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S.S Chapter 25 Scaring When You Know His Name


“Spare our Elder life …”

Seeing Zhou Yi was about slash the old man’s head with his sword, the monks begged for mercy from Zhou Yi.

However … it was too late.

Sword Qi crushed the old man’s head, a drop of blood flowed from his forehead, and the old man fell to the ground.

“This …”

“He really killed Elder!”

Seeing the old man died before their eyes, the monks were terrified and glanced at Li Yu. And Li Yu didn’t seem to care.

“Who is the Great Immortal? He can turn an ordinary person into this powerful in an instant just by waving his hand! He is really scary!”

The monks were very afraid of Li Yu.

The disciples shouted, “Praise Great Immortal.”

“Praise the Great Immortal.”

“Praise the Great Immortal.”

But, the disciples stopped shouting when they saw Zhou Yi.

“Zhou Yi, he is …”

Seeing Zhou Yi killed the monk, Li Xiaoman and the others were terrified.

They lived in a society organized by law, killing was unacceptable. All the disciples looked at Zhou Yi with a little panic.

“Liu Yunzhi, we must resolve our problem.”

Zhou Yi turned around, his cold eyes glared at Liu Yunzhi,

“I …”

Liu Yunzhi’s face was pale, and he was frightened, “Zhou Yi! Zhou Yi! Do you want to kill me? I …”


Zhou Yi’s face was slightly angry.

“When you framed me just now, you wanted me to die, right? Did you ever think about your friends? All right, I’ll kill you!

Sword Qi was reactivated, because Sword Qi’s effect, Liu Yunzhi was shocked and fell to the ground.


His friends screamed, took a few steps back, looked at Zhou Yi in horror.

“Do you really want to kill me? I would rather die in the hands of other than by your hands.”

Zhou Yi coldly turned away from Liu Yunzhi and walked towards Li Yu and immediately bowed while saying, “Thanks to your help, I manage to survive, Great Immortal!”

“Very good!”

Li Yu nodded with a smile, and slightly waved his hand, a small light came out from Zhou Yi’s forehead and returned to Li Yu’s hand.

Zhou Yi’s body trembled slightly, and the Heavenly Spirit Book’s notice rang in his ears.

“Your Majesty, Great Immortal has restored your energy. You have lost too much energy from the battle earlier.”

Zhou Yi’s energy was restored, he was very grateful to Li Yu for lending him strength even for a moment.

“Your Majesty, the energy lent by Great immortal, is not the result of your cultivation, so it is not good to keep that energy in your body for too long.”

“Mmm … I understand.”

Zhou Yi took a deep breath.

“Alright! Alright!”

Seeing that Zhou Yi could adapt his body to Li Yu’s energy, Li Yu was a little proud of Zhou Yi.

“Great Immortal …”

At this moment, an old man who was led by Lingxu Dongtian stepped forward and bowed to Li Yu, “Great Immortal, we are truly sorry for what happened before. With all your kindness, can you forgive us?”

“Oh. Of course, but …”

Li Yu smiled and nodded at the old man, pointing his finger at Li Xiaoman and the others, “My disciples come here with a purpose, teach cultivation to those you deem fit and guide them to a bright future. Do you understand?”

“Ah … OK! OK! OK!”

The monks originally thought that Zhou Yi and the others had nothing to do with them. When they heard Li Yu’s words, they felt that this was their destiny.

“Great Immortal, can you teach us cultivation?”

Li Xiaoman looked at Li Yu with a hopeful expression.

“Ah! Right! Right! Right!”

“Great Immortal, please teach us to cultivate!”

Seeing Li Yu’s extraordinary ability to turn Zhou Yi into someone who could kill dozens of people. It could be concluded that Li Yu was a god. Of course, they wanted to become Li Yu’s disciple.

“Wait for a moment!”

Li Yu shook his head while smiling, then turned to look at Zhou Yi, “I am not actually here, my real body is still in Xinghai Lake, this is my projection, and I need time to go back here. Wait! I’ll return to you with my original body,”

Li Yu nodded with a smile, “Farewell.”

After bidding farewell, Li Yu was enveloped in golden light, then soared towards the sky, and Li Yu’s figure disappeared.

The monks were stunned when they heard what Li Yu said.

“That’s… Zhou Yi …”

One of the old men looked at Zhou Yi with an awkward look and slapped his own cheek “plak”. “Please forgive me for what I did earlier!”


The old man smiled, staring at Zhou Yi with jealous eyes.

“Well … Zhou Yi, we don’t know that you are that Great Immortal’s disciple. I’m sorry for offending you.”

Lingxu Dongtian also smiled and kept apologizing to Zhou Yi.

Obviously, it was all because of Li Yu!

“Never mind … I’m fine!”

Zhou Yi answered lightly, but deep down, he could not tolerate that old men’s insolence.

Zhou Yi was a disciple of Li Yu! Fighting him meant going against Great Immortal.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhou, for your generosity!”

The monks saluted Zhou Yi, respectfully, and politely.

“Zhou Yi, what the hell!”

When Ye Fan saw this scene, he was jealous of Zhou Yi.

Ye Fan was the one who met Li Yu first, but he scolded Li Yu for blocking his car on the highway. If only he didn’t scold Li Yu, maybe this opportunity would fall on Ye Fan.

“Why did the Great Immortal give Zhou Yi a special treatment? Even though I was the one who met him first!”

Li Xiaoman was also depressed because she also met Li Yu first just like Ye Fan.

“Zhou Yi, where did your ancestors come from? So please tell us.”

An old man asked Zhou Yi respectfully.

“May we know about the Great Immortal’s ancestor?”

Zhou Yi looked at the monks, “The highest god of morality, have you ever heard that name?”

“The highest god of morality!”

Hearing this name, the monks groaned, and sat on the ground, and sweated.

“We are very fortunate that we still alive by now.”

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