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S.S Chapter 19 Everyone, Do You Want to Regain Your Youth


“Is this energy just to stimulate the potential of a cultivator?”

Li Yu saw people who fainted on the hill, he stopped and smiled, “Look at you all fainted, I will look for medicine first!”

On nine hills on the forbidden land, there was a restoration pill.

At dawn, Li Yu’s figure appeared on the hill near the Bronze Coffin.

“Where are the Immortal Spring and restoration pill?”

Li Yu turned around and looked around for a while, but there was nothing.

“Forget it. System, show the position of the restoration pill.”

Li Yu issued an order, and the system immediately showed its pill position.

“It is here?”

Li Yu smiled and walked towards the restoration pill.

There was an old vine in an open room with clear springs flowing through the old vine.

A row of trees about two feet tall grew next to a spring. The shape of the small tree was strange, and each leaf was like a palm tree.

At the top of the tree was a blood-red fruit, the size of an egg, and clear like a red jewel.

Li Yu Stepping closer to the spring and breathe a refreshing fragrance.

“As I thought, this is a restoration pill!”

Li Yi couldn’t help himself and quickly rushed towards the tree.

“I just need to collect this restoration pill, but I will just take half of it and don’t be too greedy. However, it belongs to the previous cultivators. If I incur the wrath to ancestors here, my life will end!

When Li Yu touched the tree, the system’s gathering function automatically absorbed thirteen restoration pills and half the Immortal Spring pool.

Li Yu’s figure trembled.

From a distance, there was a light falling on another hill.

Next to Immortal Spring, eleven plants resembling dwarf pine grew. Short pine was green, like a carved jade, but the top of the tree was like golden dragon fruit.

“Excellent, very good!”

Li Yu smiled and turned to take the fruit and rushed to leave the place.

Then, Li Yu returned to the nine hills after collecting the restoration pill and Immortal spring, leaving the holy mountain and rushing off to where everyone fainted.

At this time, the people who fainted in the hills gradually recovered.

“Ahhhhhhhhh …”

Screams woke Zhou Yi up.

“What’s up? What’s up …”

Zhou Yi woke up. He turned his head and saw the place where the scream came from. The scene in front of him stunned Zhou Yi. “This … what happened?”

Zhou Yi was shocked, seeing that all of Zhou Yi’s skin was dry and matted like chicken skin, his face was like the face of an old grandpa.

“What happens…”

“Heavenly Spirit Book, what happened to me? You told me that I would be reincarnated? Why did I turn out like this?”

Zhou Yi was very angry with the Heavenly Spirit Book.

“Your Majesty, using the Big Dipper energy to stimulate the body’s potential, will naturally cause excessive use of energy in the body.” Heavenly Spirit Book responded quickly.

“So, how can I live like this? My life is already ruined, what else can I do?”

Zhou Yi was already helpless.

“Why did it happen!”

“How did I become like this!”


At this time, everyone gradually woke up and saw the change in themselves and others. They cried and screamed.

“This must be the demon’s doing!”

Liu Yunzhi stood up and trembled. He pointed his finger at Zhou Yi and said, “I’m sure that demon has absorbed our Yang energy with wicked methods. Zhou Yi, did you conspire with that demon and trap us?”

“Are you crazy!”

Zhou Yi looked at Liu Yunzhi with a look of hatred, “Don’t you see me? I’m the same as you too! Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“Who else can do this other than you? That demon is lying to us, how did we turn out like this? Zhou Yi, you must be responsible for all this.”

Liu Yunzhi looked at Zhou Yi with hatred.

“Don’t jump to conclusions.”

At this moment, Ye Fan walked and stopped Liu Yunzhi.

“You …”

Zhou Yi looked at Ye Fan’s appearance and speechless.

Ye Fan was also an old man with white hair, but he was filled with a red and radiant light, really like stork hair.

“Yes! Something same happens to me.”

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, “I also have white hair, but I feel that my body seems better than before. There must be something odd in it.”

“What’s strange? Is Ye Fan also colluding with that demon?”

Liu Yunzhi turned and looked at Ye Fan. His face is a little angry. “You, Ye Fan, your body is getting better, you say? Are you also abetting with that demon too? Absorbing Yang energy for yourself!”


Ye Fan snorted and ignored Liu Yunzhi.

“Heavenly Spirit Book, is that Ye Fan?”

Zhou Yi saw Ye Fan’s appearance, and he had some doubts in his heart. He quickly asked the Heavenly Spirit Book.

“Your Majesty, Ye Fan has a holy body. His physique is different, so after stimulating his potential with the Big Dipper energy, his body will be better.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book opened a scroll book and saw information about the holy body.

Zhou Yi’s face was stunned. It turned out that Ye Fan’s body was very compatible with natural cultivation like the Big Dipper.

“Hey? Is everybody awake? Well, everyone has got potential, not bad, right?”

Sparkling light fell from the sky, and Li Yu’s figure appeared on the hill.

“Hey demon! How dare you do this to us!”

When Liu Yunzhi saw Li Yu appear, he suddenly became angry and pointed at Li Yu.


Li Yu turned his head and looked at Liu Yunzhi. His brow furrowed and shook his head, then sighed. “Be careful of what you say, it’s very difficult to become a cultivator! If I’m truly a demon, and you talk like that, isn’t that the same as looking for death?”

Li Yu no longer cared about Liu Yunzhi and turned to look at others, “Do you want to regain your youth?”

“If you want to regain your youth to be a good person!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Thank you, Great Immortal! Thank you!”

When they heard Li Yu’s words, everyone was very happy.

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