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S.S Chapter 21 Practice Your Skill and Upgrade


“Let’s go!”

Through the system connection, Li Yu saw the fairy that came with colorful lights, and nodded gently, “The fall of the Bronze Coffin will definitely surprise the cultivators. It is not surprising that this fairy named Wei Wei came so fast.”

“Zhou Yi will get the martial arts. With the system, he will definitely shine. And I don’t need to pay attention to him for a while.”

Li Yu smiled, “Forget that, I have to focus on myself.”

The light was lit from a distance.

Li Yu’s figure appeared on the mountain.

There was an ancient forbidden land occupied by Dynasty Yan with quiet mountain ranges.

“Alright, I’ll practice here!”

Li Yu turned and glanced at the mountain peak and found a cliff. With a slight movement, the sound of the sword was like a soft whistle and cut through the rock wall.


The Heavenly Lake Sword easily cut through the cliff, and debris fell.

Li Yu stretched out his hand, and the system immediately converted the broken stone into energy. In no time, a two-foot stone cave appeared in front of Li Yu.

“What is this?”

Li Yu was curious and walked into the cave. He glanced at the smooth, clean stone hole, Li Yu was amazed, “With this system, if I go back to the previous world, I can definitely make money easily by breaking cave!”

Li Yu’s energy essence has awakened.

“Alright, now I can focus to cultivate.”

Li Yu planted the Heavenly Lake Sword to ensure his safety. He sat in the cave and began to cultivate.

“Cultivating in this world is divided into five levels: Lun Hai, Dao Gong, Si Ji, Hua Long, and Sendai.”

Li Yu thought about the most effective way to maximize his cultivation

“Lun Hai can be considered the center of energy, Dao Gong is the focusing of energy at the midpoint of the chest, Si Ji is twelve streams of Qi, Hua Long is eight blood vessels like two-way pulses, and Sendai is the container of energy.”

“With this cultivation method, I can quickly process energy and purify it. The energy produced will be the same as reincarnation energy, that means … “

Thinking about this, Li Yu’s eyes brightened, and he quickly asked the system, “System, can I use the vitality of Sacred Crocodile’s blood to activated my cultivation?”


“Haha! That’s good!”

Li Yu was very excited and laughed, “A drop of Sacred Crocodile’s blood contains unlimited vitality and can activate the body’s energy. So, I can start to cultivate!!”

The bodhi leaf gave Li Yu an understanding of the basic elements and about his own cultivation.

“System, extract spiritual cultivation on the holy body and give me Lun Hai cultivation.”

Li Yu took out a bodhi leaf, pressed it on his forehead, and gave the system command.

An inexplicable message flowed into his mind, and Li Yu’s mind was agitated for a while.

There was a slight change in Li Yu’s body, his strength, and Li Yu absorbed all of Lun Hai’s cultivation method from beginning to end.


Bodhi’s leaves turned to ash, Li Yu opened his eyes and took a long breath.

Li Yu sat down and smiled, “I have redeemed this holy body, and thanks to its characteristics, I can cultivate easily!”

“System, take a drop of Sacred Crocodile’s blood, extract pure vitality in its blood, and gradually inject it into my body.”

Li Yu took a deep breath, adjusted his breathing, cleared his mind, and focused on the holy body.

The vitality of Sacred Crocodile’s blood was amazing, even with just a drop of Sacred Crocodile blood, Zhou Yi and friends could return to their original youth.

Vitality was slowly injected into Li Yu’s body, he felt his whole body swell up like a balloon that was about to burst.

Slowly his short hair grew, her skin reddened and sweated.

The method worked, the flow of energy in the body and vitality centered in the lower abdomen, flowing throughout the body.


Like the sound of large waves raging, Li Yu’s body radiated golden light illuminating the entire cave.

Li Yu’s mind was clear, unmoved, and continued to cultivate.

The rumbling sound became louder like a large tsunami. And the Sword Qi in front of LI Yu was distorted with this cultivation.

After a while, a mysterious light flashed from Li Yu’s stomach. Initially, it was only a small dot of light. Gradually, the mysterious dots of light became larger, like candlelight, like lamp lights, like night starlight, then like bright moonlight.

When the mysterious light reached its brightest moment, the enchanting light slowly began to fuse with Li Yu’s body.

After half an hour, all the rays were completely absorbed into Li Yu’s stomach. The shaking died down, and the whole cave went dark.

“Wow …”

Li Yu’s entire body was filled with vitality, his eyes dazzled, his body skin glittered like jade, and long black hair covered his shoulders.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Feeling the strength in his body, Li Yu felt extraordinary energy in his stomach. Li Yu was amazed and very happy.

“I have attained vitality from the blood of the Sacred Crocodile, plus the spiritual cultivation of the sacred body and the secret method of cultivation.”

Li Yu squeezed his fist.

“Although my basic element is still considered weak, it is only the beginning of the cultivation process and is far from perfect. But in terms of defense, it is very solid. My journey has just begun, no need to hurry!”

Li Yu stepped out of the cave, his long hair blowing in the wind.

“Even my hair is very long.”

Li Yu shook his head while smiling, redeemed a rubber band from the system, and tied his hair like a loose ponytail.

“I wonder what happened to Zhou Yi?”

Li Yu suddenly thought of Zhou Yi, and quickly connected the system to the “Highest Heavenly Book” and check on Zhou Yi’s situation.

“What? Why is that?”

Seeing Zhou Yi’s situation, Li Yu was angry, and the stone under his feet was broken.

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