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S.S Chapter 26 Getting Started


TN: Zhou Yi now address Li Yu as Patriarch

“Turns out he is a god of high morality! He is the highest god in ancient mythical times!”

“I am very fortunate to meet the Patriarch? I’m such a fool for insulting his ancestor …”

The emotions of all the monks like fear, surprise, confusion, happiness, and all kinds of emotions mixed up.

After a while, the monks looked back at Zhou Yi.

“judging from your reaction, it looks like you know the Patriarch’s ancestors.”

An old man stood up and looked at Ye Fan, Li Xiaoman and the others, and he was shocked


Ye Fan nodded, and sighed silently in his heart, “Great Immortal is also a mythical figure in our world. When we first met, we didn’t know he was a Great Immortal. I even scolded him.”

Speaking of this, Ye Fan shook his head with a bitter smile, “We are fortunate to have a Great Immortal by our side, Even though Great Immortal does not pay attention to us. But, we are always saved by Great Immortals and can get here safely.”

“Yes! Yes!”

Li Xiaoman added loudly, “We met demons in the Great Thunder Temple. And that demon is …”

“Sacred Crocodile!”

The monks took a deep breath while listening to the extraordinary story.

“Yes! That Sacred Crocodile is truly extraordinary! His body is taller than a mountain, flying in the sky and covering the sky.”

Li Xiaoman looked down with an expression of fear, “Fortunately, Great Immortal appeared. Great Immortal still has compassion for giving the Sacred Crocodile the chance to repent, but the demon did not listen to him and insulted the Great Immortal. Great Immortal lost his temper. He made a large magic circle and struck the demon right in his head, and then he died.”

“Just like that, the demon is dead!”

Hearing this, the monks sweated.

Everyone was happy. Luckily, Li Yu was very kind to them, and he even leads them to a specific place where they could reincarnate.

“After the Great Immortal killed the Sacred Crocodile, he brought us here.”

Ye Fan went on to say: “We burned our vitality and awaken our potential, right where Wei Wei found us, and everyone became old. Then Great Immortal waved his hand and turned us young again.”

“Yes! Fate really works in a mysterious way!”

When the monks heard this, they looked at Li Xiaoman and the others in awe, “You are fortunate to have walked alongside the Great Immortal, and you also gain many benefits. It is truly a blessing that has been destined in your lives!”

“Yes! Your cultivation has been activated, your blood is like a rainbow filled with brightness! I am very envious of you.”

“Too bad … that’s still not enough.”

Li Xiaoman glanced at Zhou Yi silently and sighed regretfully.

“Eh …”

The monks looked at Zhou Yi, then looked at the others, and did not know what to say.

Everyone had their own fortune.

Compared to the others, Li Xiaoman and the others had better fortune, which, of course, was extraordinary. But of course, it was incomparable to Zhou Yi’s fortune.

Zhou Yi was already in the guidance of Li Yu, which was an unparalleled fortune.

“That’s… I’m lucky too! Very lucky!”                                                                 

Everyone was jealous of Zhou Yi.

“Well, you don’t need to be frustrated. Even though you are less fortunate than Zhou Yi. Once you enter the Mountains of the Forbidden Land, you can cultivate there. The heroes of the world need your strength. Why are you discouraged?”

“Yes! Yes! We are sure you can do that. With your strength, after entering the Mountain of the Forbidden Land, you will definitely become a fairy seed. We will help you with your cultivation.”

“Yes! Right! With your strength, you will get all kinds of benefits the Forbidden Land. I’m sure you will achieve great things in the future.”

The monks persuaded them to join.

If Li Yu did not come, would these monks treat Liu Xiaoman and the others like this?

But now it was different. The monks, Zhou Yi, and his friends, had a common interest which was Li Yu, although the relationship was not profound.

The next step was to tinker with the Six Mountains and persuade Liu Xiaoman and others to join the Six Mountains.

Zhou Yi’s friends have their respective goals.

Then Zhou Yi’s friends parted ways with each other, and they followed the elders of respective Mountains to cultivate.

In the end, only Zhou Yi was left in the hall.

“From earth to the Big Dipper, the journey was thrilling, and finally, everyone admired the Great Immortal, which was considered a success.”

Zhou Yi stepped in.

“Considering my relationship with the Great Immortal, I really am a chosen one. With the help of the Great Immortal, my future is secured.”

Zhou Yi looked at the starry sky that was completely different from the earth, and took a deep breath, “Oh, Big Dipper! The world of cultivators. Show me more beautiful things!

A ray of light shot through the air and fell into the courtyard in an instant.

Li Yu’s figure floated in front of Zhou Yi.

“Disciple Zhou Yi.”

Seeing Li Yu’s appearance, Zhou Yi quickly bowed in front of Li Yu.

“Raise your head!”

Li Yu waved his hand with a smile.

“Patriarch, I want to practice, please teach me cultivation!”

After standing back up, Zhou Yi looked at Li Yu anxiously. There were definitely many benefits to be gained from Li Yu! Pills, magic art, and Zhou Yi could get it all.

“Haha! Don’t worry!”

Li Yu did not know what Zhou Yi was thinking about, but Li Yu was a system supplier, posing as Grandpa and helping Zhou Yi. Obviously, this was the goal of Li Yu all along!!

Li Yu’s goal was to get clients and get resources and benefits from customers in the future. Therefore, to gain more benefits, he must help his client.

“Zhou Yi, do you want to be emperor?”

Li Yu glanced at Zhou Yi with a smile, “The majesty of the world, life without defeat, and the peak of the world. Do you want to take the emperor’s path? Do you want to reach the peak of this world?”

“Yes, Patriarch! Of course, I want it!”

Zhou Yi answered without hesitation. The Highest Heavenly Book gave the quest of “The Path to the Emperor”, and he had to compete for the position of the emperor. Zhou Yi answered very firmly.

“Then I have to work hard!”

Li Yu laughed, in his heart, he said, “Boy, to compete for the emperor’s position, you have to grow stronger any way you can, you have to keep moving forward, and then the benefits you will get.

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