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S.S Chapter 27 Finding a Place to Cultivate


“Patriarch, I will definitely work hard.”

Zhou Yi answered seriously with his fist.

“Hmm! Alright.”

Li Yu nodded in appreciation. “The emperor’s path is thorny. This is the path to conquest. If you want to follow this path. Start by defeating the Six Mountain.


Zhou Yi was very enthusiastic.

‘Main mission “The Path to Emperor’s Way” is unlocked. Defeat the Six Mountains in six months.’

The voice of the Heavenly Spirit Book was heard in Zhou Yi’s mind.


Zhou Yi was shocked, “It means, I have to defeat one of Mountains in a months? I …”

Zhou Yi did not even know about the Six Mountains. Could Zhou Yi defeat the Six Mountains in six months?

Zhou Yi glanced at Li Yu. With Li Yu next to Zhou Yi, nothing was impossible.

“Patriarch …”

Zhou Yi looked at Li Yu excitedly.


Li Yu nodded, “It’s time for you to start cultivating.”

“Yes, Patriarch, please teach me to cultivate!”

Zhou Yi was very excited and quickly bowed.

“I will teach you the cultivation of “classic scriptures” or “Void Silk”. This is the cultivation that I have achieved for decades. You can also learn this anywhere.”

“Thank you, Patriarch!”

Zhou Yi was very happy, whether it was classic scriptures or Void Silk, this was the most valuable treasure!

“Uh … Void Silk …”

Zhou Yi suddenly thought when Li Yu said about the great emperor, this emperor … did this have anything to do with the Void Silk?

“Yes. The Silk Void is the Dao that my ancestors cultivated.”

Li Yu smiled and nodded, “The Ji Family also uses this cultivation. Void Silk is a method of cultivating their family’s secret for generations. Once you learn it, you will gain the benefit from that cultivation.”

“Do you know the Ji Family?”

Zhou Yi was speechless.

“Yes! In my world, the Ji Family is very famous and is usually called an invincible family, no one knows where they live.”

Li Yu looked at Zhou Yi with a smile, “By the way, if you learn this cultivation, you will automatically become a branch of the Ji Family.”


Zhou Yi nodded, “Patriarch, which cultivation do you think I can master?”

“Do you want to achieve greatness?”

Li Yu did not directly answer Zhou Yi’s question but instead asked him.


Zhou Yi nodded earnestly.

“Therefore, it isn’t impossible for you to do any cultivation.”

Li Yu looked at Zhou Yi.

“Ah? Why?” Zhou Yi froze.

“The Immortal Silk is my Dao, the Void Silk is the Dao of my ancestors, and Everyone has their own Dao. To prove that you deserve to be an emperor, you must find your own Dao.

Li Yu looked at Zhou Yi with a smile, “It’s not easy to be emperor.”

“So … what should I learn?”

Zhou Yi was really confused. He didn’t know what to do.

“Of course, you have to learn everything!”

Li Yu laughed, “Learn their knowledge, but there is no need to imitate their Dao. Look for your one and only Dao.”

“Thank you for teaching!”

Zhou Yi was excited.

Zhou Yi raised his head and clenched his fist tightly.

“Hahaha! Alright!”

Seeing Zhou Yi’s expression, Li Yu nodded. Of course, Zhou Yi had to take the opportunity. If he didn’t take that opportunity, how could he gain a benefit?

“Your first training is Lun Hai method.”

Li Yu smiled, stretched a finger, and pointed at Zhou Yi’s forehead, “The World Dao is the most powerful method. I will help you find your Dao with the first method!”

A lot of information entered Zhou Yi’s mind, Heavenly Spirit Book’s was heard in Zhou Yi’s mind.

“Your Majesty, Great Immortal, gives you a Dao in the Highest Heavenly Book, and you can read it at any time.”

“Very good.”

Zhou Yi nodded and then bowed to Li Yu, “Thank you for your help, Patriarch.”

“Because I accepted you as my disciple, I will teach you cultivation.”

Li Yu waved his hand. Li Yu even used some energy to trade with Dao scrolls, but as an ancestor, he should be able to benefit his disciple.

“I’ll show you a practice site.”

Li Yu glanced around in the courtyard, shook his head, waved the light, carried Zhou Yi, and soared to the sky.

Light crossed the air and passed all kinds of places.

There were many practice sites that Li Yu could choose from Big Dipper.

Then, Li Yu and Zhou Yi descended on the mountain.

The cloud at the peak of the mountain was white and smoky.

“Patriarch, is this the place?”

After Zhou Yi stood still, he turned and looked around, and asked Li Yu.

“Of course not.”

Li Yu shook his head and waved his aura of Qi, blowing a thick cloud around him.

The fog disappeared, the vast and majestic world was revealed.

Ancient trees towered above the mountain peak.

Birds flew in the sky, there were waterfalls, and springs on the cliff.

“This place is very beautiful, Patriarch!”

Seeing such a scene, Zhou Yi was very impressed.

“Beautiful mountain views!”

Li Yu smiled and waved his hand, “Let’s go!”

Li Yu carried Zhou Yi, and once soared again to the sky. Li Yu’s aura Qi emitted light like a rainbow with golden birds hovering nearby.

After a while, a large volcano appeared before them.

Watching from a distance, flames soared into the sky. Even though it was very far away, they could hear the faint sound of the crater that seemed to boil.

Under the volcano was a row of ruins of ancient buildings.

Although most of this building was damaged and collapsed, there was one magnificent place.

“We have arrived.”

Li Yu descended into the hall that towered over the ruins.

“This volcano is the tomb of the emperor. You will be able to cultivate more efficient in this place.”

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