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S.S Chapter 31 Packed And Taken Off



A big shock occurred, and the ground shook.

Even the crater walls were destroyed. Fortunately, Li Yu already absorbed the magma. Otherwise, the magma would overflow and scorch the ruins of the surrounding buildings.

“Phew! I’m lucky.”

Li Yu sighed. The powerful explosion was caused by the energy collision between Li Yu’s energy and Emperor Qing’s Tomb energy.

“System, scan where energy is coming from.”

Li Yu scanned the Qing Emperor’s Tomb with the magma energy, which he absorbed.

“Energy comes from the seal array.”


Li Yu was stunned for a moment, and he suddenly remembered about the Qing Emperor’s Tomb. This tomb would not appear until several months later if the energy were used up.

Li Yu was depressed when he knew that this tomb was sealed.

Even after all these years, the soul remnant’s energy could rival the sacred-level energy. What kind of cultivation must people have at that time to seal this Tomb!

Luckily, after this energy explosion, the seal was broken.

Li Yu took off his golden armor and stared into the hall. The entire hall was decorated with colorful jade.

Before entering the hall, Li Yu had other ideas.

“System, scan the entire hall.”

This was Li Yu’s plan.

Li Yu was worried about this building. So if something happened, he would immediately go out. What’s more, Li Yu didn’t want to waste energy!

“The number of items scanned exceeds the host’s authority.”


Li Yu was speechless.

“Huh? Wait a minute. The system only says that it has exceeded its authority, but the system does not say that it cannot be obtained. So …”

Li Yu’s eyes glowed, “System, how much energy require to absorb the entire hall?”

‘Around 500 energy. Are you going to use energy to absorb the entire hall?’

“Of course!”

Li Yu obtained up to 5000 energy from magma. With only 500 energy points, he could absorb the entire contents of the hall. Li Yu did not want to waste this opportunity.

Invisible waves swept through the entire hall, and within a few moments, the whole hall was absorbed.

“What a haul! Ha ha ha ha!”

Seeing the colorful jade in the system resource library, Li Yu was excited.

Emperor Qing’s treasure! Heart of the Demon Emperor! There were lots of sacred weapons! Dao Silk scrolls, Fragment Xianding, everything was in the form of scrolls!

Li Yu’s figure rushed out of the crater and descended into the main hall where Zhou Yi was practicing.

“Great Immortal, you’re back.”

Seeing Li Yu had returned, Zhou Yi quickly stepped forward to pay his respects.


Li Yu nodded and looked at Zhou Yi and found that his body was full of blood, and there was a faint flush of light appearing.

“Are you purifying the blood with the Highest Heavenly Book? Well, the blood has improved a lot, but it’s not God’s blood.”

“Great Immortal’s advice is very helpful.”

Zhou Yi replied with a smile, “I simply exchanged energy from the demon corpse to improve my blood quality.”

Li Yu smiled, “Therefore, I will help you.”

Li Yu was in a good mood. Seeing Zhou Yi was still a bit inadequate.

Li Yu waved his hand and sending a faint light toward Zhou Yi, that was actually Li Yu switching Zhou Yi’s current body with the sacred body from the system.

The aura of light emanating from Zhou Yi’s body and his body gradually changed.

“Your Majesty, the Great Immortal has given you a sacred body. The exchange will begin, Brace yourself!”

“Ah …”

The flow of heat like magma flowed into Zhou Yi’s body instantly, Zhou Yi’s body was destroyed and gradually reshaped.

Zhou Yi could not help but cry out due to extreme pain.

“Haha! I also felt tremendous pain at that time, and now you can feel it too.”

Seeing Zhou Yi screaming in pain and rolling on the ground, Li Yu laughed silently.

After a while, the exchange was complete.

Zhou Yi turned and stood up, looked at his body, and he was stunned, “Is this a sacred body?”

“With this sacred body, I can cultivate to a further level.”

Li Yu looked at Zhou Yi, nodded with a smile, but shook his head quietly, even though the sacred body was extraordinary, but it had side effects.

“Thank you, Great Immortal! Thank you, Great Immortal!”

Zhou Yi was very grateful to Li Yu.

“Yeah. Now that I have a sacred body and cultivation has been activated, I can continue to cultivate.”

Li Yu nodded and reached out, a dagger about one foot appeared in his hand.

It was one of the weapons in the Qing Emperor’s Tomb.

Li Yu said while giving the dagger to Zhou Yi, “Now that you have a strong body. The next step is to combat practice and hone your skills. Mountains and forests are places for you to cultivate.”


Zhou Yi took the dagger and kept it, then turned to leave Li Yu.

Looking at the back of Zhou Yi, Li Yu smiled, “A sacred body and a treasure is a gift from me, the rest depends on your determination.”

Looking around the hall, Li Yu frowned. The entire hall was damaged and covered with dust.

“What a mess this place is.”

Li Yu waved his hand and cleaned the hall with a system. The entire hall was immediately cleaned and neat.

“This is much better.”

After taking a mattress from the treasure he got in Emperor Qing’s tomb, Li Yu sat down and began to inspect the treasures of the Emperor’s Tomb.

“System, move all items in Emperor Qing’s Tomb to the resource library.”

Li Yu gave orders, and the system immediately stored all types of items in the resource library.

“Lots of items.”

Seeing all types of items in the resource library instantly, Li Yu was surprised.

“Emperor Qing was descendant from another emperor. Although they did not keep all of his treasures in the Emperor Qing’s Tomb, this amount is still surprising.”

“I will be rich! Haha! Finally, after coming to this world, I become rich!”

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