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S.S Chapter 23 How Dare You


“Ha ha ha ha! Good luck!”

At this time, there was laughter outside the hall. “I just heard that you found some seeds that are good for cultivation, and there are treasures too!”

“Haha … of course, those are something extraordinary!”

People laughed and walked into the hall.

“Yeah? Of course, good seeds!”

Everyone looked and nodded in praise. And an old man carrying a cauldron glanced at Zhou Yi and the others.

“Good, good!”

“Well … the six main gate guards have arrived, and it’s time for the six main gates of Dynasty Yan to open.”

The old man who was wearing a robe with a cauldron looked around and said to everyone in the hall, “These people are very talented, as for treasures, of course, everyone will get their own share.”

“But Elder Lingxu wants to keep it for himself! But we also have to ask you. Do you agree?”

Everything echoes.

“Damn it!”

The people in the hall were disappointed. But they could not do anything in front of their elders, even the cultivator already understood about that. So they prioritized the common interests.

“You can get some of this treasure, but …”

The old man said loudly, “we have to choose among all of you.”


“Aren’t we the native here? Everyone here wants that treasure! “

The old man wearing a robe shouted, “Don’t be in a hurry, we must see the treasure first.”

“Take the treasure first!”

After being reminded by the old man, everyone’s attention suddenly turned to the treasures.

“Master, the treasure you are looking for is in his hands.”

Seeing this situation, Liu Yunzhi quickly pointed at Zhou Yi. Zhou Yi’s current situation was very bad.

According to Liu Yunzhi, if Zhou Yi handed over the treasure to them, they might teach Liu Yunzhi about cultivation.

Now the guard of six main gates was competing for the treasures, if Zhou Yi gave it to one of them, surely the others will ask for their own share. And this incident would not end well.

“Are you the one who keeps it?”

The other five Elders looked at Zhou Yi closely.


Zhou Yi’s face was pale, even though he had a “Heavenly Spirit Book”, and had been reincarnated, he was still weak. The difference in strength seen between Zhou Yi and the cultivators was clear, and Zhou Yi could not do anything about it.

All treasures that Zhou Yi obtained from the Great Thunder Temple, had been exchanged for martial arts and some of the skills to fight the Sacred Crocodile. At this moment, Zhou Yi did not have the chance to survive.

“What should I do?”

Zhou Yi was panicked, and several people were confused.

“Boy, where is the treasure? Hurry and get it out!”

The robed old man shouted at Zhou Yi while wielding a spear.

“Boy, do you still want to hide it? Or do you prefer to die?”

An old man with dark skin pointed his thin finger at Zhou Yi with a sneer.

“Cut the small talk! Just kill him, wherever he hides the treasure, we will definitely find it!

An old man took out a long jagged sword and pointed it to Zhou Yi.

The long sword was filled with thick black smoke. The black smoke was filled with a human face’s scary voice like a wolf’s howl, and he shoved it to Zhou Yi’s face.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh …”

After seeing a gruesome sight, Li Xiaoman and the others’ faces turned pale, and they screamed.

“Are these all souls?”

Seeing the face of a human appearing on a long knife, Zhou Yi’s face was pale, he was still trembling before those terrifying souls.

“Hurry and take out those treasures!”

The long smoky knife was slowly lifted, and the old man’s killing aura was endless, and everyone around him feels that aura.

“I will count down from three, if you don’t want to give up the treasure, I will take your life!”

The old man raised a long knife, everyone’s screams continued to echo. The old man pointed to the face in black smoke and said, “I will turn your soul just like them!”

“Are you ready? I’ll start counting down!”

“Three …”

“Two …”

“What should I do? What should I do?”

Zhou Yi was sweating, and his face was pale.

“Your Majesty, have you forgotten the Great Immortal?”

In Zhou Yi’s mind, the Heavenly Spirit Book appeared in its original form and reminded Zhou Yi.

“Great Immortal? Isn’t he gone? Damn, why did I forget him? Great Immortal is so strong, even though he is at the edge of the world, he will be here in a flash! Haha, I have been saved!”

Zhou Yi found the savior of his soul, he quickly knelt down, and prayed in his heart: “Great Immortal, I beg you to save me from this situation!”

“What? On your knees?”

When the old man was going to count “one,” suddenly, Zhou Yi knelt on the ground, and the old man suddenly stopped.

“Boy, you turned out to be a sincere person. That old man is not a cruel person. Just by giving away those treasures your life will be spared, is it that difficult?”

The old man looked at Zhou Yi and said with a sneer.

“If death is your choice, why don’t you just take out those treasures? It’s better than dying.”

Zhou Yi knelt on the ground, straightened his upper body, raised his hands above his head, bowed to the ground, and shouted in his mouth, “Great Immortal help this Disciple!”

However, Li Yu was also having trouble at this time.

When Li Yu saw this, he was angry, but … Zhou Yi was too far away.

It took more than one hour to reach Zhou Yi.

“Damn! It will a long time to reach Zhou Yi. He still hasn’t given any benefit to me even after I put a lot of effort into him. He will be executed! But what’s the reason?”

Li Yu was very angry.

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