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S.S Chapter 29 Be A Good Teacher


“The emperor’s path is not easy.”

Li Yu smiled slightly at Zhou Yi, walked over to the demon’s body, and absorbed it.

Turning his head to look at Zhou Yi, Li Yu said, “The world emperors can rule the world with their power. If you want to conquer the world, you must conquer the world with your own power.”

Li Yu pointed his finger at the rubble in front of him,

“This is the Demon Emperor’s capital where the demons live, this is your opportunity to prove that you are worthy of being the emperor. The emperor’s path is not easy.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Zhou Yi bowed.

“Are you sure?”

Li Yu smiled, and he nodded, “Then you can start your cultivation. I have given you a Dao in the Highest Heavenly Book, and you know how to use that system. I will give you two demon corpses.”

With Li Yu’s hand waving, the two demons were pulled from the heap of demon corpses to Zhou Yi and said, “Start with this, focus your mind and activate your cultivation. Absorbs the demon, and get your Dao.”


Zhou Yi nodded heavily.

“I will leave this place. If something happens, just call me.”

Li Yu added, “But, that doesn’t mean you can call me at any time, you have to be able to survive. If you are used to being protected by me, how can you achieve your goals?”


Zhou Yi nodded in agreement, then looked up and asked, “What about Patriarch?”

“I won’t be here for a while. At least you will stay here until you can defeat the Six Mountains.”

Li Yu smiled and continued what he said, “I can only teach you for six months. After six months, I’m really leaving. Your future will depend on you.”

“Patriarch …”

Zhou Yi didn’t know what to say and was speechless.

“You must work hard to achieve your goal! I’m looking forward to the day when you become emperor, and farewell!”

Li Yu smiled, a flash of light soared and disappeared into the sky.

“Your Majesty, the Great Immortal, has given you a piece of advice. The emperor must have the courage and unwavering confidence. If you continue to depend on the Great Immortal, I am afraid you will not achieve your goal. Your Majesty, the future depends on you.”

Heavenly Spirit Book reminded Zhou Yi.

“Yes! My future depends on me.”

Zhou Yi clenched his fist tightly, “Heavenly Spirit Book, absorb the demon corpses.”

An invisible wave absorbed two demon’s corpses, and they instantly disappeared.

“Your Majesty, two demon’s corpses have been absorbed. You can cultivate using the energy from those demons.”

“Okay. Extract the vitality of the demon’s body. I will start my cultivation.”

Zhou Yi sat cross-legged and ordered the Heavenly Spirit Book.

Li Yu nodded when he monitored Zhou Yi in his mind, “I’m still worried about this boy, he is too still far away from reaching his goal. He must be able to become strong gradually. Well, he must work hard.”

Li Yu left Zhou Yi in the Demon Emperor’s Capital, and he focused on his own cultivation.

“System, show the location of the remnant of the emperor’s soul and their descendants.”

The system showed the position instantly, and Li Yu went to the destination.

The purpose of this journey was to find the remnant of the emperor’s soul.

In the original book, Pang Bo has soul remnant to become the emperor, but he failed. Li Yu’s goal was to get the remnant soul.

For Li Yu, remnant souls were nothing, but after all, remnant souls were souls from the direct descendants of the great emperor who could be used to extract secret cultivation and combat experience, which were very useful for Li Yu.

After a while, Li Yu descended to the edge of the charred ground.

“Is it here?”

Li Yu frowned slightly. A terrible atmosphere surrounding Li Yu.

Li Yu discovered that this place was once a building. He did not know what kind of power could turn the building to ashes.

“Very strong.”

Seeing the damage, Li Yu was stunned.


Suddenly there was a big shock in the charred rubble. Something in the black smoke slammed the ground.

Li Yu’s body was shaken.

“What is that?”

Li Yu panicked and was a little surprised, “Oh! What happened?”

“Bang! Bang! bang …”

There was a black shadow inside black smoke.

“Ah? What’s this?”

One by one, the corpses of monsters fell from the sky and crashed into Li Yu’s body. But, Li Yu dodged the corpses by slashing them down.

“Sret! Sret! Sret!”

At this moment, two faint green rays came out from the black smoke, and directly entered Li Yu’s body.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time …”

Seeing the two green lights emanating from the black smoke entering Li Yu’s body, he quietly snickered and opened the system’s resource collection function.


After that, two green lights entered Li Yu’s body. Li Yu could not move his body.

“Ha ha ha ha! Turns out, this is a sacred body! Ha ha ha ha!”

A cheerful laugh was heard in Li Yu’s mind, “Boy, thank you for giving me a good body, I will grant you a quick death!”

“Umm … excuse me.”

Li Yu smiled, “You just entered my body. Didn’t it occur to you that you are already in my trap?”

“A Trap?”

There was a pause in Li Yu’s mind, and then laughed again, “Hahaha, trap you say? Have you gone crazy because soon this body will be mine?”

“Whatever you say!”

Li Yu smiled and gave commands to the system, “find that Soul Remnant.”

“Ahhhhhh …”

There was a scream in his mind, then it disappeared, and it was quiet all of a sudden.

“Soul remnant has been found.”                                               

“Direct absorption. Extracting cultivation, extracting spiritual insights, extracting combat experiences, and extracting energy.”

Li Yu smiled, “Sacred Body, Bodhi Leaf, and Heavenly Lake Sword. These are all world-class skills! By obtaining this soul remnant, I can cultivate without using energy.”

Staring at the sky, Li Yu smiled again.

“Next is the tomb of the demon emperor. Treasure of Emperor Qing and his heart! Hahaha!”

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