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S.S Chapter 30 This Object Has a Destiny


Li Yu turned and soared into the sky.

After a while, Li Yu descended in front of the hall where Zhou Yi was practicing.

Li Yu stepped into the hall and saw Zhou Yi practicing. Zhou Yi’s energy flow seemed to change. Zhou Yi’s mind was calm, and his cultivation was automatically activated.

“That’s right. Cultivation will soon be activated.”

Li Yu nodded, found a seat, and began to see Zhou Yi’s cultivation.

Li Yu got the Remnant of The Emperor’s Soul, at least he had obtained what he wanted.

Even though the system could scan all the resources in this world, it still required energy to scan it. But, with soul remnant, he didn’t have to spend any energy.

“Cultivating spiritual insights and combat experiences are very useful.”

Li Yu nodded, turning his gaze to the demons that had been killed before.

This system could also extract skills, spiritual insights, and combat experiences within the demon. Although it was not useful for Li Yu, but the demon’s body could be converted into energy.

“With a sacred body, Heavenly Lake Sword, and some other treasures I obtain from Sacred Crocodile, surviving here for a year doesn’t seem like a problem.”

Li Yu looked at the crater and smiled, “If I can get the Qing Emperor’s heart, I will have nothing to worry about.”

“Boom …”

Rumbling sound was heard, and the ground shook.

Zhou Yi, who was sitting on the ground, and he seemed to be emitting a blinding light.

“Has Zhou Yi’s cultivation activated?”

Li Yu smiled admiringly and nodded.

“In the end, his cultivation is still weak. If he wants to become the emperor, he must extract a stronger demon.”

Li Yu smiled, “But with the cultivation of Void Silk, Zhou Yi can be considered a descendant of the Ji Family!”


Seeing Li Yu staying next to him, Zhou Yi was happy, and he said in his heart, “Is the Great Immortal still worrying about my safety?”

“Yeah. Your cultivation has been activated, Zhou Yi.”

Li Yu nodded at Zhou Yi, “If you want to cultivate further, you must have a strong body. Even though you already have a tough body, but you still have a weak body compared to world cultivators.”

“Patriarch! Please give me an advice.”

After hearing what Li Yu said, Zhou Yi quickly bowed to the ground and asked Li Yu for advice.

“Even if you are one of the emperor candidates, with this body, you will be easily injured. To build a strong body, of course, you need to start from your blood.”

Li Yu stood up and smiled at Zhou Yi, “Don’t be in such a hurry, you must focus on strengthening your body first.”

“I understand.”

Zhou Yi nodded seriously.

“All right. Keep going! I’ll walk around.”

Li Yu nodded, walked out of the hall, and went to the crater.

Emperor Qing’s Tomb was somewhere around this volcano, and LI Yu wanted to go there.

Li Yu descended into the crater, and in front of him, there was a fire that spouted, and hot magma was boiling in the crater.

“Scorching hot.”

Even with this sacred body, Li Yu could still feel the heat.

“Start gathering resources and collecting heat sources.”

An invisible black hole appeared around Li Yu, and the heat around him was absorbed into Li Yu’s body.


Li Yu nodded, walked to the crater, and approached the lava lake.

“Emperor Qing’s Tomb is buried in this hot lava. If I absorb the magma, can I find Emperor Qing’s Tomb?”

Li Yu thought for a while, and he really wanted to try.

“Even if that doesn’t work, I can still absorb magma and turn it into energy. Alright, I’ll give it a try!”

He pointed his hand towards the lava lake, and an invisible black hole emerged from the lava lake.


The entire lake of magma shook violently, forming a magma vortex, it was gradually absorbed by Li Yu.

“It worked.”

Seeing this situation, Li Yu laughed, “System converts accumulated magma into energy.”

Over time, the magma lake was gradually absorbed, and the energy in the system continued to surge.

Two thousand, three thousand, four thousand …

“Very good. Even if I don’t find Emperor Qing’s Tomb, I can still convert magma into energy.”

Seeing the increased energy in the system, Li Yu smiled.

“With energy, I can do anything!”

Li Yu flew on the surface of the lake of magma, saw the surface of the lake continued to recede and saw the magma absorbed, Li Yu was very happy.

“System, find the location of Emperor Qing’s Tomb, and speed up the collection of magma.”


The magma lake shook again, and the lake of magma receded rapidly. Slowly, a glowing hall was sighted.

This was a magnificent hall.

The entire hall was full of jade god five-colors. The entire hall was bright and full of brilliance, looking amazing.

Many ancient writings were engraved on the walls and foundations around the hall. The shape was simple, such as creepers, pictures of dragons, phoenixes, and turtles. Looked very mysterious.

“This is the Qing Emperor’s Tomb?”

Li Yu’s eyes shone, and he was very happy, “Ha ha ha ha, a place like this really exists!”

Li Yu descended to dried up magma lake and approached the front hall.


A dazzling brilliance, huge energy emanating from the hall, like a tsunami landslide.

“Here I come!”

Li Yu was so horrified that he used the power of the Sacred Crocodile’s armor.


Li Yu opened the hall’s gate.

“I can’t believe this!”

Li Yu gritted his teeth while wearing golden armor, even though the size was not right, but for the sake of his own safety, he could bear with it for a while.

“Swuut …”

The Sword Qi on the Heavenly Lake Sword was distorted.

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