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S.S Chapter 3 Started So Soon


”Insufficient authority! Insufficient energy! Insufficient resources!” 

Seeing these three shortcomings, Li Yu shook his head helplessly. 

“I knew it… It won’t be that easy!.” 

In the System Shop, the resources were blank, the energy was only one hundred, and his authority was only level one. So, everything was just getting started. It’s still too early to lead a luxurious life. 

‘Quest starting! The main quest has been issued!’ 

‘Main Quest: Become an important figure in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, Make All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop know who you are.’ 

‘Initial quest: Make a System and sell it in All Heavens and Myriad Realms’

‘Time limit: One Year’

‘Quest Reward: Authority Upgrade.’ 

“Ah? There is a quest?” 

A series of quests popped up in his mind, and Li Yu shocked, “What does this All Heavens and Myriad Realms mean?” 

‘All Heavens and Myriad Realms are the destinations in which the user could sell the systems you created.’ 

‘Initial quest starting, asking the user to extract the initial quest destination.’ 


Li Yu was curious about this and said, “Extract! I want to see this All Heavens and Myriad Realms, what are these worlds!” 

“Destination extraction…” 

A roulette appeared, in the center of the wheel is a pointer, surrounded by countless fan-shaped lattices. 

“Shrouding the Heavens? Battle Through the Heavens? Renegade Immortal?” 

Seeing the text displayed in the fan-shaped grid, Li Yu was speechless and thought, “These are all places where I will sell systems?” 

“These worlds are very dangerous! And all the protagonists are a killer. Am I really selling systems to them? With my level of power as an ordinary person, can I survive after reaching the destination?”


The wheel was spinning rapidly. The speed was extremely fast that the entire wheel became blurred. 


Li Yu shook his head helplessly and shouted, “Anyway, let’s try my luck and choose one!” 

Just as his voice said “stop,” the wheel instantly stopped. The pointer of the roulette surprisingly pointed to… “What is this world? This world is just great!” 

Seeing the target pointed to by the pointer, Li Yu had a cold sweat on his forehead. 

A white light suddenly appeared, and an invisible power shrouded his whole body. Li Yu was shocked, “Is it starting already?”


The white light flashed up little by little, and Li Yu’s silhouette disappeared instantly. 


In front of him was a bustling modern city. 

He was welcomed with the colorful view of lanterns, the people in the streets looked like a weaving loom, the roads were busy, and the beautiful neon lights were so colorful. 

“Surprisingly, It’s a familiar view!” 

Li Yu stood on the road ahead and saw at the familiar scene in front of him. Listen to the noise around him and the whistling of the cars. His heart suddenly felt a little excited. It seemed that even the smog in the sky was not so annoying anymore. 


Li Yu sighed deeply, this world looked a lot like his original world, but in actuality, it was not the world he longed in his heart. 

“Di! Di! ” 

A car horn sounded loud, and a man’s voice followed closely behind. 

“Hey! Can’t you move already? What are you doing in the middle of the road? Are you crazy? Damn it!” 


Li Yu was stunned, only to find out that he was standing in the middle of the road and blocking the car behind. 

“Forget it. Ye Fan, don’t scold him. He’s just a child.” 

A woman calmed down her driver and then opened the window of the car, revealing a smile to Li Yu, “Young man, are you okay? It is dangerous to stand in the middle of the road like this. You better go home!” 

Li Yu looked like a teenager. This woman naturally regarded him as a student. 

“Huh? Sorry! Sorry!” 

When Li Yu came back to his senses, he immediately apologized to the people in the Mercedes Benz car and retreated to the side of the road to let the car resume its journey.

“Great, we just meet a crazy person!” 

The driver named Ye Fan snorted, and drove away.

Hearing this, Li Yu was so depressed. 

Looking at his own body clad in traditional clothing, Li Yu helpless sighed, “What the fuck! At least let me change the clothes first before starting the transmission!” 

“Hey? Wait! Ye Fan? Isn’t that person my target? The one who became the Heavenly Emperor?” 

Li Yu looked at the Mercedes-Benz car that was already gone. The corner of his mouth curved with a smile, “Wretched Ye, ah, wretched Ye, just so you know, because you yelled at me, you have missed the opportunity to be peerless.” 

Li Yu’s quest upon coming to this world was, of course, to sell a system. 

Originally, Li Yu thought about selling a system to Ye Fan so he could climb his way to become the Great Emperor. But at this moment, when he met with Ye Fan, Li Yu immediately dismissed his initial thought. 

“You can never be a good person! So, wretched Ye, the system is not yours.” 

Li Yu chuckled a few times and hurried away under the eyes of passers-by watching the person with a mental disorder. 

“According to the original plot, the current time should be when Ye Fan and his classmates are meeting, and then he sent his classmates to the hotel. That is to say, three days from the beginning of the real story.” 

As he walked, Li Yu thought about it. 

As for the passers-by who were casting him weird glances, Li Yu didn’t care. What happened to him wearing traditional clothing? Although it’s kind of retro, and it’s not common, but… 

“I was filming! I just haven’t changed costumes yet!” 

Well, Li Yu had to explain it after being approached by a few children. Fortunately, the children’s parents quickly took their kids away, and Li Yu got out of it. 

“Since I came to this world, it is only natural to become stronger as soon as possible. But the most important thing to do is manufacturing the system first.” 

Li Yu found a bench on the side of the road and opened the system work station, intending to create a system. 

“The first thing to do is to give the system an impressive name. Because an impressive name also includes an important part of the system.” 

“So… the system is named ‘Highest Heavenly Book.’ Since it is a Heavenly Book, the system shape should be a Purple Bamboo Book that is sparkling and translucent like jade.” 

With Li Yu’s order, the work station instantly visualized the appearance of a Purple Bamboo Book, sparkling and translucent like jade. The Purple Bamboo Book was engraved with the words ‘Highest Heavenly Book,’ the four mysterious and vigorous words a mysterious and quaint aura to appear. 

“Very good. Even the look alone is already very appealing.” 

Li Yu looked at this screen, nodded, “The next step is to add the System Function.” 

“There must be a quest. As a system creator, the existence of the quest is very important. However, this quest must also aid the Host’s ambition. So… Main Quest: Path of the Great Emperor.” 

On the Purple Bamboo Book, a bamboo slip illuminated, and the system quest began to enter. 

“Quest Explanation: The path of the Great Emperor begins with conquest. One will make a fortune. In the Path of the Great Emperor, there is no giving up. Only by stepping on countless corpses can you reach the peak of this world.” 

Li Yu slightly smiled. The Purple Bamboo Book was successfully registered as the Main Quest of Highest Heavenly Book. 

“The Main Quest has been registered, and as for the remaining quests, I can set it up casually whenever I want.” 

“The quest system is completed, and the next step is to set up the other features.”

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