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S.S Chapter 24 The Great Immortal is Omnipotent


“System, take over Highest Heavenly Books.”

Li Yu’s face was so cold, he had to think of another way.

The magical power of this holy body could cross thousands of rivers and mountains, even crossing the world. But this required a lot of energy.

The thousands of energy that Li Yu has gathered in the system would slowly run out. Absolutely wasteful.

“This system created virtual projections. The Highest Heavenly Book was used as coordinates for energy transfer.”

Li Yu found the answer in an instant and gave a command to the system.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yi knelt down, worshiped with devotion, and shouted, “Great Immortal save this Disciple’s life!”

“Eh …”

Everyone in the hall laughed.

“Great Immortal? There’s no point in calling your ancestors!”

The sound of screams roared at the long smoky sword, and the old man frowned, “If you don’t give up the treasure, there is only a dead end for you!”

“Haha! How funny. Even if you have an ancestor, your ancestors can’t hear it. Why do you have to scream like this? Is your ancestor a great emperor who has great power?”

An old man next door looked at Zhou Yi with ridicule.

“Ha ha ha ha! Shout as you like! Shout to your ancestors! If he comes here, I will crush him like an insect.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone laughed loudly in the hall.

Suddenly the sound of the song.

“La … la … la … la … la … la … la … la … la …”

A long song resounded in the air, and between the purple sky, a boy in traditional clothing was floating in the middle of the crowd, and his whole body glowed blue.

The boy in traditional clothes hovers in the middle of the sky, and sunlight became dimmer.

“Welcome, Great Immortal.”

Zhou Yi’s tears flowed, crying, and screaming.

“Ah? This … this …”

Seeing such a scene, everyone was scared.

“Great Immortal?”

The old man silently hid the long knife in his hand, and suddenly his body trembled.

“How could there be such a Great Immortal?”

“Damn! This is a disaster.”

Everyone in the hall looked at each other in fear.

“Damn, why is this demon still doing this?”

Liu Yunzhi lowered his head, glanced at Zhou Yi silently, and clenched his fist in disgust, “You demon, why did you only pay attention to Zhou Yi? You never pay attention to me, not even one bit.”

But Li Yu ignored Liu Yunzhi’s words, he nodded at Zhou Yi, and then turned to the Elders, “I’m here.”

“Eh …”

The old man’s face was pale, and his body trembled.

Seeing this, the other Elders took a few steps back.

“My disciples have not cultivated properly, their bodies are still imperfect. What have you done to him?”

Li Yu pointed at Zhou Yi, and said: “Did he do something wrong to you? Did he fight when he was treated like a dog? It seems like he is not the one at fault.”

After saying that, Li Yu turned to Zhou Yi, and raised Zhou Yi’s head.

“Zhou Yi, do you want to fight for me?”


Zhou Yi was stunned, “Can I have this honor?”

Zhou Yi’s doubts disappeared. With the presence of the Great Immortal, what else was there to fear? The power of the Great Immortal was so extraordinary that it was very easy for him to win! Even if there was a dragon in front of Zhou Yi, he would fight that dragon.

“There is something I have to do, they have to pay for what they do. Go! “

Zhou Yi raised his head, “Yes, Great Immortal!”

Li Yu nodded his head.

Li Yu raised his hand, and a small purple light pointed at Zhou Yi’s forehead.

Zhou Yi was shocked, and the Heavenly Spirit Book in his mind was distorted with it.

“Your Majesty, the Great Immortal has blessed you,”


Great power surged through his body, and Zhou Yi was amazed. 

“Great Immortal, really do everything to me!”

At the same time, Zhou Yi was confronted by the elder disciples, and they were monks in the city.

“Come on!”

With a loud cry, Zhou Yi walked to the monks.

“Let’s fight!”

“Damn! don’t get ahead of yourself!”

“Ordinary people like you want to fight me? Even if your ancestor is strong, you will never be able to defeat me! Indeed, the power of your ancestors is very frightening. “

The monks were still silent and only sneered at Zhou Yi.

“Alright, if you don’t want to attack, I’ll attack first.”

Zhou Yi reached out his right hand and pulled out his sword.

“Shiuut …”

Zhou Yi wielded a sword of light with a glowing blue light pointing towards the sky.

“Ah! Damn it! Is that sword strong?”

Seeing this sword Qi, the faces of the monks changed, they spontaneously pulled their swords and attacked Zhou Yi, but Zhou Yi slashed the swords with Sword Qi.

“Trang …”

Zhou Yi slashed the swords with Sword Qi and destroyed their swords. The sword’s light gave off an intimidating aura with unparalleled sharpness.

“Trang! Trang! Trang! Trang!”

The sound of the sword did not let up. One by one, the sword broke, and no one could stop it.

“Akhhhhh …”

A monk shouted, spat out blood, and was cut straight by the sword.

“This … is very amazing?”

The monks coughed with blood, fell, and looked at Zhou Yi in horror. Then he saw Li Yu floating in the purple sky with his eyes as if he saw a ghost.

“I will wait for you to surrender.”

An ordinary person who could be strong in an instant. With this method, Zhou Yi could defeat the monks easily. The monks did not have a chance to win. All they could do face reality and surrender.

“Do you all believe me now?”

Zhou Yi nodded and deactivated Sword Qi.

When one of the monks was going to speak, Zhou Yi suddenly interrupted.

“You can do anything to me. But …”

Zhou Yi reached out and pointed at the old man who mocking Li Yu with an insect. “But you bad mouth Great Immortal, but in fact, you cannot do that to Great Immortal! His ancestors are different and not like your ancestors. As a Disciple, I cannot accept it.”

“Sret …”

Zhou Yi imbued his sword once again, which look like water and cut the old man’s head.

“Hehe! This boy, you amaze me!”

Li Yu nodded.

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