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S.S Chapter 33 This Is Extortion


Li Yu flew around the forest.

After flying for a while, Li Yu saw a small town.

“I have wanted to see the resident of this town. I will go to town!”

Lu Yu descended from the sky, and he walked towards the town.

Li Yu thought this was just a small town. However, many people came and forth to the town.

Walking into the town, Li Yu glanced at the surrounding people dressed in the style of an ancient town.

Pedestrians saw Li Yu dressed beautifully and magnificently. They were stunned and stepped aside.

“Social status is very influential in this world.”

Li Yu sighed. In this world, status determines every aspect of one’s life.

After touring, Li Yu stopped in front of a restaurant.

“Since I came to this universe, I haven’t eaten anything until now.”

Li Yu smiled and walked to the restaurant.

“Sir, welcome!”

A little waiter welcomed Li Yu and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I’ll book a private room for me, bring your best food and drinks here.”

Li Yu waved his hand.

“I understand!”

The waiter nodded and guided Li Yu to the upper room.

Li Yu entered the room and looked at the entire elegant room.

“Mmm … Nothing special!”

Li Yu sat on the side of the case in the room, and quietly murmured, “Considering this is the best room they got, it’s really disappointed.”

Not long after, the waiter brought the dishes.

“Sir, this is our special dish. This is boiled Lu Chun. This is fried Yujinlan. This is …”

“Okay, okay.”

Li Yu waved his hand to, and he stopped the waiter’s explanation, he picked the boiled Lu Chun with chopsticks and tasted it.

“Mmm! The meat is tender and refreshing. Good, good.”

Li Yu ate Lu Chun. It tasted delicious, he had never tasted this kind of meat before.

“This dish is delicious, it even contains energy.”

Li Yu ate grapes and vegetables, felt the energy contained in grapes and vegetables, and he nodded, “No wonder the world has so many powerful creatures. Even ingredients like this contain energy.”

After that, Li Yu was full.

“Waiter, checkout!”

“Sir, your bill is a thousand gold.”

The waiter stood in front of Li Yu with a slightly taunting smile.


Li Yu was silent for a moment. A thousand gold? Even though Li Yu didn’t know what a thousand gold was worth. But judging by the waiter’s expression, this seemed to be extortion!

“What? Is this extortion?”

Li Yu was slightly offended by what the waiter said.

The problem was not with money. Li Yu could get the money from the system easily.

Since entering this world, a lot of good things have happened to Li Yu, and even the six Yandi gatekeepers were very kind to Li Yu. And now, Li Yu was intimidated by ordinary people.

Li Yu’s face was cold.

“What? You don’t have any money?”

The waiter glanced at Li Yu while grinning, “How dare you come to this place dressing like a rich man! Where did you steal clothes?”

Li Yu was very depressed!

“If you don’t have money …”

The waiter saw the little bell on LI Yu’s clothes, and he grinned, “The bell on your waist seems good. That will do.”

“Where did you get this bell? Did you steal from a rich man’s house?” The waiter added.

“Aa? That’s right!”

“Soul Bell!”

Suddenly Li Yu hummed and danced, “La … la … la … la … la … la …!”

The waiter looked at Li Yu in disgust, and snickered, “Are you trying to start a ruckus! Don’t you know who owns this restaurant? This is an immortal Lingxu Family Restaurant.”

“The Lingxu Family? Lingxu Dongtian?”

Li Yu was speechless, and he remembered when Zhou Yi was threatened to hand the treasure took Lingxu Dongtian at that time.

“Immortal? Did you call them Immortal?”

Li Yu shook his head in disgust, and he was angry. Li Yu’s entire body glowed and was surrounded by fairy spirits.

“Oh, my God… Great Immortal?”

Seeing this situation, the waiter was very scared, and his body trembled, “Bruk” he fell to the ground.


Li Yu coldly spoke. The waiter stood up and ran out of the restaurant.

“How insolence!”

Li Yu was very angry.

“Just because he is a member of the Lingxu family, he thinks he can treat others like trash.”

Li Yu shook his head, he planned to leave here, but suddenly heard people on the side of the road, so Li Yu stopped.

“Right! Right! They also persecuted old Jiang and little Tingting.”

“Poor old Jiang.”

“Yes! Poor little Tingting, she can’t even eat anymore now.”

“Lingxu Family has a luxurious family life. All their sons and daughters-in-law have jobs.”

“Shhh! If there is any family member who hears what you say, you will die!”

Some passersby stopped talking, panicked and glanced around, then left.

“Tingting? Jiang’s old man? Is this a coincidence?”

Li Yu froze, and then laughed again, “Tingting? Is that Yin’s body? Looks like I have to go and see.”

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