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S.S Chapter 28 This Place is Good


“Patriarch, what is this place?”

Zhou Yi saw a large building that stretched thousands of miles in front of him and asked Li Yu in surprise.

“This is the demon capital.”

Li Yu looked up and nodded slightly, “Even though it has been abandoned for years. But this place is good for cultivation. There is a lot of energy here, and there are many elixirs everywhere, especially there are many beasts. You will be able to cultivate it easier here. “

“It’s all up to Patriarch.”

Zhou Yi did not know about the beasts, after hearing Li Yu’s words, he could not ask anymore, and he could not wait to cultivate as soon as possible.

“Roar …”

A loud roar was heard.

A giant beast emerged from the rubble and approached Li Yu. They heard thunder-like footsteps, and the ground shook violently.


The beast was a dozen feet high, with a lion’s head and a bull’s body, covered with blue scales and sharp fangs like spears.

“Ahhhhh …”

When Zhou Yi saw this situation, he suddenly shouted and took a few steps back. Spontaneously, Zhou Yi was silent, with Patriarch beside him, what was he afraid of?

Zhou Yi stopped, his face turned red, and he felt very ashamed.

“Sinister Beast!”

Li Yu shouted, raised his hand, and Sword Qi soared into the sky. Then he stabbed the mouth of the beast and pierced through his brain.

“Slep …”

The beast fell to the ground silently.

“Patriarch, I …”

Zhou Yi was very embarrassed by his cowardly movements. He walked in front of Li Yu and bowed his head in shame.

“Oh. By the way.”

Li Yu smiled comfortingly at him, “Strength comes from faith. You haven’t truly cultivated, and lack of trust is human nature, so no need to be ashamed.”

Li Yu’s finger pointed at the mountains around him. He said, “There are many beasts in that place. You will get used to it here. If you kill many beasts, you will not be afraid anymore.”


Zhou Yi answered respectfully.

“Someone who has been watching us the entire time, isn’t it about time for you to show yourself?”

Li Yu looked behind the hall with a smile in his mouth and nodded gently.


Zhou Yi was shocked, and quickly followed Li Yu’s gaze, but he found nothing.

Li Yu smiled and shook his head, “Of course you won’t see him, it’s not human, it’s the only demon.”

“Demon … demon? Is there a demon?”

Zhou Yi looked up in surprise and looked around, it seemed like he was interested in this demon.


Behind the main hall, a large figure, two meters high, snorted, jumped from behind.

“Human, this is the Demon place.”

The demon looked at Li Yu and the two horns on his head faintly blazing with electric light, and there was an aura of light on his black armor.

“What did you come here for? Do you want to start a war with us?”

The muscular demon grabbed a hammer with a thick nail appearing in his hand, and a five-inch long nail covered with dark red blood.

“Oh. Of course not.”

Li Yu smiled and shook his head, “I’m not a fool. I’m not here to fight with you, but …”

“But what?”

The strong man heard that Li Yu was not here to start a war, his expression seemed to be slightly lighter, and the mace in his hand was dropped slightly.

“That …”

Li Yu reached out, drew a circle around, and smiled: “This place is great.”


The demon seemed to be provoked by Li Yu’s words, and angry, slammed the hammer into the ground.

“Do not pretend.”

Li Yu chuckled on his lips and smiled, “Your legs are trembling, but what are you holding? Are you forced to come out as bait to distract me, and while your friend attacks me from behind.”


The hammer in the demon’s hand fell to the ground, his legs trembling softly, “You … did you find him?”

“No, not yet.”

Li Yu shook his head and looked up and shouted, “Come out!”

His voice was like a loud bell, shaking the wild. Invisible waves swept across the ruins.

“Ah! I found it!”

“Damn! I told you this won’t work!”

The demon was frustrated because Li Yu saw through their plan.       

“A sudden attack can’t affect me, what will you do?”

When Lu Yu said that, a strange figure appeared from the rubble.

A young girl with a pair of wings in her hand, a sharp bird’s beak on her lips, and a claw on her feet, followed by several strange figures and a dozen demons

“Human, how dare you to step into our world, you only have one way to go.”

Punk with a height of more than three meters shouted with an axe in his hand.

“Just kill him.”

The demon with a horn on his head and a giant snake with poison fangs said that.

“Hey … hey …! I haven’t eaten human meat in a long time!”

The stupid-looking demon over two meters tall and covered with black hair, like a black bear, smiled and opened his mouth.

“Go! Kill him! Kill him!”

“Roooooaaaaaarrrrrrrr …”

A dozen demons behind them roared together.

“Zhou Yi, won’t you follow the path of the great emperor?”

Li Yu ignored the evil demon’s raving and turned his head towards Zhou Yi and said, “Now I will teach you how to go on the emperor’s path!”

Li Yu looked at all the demons, his eyes cold with a killing aura, “Go! Or die!”


“You want to find death!”

“Tear him up!”

“Bite him! Eat him!”

When all the demons heard Li Yu’s words, they were furious, growling with their killing aura.

“It’s only chicken and dogs!”

Li Yu took out the sword.

“Sreet …”

Sword Qi soared into the sky through the clouds.

Sword Qi rustled in the sky, with light shining all over the hall. And Li Yu began to act.

“Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!”

Cutting the ruins of buildings, cutting all types of weapons, cutting all demons, and it even cut through the air itself.

“Boom …”

The damaged building collapsed.


The broken weapon fell to the ground.


The body of the monster fell to the ground.

“Patriarch! You are amazing!”

Zhou Yi shouted with joy.

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