learn a martial art.”

“Martial art?”

“The opportunity?”

Everyone was bright and quickly went into the Bronze Coffin with Li Yu.

“Hey! Hey!”

When everyone entered the Bronze Coffin, the Eight Trigrams in the sky has begun to open.


The bronze enamel cover was closed, and the inside of the Bronze Coffin was suddenly dark. The huge shook. The nine black dragons pulled the Bronze Coffin and slowly rushed into the starry sky.

“Great Immortal, where are we going?”

“Great Immortal, what do you mean by the opportunity?”

“Great Immortal, can we learn a martial art?”

After entering the Bronze Coffin, although the situation was dark, the enthusiasm of the people did not diminish, and Li Yu asked them.

“We will go to the Big Dipper. The Big Dipper is a spiritual world, the clan, the family, the heavens and the blessed land, and the holy places. After you arrive at the Big Dipper, you have the opportunity to enter the sect, you can learn a martial art.”

Li Yu smiled and replied casually, but he was thinking about other things.

“In the original work, Li Xiaoman was possessed by the Sacred Crocodile. At this moment, the Sacred Crocodile is already dead.”

Li Yu frowned and exchanged a lighting spell from the system, emitting the light to illuminate the entire Bronze Coffin.

The light illuminated the Bronze Coffin wall. However, Li Yu did not find anything.

“Wow? Is this a spell? It’s amazing.”

“It’s really convenient to have spells available for lighting!”

Everyone saw the light as if it was full of moonlight, and everyone’s eyes were full of admiration.

“Oh, it’s already bright enough!”

Li Yu smiled and replied casually, but there was no looseness in his heart.

“System, scan whether there is something in Bronze Coffin!”

Li Yu commanded to the system and kept scanning in the Bronze Coffin.

In the original book, there is a god of great sanctification, and with everyone, cross though the starry sky and arrive at the Big Dipper. It also caused a lot of trouble for Ye Hei.

“Scanning host’s mind.”

The invisible fluctuations of the system were showing a vague shadow in Li Yu’s mind. This shadow suddenly followed behind Ye Fan.

“This is Immortal Shadow?”

Li Yu looked at the group like a smoky thing, smiled, and shook his head. “Follow Ye Fan, is it because he is supposed to be the protagonist? The Immortal Shadow may have some use, let the system absorb it.”

People were smiling, Li Yu’s fingertips shoot out an invisible wave, like a black hole sweeping through the black smoke.


A scream shocked everyone’s soul. Immortal Shadow was absorbed by the system and place it in the resource library.

“Ah? What happened?”

“Did you hear the scream?”

“Yes, I heard it too.”

“Great Immortal, this is…”

The screams of the shocking soul made everyone horrified.

“No problem.”

Li Yu smiled and comforted everyone. “We don’t have to worry. It’s just a little devil that sneaks out!”

“Little devil? How come there is a devil here?”

Zhou Yi was stunned and asked Li Yu: “Zhou Yi, how come there is a devil here? Is it related to this Bronze Coffin?”

“No! I think no one dies in the Bronze Coffin.”

Li Yu smiled and shook his head. “This little ghost just ran out from the Great Thunder Temple.”

“Great Thunder Temple?”

When they heard Li Yu’s words, everyone suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone knew that because they had just come from the Great Thunder Temple!

At this time, everyone thought of the ancient temple on the illusion star, the dead tree.

“The Great Thunder Temple, right? Oh… the one with a big tree that collapsed, right?”

Everyone looked at Zhou Yi’s eyes. They thought about something that could not be explained, such as the bodhi tree or treasure, as obtained by Zhou Yi, or the change of Zhou Yi’s strength who like King Kong. For Zhou Yi, the treasure was only something cheap compared to the Bodhi tree.

“Under the Great Thunder Temple?”

Zhou Yi’s attention was fixed on something else. He remembered the story that there was a devil that lived in eighteen layers of hell under the Great Thunder Temple.

Zhou Yi was afraid when he remembered that story.

Thinking about this, Zhou Yi’s body trembled, and he looked at Li Yu’s eyes with some gratitude and respect.

“I am afraid that it will take another day to arrive at the Big Dipper. Is everyone hungry?”

Li Yu smiled and glanced at the crowd, gently waving his sleeves, and a bunch of food appeared in the Bronze Coffin.

“You like chicken?”

Everyone looked at the pile of fried chicken, chips, burgers, and cola, and suddenly was speechless, and the expression on their faces was a bit strange.

Li Yu deliberately made a surprised expression, in fact, there was a funny smile in his heart.

“Please eat!”

Everyone nodded and began to take food, but they were thinking.

“I don’t know what kind of method to respect the Great Immortal. There’s no way we give him money. we also feel sorry for him. for a cultivator to reach this level, he must have a lot of sacrifices to become a Great Immortal?”

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