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S.S Chapter 22 Zhou Yi’s Crisis


Zhou Yi was in a crisis.

After everyone was taken flying by a fairy from the mountain forest. It took more than an hour to arrive at a small town outside the mountain.

Some old man welcomed them and took them to a complex in the city.

“Wei Wei, is this city in danger?”

“There was a sudden change in energy in the Holy Land, and the cultivators there were shocked. Wei Wei, what did you find?”

Right after arriving in the lobby, some old man talked and asked with curiosity.

“There is noth…”

As soon as Wei Wei would answer, he was interrupted by old manrent’s said.

“Yeah? Those people … Look! Look! Those people …”

An old man looked at Zhou Yi and friends in horror.

“Why are they just ordinary humans? Why do they look weird … oops!”

The old man next to him interrupted nonchalantly, after looking at Zhou Yi and friends.

“Those people … those people …”

Some old men were interested in seeing Zhou Yi and the others because they saw something extraordinary in Zhou Yi and friends, and they were mesmerized.

“Their blood is like a rainbow with an extraordinary aura, and more importantly, their cultivation has been activated. They are all talented!”

“Ha ha ha ha! OK! OK! OK!”

“Wei Wei, you have to go to the Holy Land for cultivation. You have found so many good seeds. Good work!”

Some old man was very happy.


An old man stepped forward, glanced at everyone, and asked softly, “Where are you from?”

“Hello, sir. We …”

Zhou Yi stepped forward and answered the old man’s question, “Our hometown is very far. We were climbing an ancient mountain, but suddenly we are already here.”

“Mmm … I see.”

The old man nodded his head and twisted his beard.

“You with short hair. Your habits are similar to the habits of all people here. But judging from your clothes, I assume that you are from the Eastern Desert. This place is the Western Desert, which is hundreds of millions of miles away from the Eastern Desert.

“Can we all go back?”

Zhou Yi glanced at the old man and asked in amazement.

“The eastern desert and the western desert are separated by more than one hundred million miles? It takes decades to reach the Easter Desert, even if he is a cultivator. Whereas you, humans, will never arrive even if you spend your whole lifetime! Unless …”

He suddenly stopped and looked at everyone meaningfully, “Unless you can cultivate. After cultivating, this distance doesn’t matter.”


“Can we all cultivate?”

“Great! Great!”

“Please, great teacher, teach us to cultivate.”

Everyone understood the old man’s intentions and immediately begged to teach them about cultivation.

“Ha ha ha ha! OK! OK!”

The old man nodded, “Since you are good people, I will teach you cultivation.”

“Thank you, great teacher! Thank you, great teacher!”

Everyone was very happy and thanked the old man quickly.


Seeing this, some old men laughed with joy.

“Great teacher, I have something to report.”

At this moment, Liu Yunzhi showed himself and bowed to the prominent old man.

“Liu Yunzhi? What does he want to do?”

Zhou Yi’s eyes flickered, and his heart was slightly disturbed. “Is he …”

“Great teacher, before we arrived here, we went to the ancient temple, and at the ancient temple …”

After saying that, Liu Yunzhi turned to look at Zhou Yi with a cold smile on his face.

“Damn it!”

Hearing this, Zhou Yi’s face changed and understood what Liu Yunzhi was trying to do.

“Damn, you jerk Liu Yunzhi!”

Zhou Yi was angry and worried, gritted his teeth, and wanted to hit Liu Yunzhi. Liu Yunzhi’s mind was clear.


“Liu Yunzhi, you …”

Everyone saw this sight and looked away.

“Who told you to keep those treasures for yourself? Who took the treasure in the Great Thunder Temple? You’re in trouble now! All treasures must be handed over to the great teacher. “

“Liu Yunzhi, you …”

Li Xiaoman actually didn’t like this situation, she wanted to stop the two of them, but it was too late.

“Great master, we found treasure in the Great Thunder Temple.”

Liu Yunzhi looked at Zhou Yi, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, with a smile in his mouth, and pointed his finger towards Zhou Yi, “The treasure is in his hand. The reason why we are already here might be related to the treasures.”

Not only Liu Yunzhi mentioned the treasures, but also revealed the function of the treasures.

Some old men were interested in the treasures.

“The treasures that cross time and space? Are there such treasures?”

“How strong are those treasures? How valuable is it?”

“A treasure at that level, which was once dedicated to the Holy Land, will definitely be exchanged for a countless pill. I might be able to reach the cultivation level that I have been longing for.”

Thinking about this, some old men were excited.

“Hehe. Son, if you give me the treasure, I will definitely treat you very well. We might be able to cultivate in the Holy Land with those treasures. 

The leading man looked at Zhou Yi with a smile, his expression was light, but his eyes said otherwise.

“There it is! The Celestial Spirit is one of the Heavenly Six Nations of Yan, and its famous and holy place was located in the Western Desert. Once you enter the ancestral gate, your future will be bright!”

Another old man nodded and smiled at Zhou Yi.

“Boy, those treasures that cross time and space are of little use to you, even if you keep it, but it will be very useful if it is used in the Holy Land.”

“Boy, Do you mind if I turn those treasures into the ancestral gate?”

Some old man looked at Zhou Yi enthusiastically.

“Damn it! Where can I get the treasure?

Zhou Yi was sweating all over his body, and all the treasures in the Great Thunder Temple had been exchanged. Zhou Yi didn’t have anything to give, “Heavenly Spirit Book!”

“Eh? What? Do you mind?”

Seeing that Zhou Yi did not answer, the old man’s face suddenly changed.

The old man’s hand was raised to his waist with a slightly angry face.

“Damn, what should I do?”

Zhou Yi panicked, “Your Majesty, where have you been? I thought you don’t need it anymore!”

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