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S.S Chapter 32 The Rich Life Is Not Far Away


“Is this the Green Lotus that belong to the Emperor?”

In the resource library, Li Yu saw a green lotus, pink lotus, green lotus leaf, and a straight and slightly soft green stem. Li Yu was pleased.

“It’s like a freshly picked lotus! I can’t sense any spiritual power from this lotus, Is this really from Emperor Qing’s treasure?”

Li Yu sighed.

Turning his gaze away from the Green Lotus, Li Yu looked at the heart in the resource library.

“The Demon Emperor’s Heart.”

Li Yu was surprised to see this treasure.

“This vitality, strength, and energy are far stronger than the body of Sacred Crocodile!”

Li Yu laughed, with the Demon Emperor’s Heart, he could use the demon’s energy to cultivate without consuming system energy.

Another treasure was the Xianding Fragment. This treasure was also extraordinary, but it was not very useful for Li Yu.

Li Yu ignored some treasures that he deemed useless.

“The rests are secret weapons and debris at the Emperor Qing’s Tomb.”

There were many treasures, all kinds of weapons, and debris in the Emperor Qing’s Tomb. All types of clothing woven by Snow Silk and various items made of jade.

“Well, at least these things are made of extraordinary material. They might be useful in the future.”

Li Yu shook his head.

“There are lots of weapons.”

Seeing many weapons in the resource library, Li Yu was amazed.

“There are more than a dozen sacred weapons that have been used by sacred cultivators. But these are of no use to me!” Li Yu smiled.

Li Yu immediately ignored dozens of sacred weapons, but he was surprised when he saw a particular sacred weapon.

It was a small one-inch bronze bell, with blue silk thread tied to it. Li Yu was surprised when the system immediately said the name.

‘Soul Bell.’

Li Yu frowned, according to memories of his previous life, this treasure was a magical weapon in a mythical story. Li Yu was relieved.

“This treasure is not only flashy but also strong and portable.”

Li Yu pulled out Soul Bell, tied silk thread to his belt to hung it up.

“The weapon that influence one’s mind, and it is also a sacred-level weapon. With this treasure, my safety is guaranteed.”

Li Yu reached out and touched the soul bell. He smiled happily.

“Eh? Wait a minute. I always increase my offensive power but ignore my defensive power! If someone ambushes me, I will definitely die.

Li Yu quickly looked for defensive treasures in the resource library, but Emperor Qing’s treasures were offensive treasures, and there was no treasure for defense.

Li Yu frowned.

“System, can the golden armor of Sacred Crocodile be modified?”

The only thing Li Yu could do was modify the golden armor that was at the sacred-level because this armor was too big for Li Yu to wear.

“That is possible, but it requires energy.”

Hearing that armor could be modified, Li Yu was happy. But soon, he frowned again.

Li Yu was a Great Immortal! Even if the armor was modified to fit. Was it not strange to see the Great Immortal wearing armor?

“Can you turn it into a robe instead?”

Li Yu did not hesitate to ask, but the answer given by the system surprised him.



Li Yu didn’t expect it to be possible at all. But the system really surprised Li Yu.

“Judging from my figure, I will turn the armor into an ancient robe like the one I get from the Emperor Qing’s Tomb, as for the color, I’ll pick white … I have always wanted to wear a robe as white as snow while holding a sword as cold as ice. This has been my dream when I master martial art!”

The system completed the exchange in an instant, with over 800 energy consumption.

“Wow, That’s a lot of energy.”

Li Yu took the newly modified sacred robe and looked at the smooth and supple silk thread. Li Yu won’t realize this robe was once golden armor if he didn’t know it beforehand.

“Yes! Yes! With this, my safety is assured.”                                      

Wearing a sacred robe on his body, Li Yu turned around and put the traditional clothes he wore before into the resource library.

Looking at the gray boots under his feet, Li Yu pouted, “These boots are tacky! I have to change them!”

Li Yu found some beautiful boots in the treasures of the Emperor Qing’s Tomb. The material was impressive, and he didn’t require any energy to modify boots.

Lu Yu put on these boots. He noticed that his belt was a little loose. Then Li Yu took another jade belt and tied it around his waist.

Li Yu was very comfortable.

“Okay! Good! Good! Of course I must dress nicely because I’m rich!”

Wearing an old white robe, tied with a jade belt, with simple and elegant bells at the waist, and a pair of beautiful leather boots on his feet that he got from the Emperor Qing’s Tomb.


Li Yu came out of the hall.

Looking at Zhou Yi, Li Yu smiled, “This kid will be fine for now. He can level up by killing some monster. I want to see the vastness of the universe! Ha ha ha ha!”

Li Yu laughed.

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