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S.S Chapter 20 Has Gone Through The Fate of The Poor


“Don’t be so formal!”

Li Yu smiled and looked at everyone, nodded his head, and said: “If you want to start going through the path of the martial arts, you must be reincarnated. Just now, you are burning vitality to stimulate the body’s potential by destroying your body.”

“Great Immortal, but we look like this …”

A girl looked at Li Yu. It was clear that she was more concerned with her appearance than anything else.

“No need to worry.”

Li Yu smiled, looked at the girl, and held her hand, “Even though it burns your skin, and makes you look old. But your vitality does not disappear!”

Li Yu pointed at the sky, and his fingertips lighted slightly.

“Spring rain, deadwood, and springs.”

Li Yu’s mouth cast a spell, with one shot of light, the beam turned into silk and light rain, showered on everyone.

This light rain, like a barren, dry soil soaked with rain filled with vitality

Calming and refreshing.

Everyone felt the calmness that couldn’t be described. Some women even made an embarrassing noise.

As if time was reversed, white hair became black, skin wrinkles became smooth, cloudy eyes became clear, and their teeth grow back.

Everyone’s appearance gradually changed from elderly to middle age, from middle age to adulthood, from adulthood to … teenager.

When Li Yu saw their the changes, Li Yu quickly stopped his fingertips, “Only with a little vitality from the blood of the Sacred Crocodile, it can even rejuvenate them.”

Although somewhat unexpected, and the results were perfect.

“Everyone, are you satisfied?”

Li Yu was fully in control, he smiled and nodded to everyone.

“Ah! I … I …”

“I’m really getting young again!”

“Oh, look at my skin, I’m really young!”

“Oh good!”

With this extraordinary time reversal, everyone was surprised and happy. Especially the women, who don’t want to be younger and more beautiful?

“Praise Great Immortal!”

“Praise Great Immortal!”

Everyone was very happy and prostrating in front of Li Yu.

Li Yu let out a gentle power and raised their head,

Of course, this was nothing for Li Yu. Everyone immediately returned to their original age, before the vitality effects of the Sacred Crocodile’s blood wore off.

Yes, everyone has changed back to their original appearance, and even Liu Yunzhi has also returned to original youth.

Because of Li Yu’s generous nature, the current problem was solved.

Li Yu played the role of the Great Immortal. With this identity, could he be fair to everyone? Of course, Li Yu even returned Liu Yunzhi to his teenager appearance.

At least there are no other problems.

“Oh, you can never be a good person!”

Li Yu’s eyes stared at Liu Yunzhi accidentally, and he snickered in his heart, “You dare say I’m a demon! I will seal your memories, and all your past memories are now inaccessible.

Li Yu’s entire body did not move, just …

“Did you say that the path I choose sucks, I might as well relief you from every burden by taking your reason. So, you can relax!!”

A gentle smile appeared on his face, but Li Yu laughed.

Parts of Liu Yunzhi’s body had returned to his youth, but some of his memories had been lost.


Seeing that everyone was still eager to see their respective changes, Li Yu said with a smile: “The world is like a cloud, where there is a meeting there must be farewell.”

“Ah? Great Immortal, are you leaving?”

“We …”

“Great Immortal, what should we do in a place like this? You can’t leave us!”

When everyone heard Li Yu’s words, they suddenly became shocked and quickly begged.

“Zhou Yi … you …”

Zhou Yi was also shocked. He naturally did not want Li Yu to leave. He was not a cultivator yet. Li Yu was an important figure for Zhou Yi.

“You just wait here.”

Li Yu smiled and waved his hand and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Great Immortal …”

Seeing Li Yu left, Zhou Yi was frustrated, “In the end, this power is still not enough! I was very lucky to stay around Great Immortal, too bad he leaves!”

Time has passed, and it’s been a long time.

The opportunity that Li Yu mentioned had not appeared yet, and everyone was helpless.

“Ah! Look! Look over there!”

Zhou Yi was shocked, suddenly he heard someone shouting, and quickly turned around.

On the horizon, colorful lights like a rainbow.

What surprised Zhou Yi was that there was a figure in the light.

“God … Immortal”

“Another Immortal?”

“Great Immortal said that we have another opportunity. Is this our opportunity?”

“Yes! That’s right! This must be one!”

Seeing the light passing through them, everyone’s eyes were stunned to see the sparkle of light.

“Immortal! Immortal! We are here!”

“Immortal! We are here!”

Everyone cheered and jumped, waved, and shouted.

The figure shrouded in the light seemed to hear everyone’s screams, the color of the light changed and approached Zhou Yi and friends.

In the blink of an eye, a ray of light shot and descended into everyone.

A young woman about eighteen or nineteen ages appeared.

Light blue dress with a fluttering ribbon. Her face was like a beautiful and charismatic goddess.

“Wow! Fairy! Fairy!”


Seeing the beautiful girl, everyone was very surprised.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

The fairy glanced at everyone with a unique and strange appearance.

“We …”

When they heard the fairy’s words, everyone was nervous and didn’t know what to say.

“Ahem …!”

Zhou Yi cleared the throat and stepped forward. “We also don’t understand how we are already here. We are climbing an ancient mountain in our hometown. But, suddenly, we are here, and we don’t know how to return home?”

“Is that the problem?”

The fairy nodded and glanced at everyone, “Judge to your clothes, I think you’re from the East. Hey? All of you …”

The fairy’s face suddenly showed a surprise, “Can you use martial arts? If you judge your overflowing energy, it seems like you have the potential!”

Zhou Yi was shocked by what the fairy said.

“Can you guide me?”


When they heard the fairy, everyone was very happy.

The girl nodded with a smile on her face, “My name is Wei Wei, everyone welcomes to Perfect World.”

The girl said, waving colorful lights, and everyone rushing to the sky.

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