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S.S Chapter 2 System Mall


A stream of heat flowed from his throat into his stomach. 


Nothing happened. 

The heat flowed to the body, disappearing without a trace. 

Li Yu thought the medicinal pill was fake. But suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind, and Li Yu was shocked. 

‘System is starting completely.’

‘System is binding …’ 

‘System bound successfully.’

‘Hello, honorable user, welcome to All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop.’

“Hahaha! It finally started! I’m not a loser anymore right now!” 

Li Yu was so excited and couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Brother Yu …” 

Yin Luo was upset by Li Yu’s strange words. 

Yin Luo’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly, her gaze towards Li Yu contained a bit of sadness, Yin Luo’s heart secretly sighed, “This pill… is of no use at all?”

Because Yin Lou was known the efficacy of Cultivating Origin Nurturing Blood Pill, it was supposed to be extraordinary. 

“Does the pill not work on Li Yu’s body? Is Brother Yu going to die?” Yin Lou cried in her heart. 

If Li Yu knew Yin Luo’s thought, he would laugh. His body was a completely normal physique, saying he would die soon was entirely off the mark. 

“Hahahaha! Good! Very good! ” 

Li Yu stood up with a big smile and gratefully bowed to Yin Luo, “Thank you! Thank you, thank you, Manager Yin. This medicinal pill has helped me a lot.” 

The System finally started, and it solved Li Yu’s urgent needs. So Li Yu’s bow was heartfelt. 


Yin Luo snorted and looked up at Li Yu, revealing an ugly smile. 

“Are you trying to comfort me? Are you hiding that the medicinal pill is not working, you don’t want to disappoint me, why do you comfort me?” Yin Lou sadly thought. 

“That… If you will excuse me, I will go back to my room first. I ate a pill, and I have to digest it.” 

Li Yu perfunctorily bade goodbye to Yin Lou then rushed back to check out the System. Without paying attention to Yin Luo’s facial expression, he didn’t know about this misunderstanding. 

Back in the room, Li Yu sat on the bed and used the mind’s eye to look into his mind. 

There was a virtual screen in his mind. At the top of the screen, there was a picture of a clear margin, and four words written below it. One was the ‘User Profile.’

On the left was an icon of a cloud, with the words ‘System Template’ below. There was the same icon on the right side of the screen, with the words ‘Resource Storehouse’ below. In the middle was a snake-like symbol with the words ‘Work Station’.

“That’s all? Is this the System that took a few months to start?” 

Li Yu was slightly disappointed in his heart. He thought, “With this System in hand, the world is mine! And then attack Gao Fushuai, greet Bai Fumei, and embarked on the journey towards the peak of life.” He did not expect this System to be so lame! 

“Are any features to exchange something like divine technique secret art? Redeem all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures? Redeem divine weapons?”

“What about the lottery? Novice gift pack? Auxiliary cultivation method? Skill point? Why didn’t you have any of that?”

There were no features available. How does this even work? 

Was it even worthy of the name ‘All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop’? 

‘Introduction to System Function.’ 

Li Yu’s mind was a little clogged, and he didn’t get a good understanding of the System. 

‘Hello Honorable User, All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop is a professional System Creation Tool, it provides customized Personal System for all clients of All Heavens and Myriad Realms.’ 

“Creating a System? Is that even possible?” 

Li Yu took a deep breath and his heartbeat so hard as if it would explode at any minute.

“Creating a System! Is there anything more powerful than this? My System is to create a System.” 

“Want to redeem? Create a Trade System. Want to do a lottery? Make a Lottery System. Want to add a skill? Create a Game System.”

“So, I can make a lot of systems and sell them.”


Li Yu sat on the bed and smirked. 

“Let’s explore with this System first.” 

After laughing for a while, Li Yu finally used his mind’s eye to look at the System again. 

“How do you use this thing? Without a mouse, how do you open the icons? With my consciousness? Is that it?” 

Li Yu concentrated and visualized the System in his mind. 

“Open User Profile.” 

He just thought about it for a moment, and a system opened. 

‘Name: Li Yu’

‘Sex: Male’

‘Age: Sixteen (21) years old’

‘Authority Level: Level One’

‘Energy: 100’

‘Created Systems: None’

‘Collected Resources: None’ 

“So the age sixteen here refers to this body’s age? And twenty-one refers to my age before I transmigrated?” 

Seeing this ‘User Profile,’ Li Yu slightly shook his head, “Well, this information is straightforward. Is there anything else besides this?” 

“Let’s see what’s in the System Template.” 

Li Yu used the mind’s eye. ‘System Template’ immediately opened. 

‘Trade System Creation Template.’ 

‘Lottery System Creation Template.’ 

‘Game System Creation Template.’ 

‘Custom Template.’ 

Seeing these System Templates, Li Yu laughed, “Can I customize the Template addition to the three system templates? Let’s see what else this System has in store?” 

“What is this Resource Storage?” 

Li Yu opened the ‘Resource Storage’ and found nothing inside. 

“What does Resource Storage do?” 

Li Yu directly asked the System because he didn’t see anything. 

‘Resource Storage is the location where System stores resources. It can search, collect, decompose, extract, fuse, analyze, create, etc. Also, for storing the resources that you get from clients.’ 


Li Yu was stunned, “What do you mean, I am looking for a client to sell the manufactured System?” 

‘The main business of the System Shop is to sell all kinds of Systems.’ 


Li Yu was shocked and puzzled, “Am I becoming the old grandpa? The so-called protagonist’s golden finger? So, the supporting role can also have a golden finger. Hahahaha, this is interesting. This is all about the future. Let’s create the most powerful System for myself.” 

Li Yu was laughing as he opened the work station. 

“The system that I will create for myself, of course, the best.” 

Li Yu looked at the work station and started to command the System. 

“System, add all three templates. Add all the items that can be redeemed for All Heavens and Myriad Realms. Fix the price of all redemption items to zero. Set all skills that are on the minimum to the highest level.”

‘Insufficient authority, Insufficient resources, Insufficient energy, this command cannot be executed.’ 

“Hey? Can’t you even do that? What can you do?”

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    They aren’t names but rather terms for a Mr. Perfect and Ms. Perfect, just a note for you.

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