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S.S Chapter 18 White Head



Bronze Coffin fell and made a loud noise.

The lid was open, the air was fresh, cool, and the bright sun shone into the Bronze Coffin.

“Okay. Everyone, we have arrived at the Big Dipper!”

Li Yu stood up while smiling, stepping out of the Bronze Coffin.

“Wow? Is this Big Dipper?”

“What is this place?”

“Haha, this is an alien planet! I don’t know what an alien is like!”

Everyone started to talk among themselves, and they followed Li Yu out of the Bronze Coffin.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue, there was a beautiful green hill with a clear river.

They were at the top of a mountain with an endless view.

Around it, there were strange stone slabs, ancient forests, green grass, decorated with colorful flowers. This was a world full of life.

“Wow! What a beautiful view!”

“It seems … the environment is similar to Earth? Is this Earth’s artificial planet?”

Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was very excited and curious about everything in the Big Dipper.


The Bronze Coffin behind them suddenly made a big surprise, and the nine dragons pulled the Bronze Coffin and slowly slid down the hill.

“Watch out! Run!”

Seeing Bronze Coffin falling to the bottom of the hill, everyone was shocked and quickly ran away, for fear of being hit by a dragon and Bronze Coffin.

“You don’t need to panic.”

Li Yu gently waved his hand, and a ray of light came out, everyone rolled and flew down the mountain.

“Ah …”

“We can fly …”

“We are flying in the sky?”

“Great Immortal! We can fly!”

Seeing this magical sight, everyone was excited.

The light passed through the sky.

After a while, Li Yu crossed the black lake and put everyone on the edge of the forbidden land.

“Where is this?”

“Why did the Great Immortal land us here?”

When they descended to the ground, everyone looked around and there was a forest around them.

Initially, they thought that Li Yu would bring them directly to the city or Fudi Mount. It was very unexpected Li Yu took them to the forest.

“Ah! Look!”

Li Xiaoman suddenly looked up and looked into the distance, screaming in amazement.

“Ah! Palace of Gods! Palace of Gods!”

“Wow, so beautiful! So beautiful! Is this heaven?”

“Great Immortal, will you take us to the Palace of Gods? Great! Great!”

Seeing the vast expanse of the palace, everyone was happy, and cheered.

“Do you want to go to the palace of the gods?”

Even wise Zhou Yi couldn’t refuse it.

“Oh. Your opportunity isn’t here! You can’t go there for a while.”

Li Yu smiled and shook his head, then continued: “But, if you reincarnate… will you still go on the right path?”

“Reincarnation? What do you mean …”

Zhou Yi looked at Li Yu and asked excitedly.

“There is an opportunity for you to know yourself. But … it’s also a test.”

Li Yu glanced at the crowd and pointed his finger at the small hill ahead. He smiled and said, “Go! Go there, there will be an opportunity for you to find yourself.”


Zhou Yi looked in the direction shown by Li Yu and walked to the small hill ahead without hesitation.

“Damn! We can’t let Zhou Yi go first!”

Seeing Zhou Yi moved, everyone hurried after him.

After a while, everyone walked up the hill.

“Nothing special here! Where is the place of reincarnation?”

Up the hill, everyone looked around, but did not find anything special.

“it’s really hot in here…”

Li Xiaoman wiped the sweat from his forehead, and told other female students nearby.

“Yes! It’s so hot!”

The girl was fanning herself and look at Li Xiaoman, “Ah! Your face…”

“What’s wrong with my face?”

Li Xiaoman was surprised. She quickly touched his face and turned to ask the girl. When she saw the girl, Li Xiaoman was shocked to see her face, “Ah! You…”

“Ah! What happened?”

At this moment, everyone found each other odd.

Everyone’s skin was blood red. Everyone felt hot and like there was a fire that burned the whole body.

“What place is this?”

Everyone started to feel hot, and it seemed like the blood in the body started to burn.

“Ah … it hurts!”

A female student fell to the ground in pain. The body began to bleed, and it screamed in pain, rolling on the ground.

“Ah …”

“It really hurts!”

Then, other people started showing the same symptoms. One by one, their skin turned red, and fell to the ground.

“What happened ?!”

“Ah …”

“I don’t want to die …”

“Please! Great Immortal please!”

Everyone fell to the ground, the flesh was peeled, and the whole body felt like slashed by countless swords.

“Call… call… Heavenly Spirit Book, what happened?”

Zhou Yi was breathing heavily, enduring the pain from his body, and asked the Heavenly Spirit Book to help him.

‘Your Majesty, this is reincarnation, the process of burning vitality and stimulating the potential of life. Even though there is pain, and some symptoms, you are like being reborn.’

“Damn it! This is reincarnation … it’s too painful!”

“Ah …”

Zhou Yi was very arrogant, his body was red like a flame.

This type of inhuman torture was truly unbearable. After finishing the painful process, the self-protection system made everyone unconscious.

“System, has this power been analyzed?”

Zhou Yi saw a bloody flame in the hills, and vitality turned into a blazing fire.

‘This cultivation is energy that uses vitality as fuel and the fuel is entirely derived from the body’s potential. No specific energy has been found.’

“Is that the problem?”

Li Yu seriously turned his head and looked at the deep valley, and there was a smile on his lips, “This should be the beginning of the path to reach Great Immortal!”

“Do you know? The people you have to wait have arrived!”

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