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S.S Chapter 34 My Brother Is Awesome


“System, show me the location of Tingting.”

Li Yu moved forward in the direction indicated by the system, and after a while, Li Yu arrived at the rundown shop.

A crowd surrounded the shop.

“How dare you ask me for money? I am an Immortal, you know!”

“Just hit him!”

“No! Don’t hit my grandfather! Don’t hit my grandfather!”

The screams, kicks, and cries of the little girl could be heard throughout the crowd.

“What happened?”

when he saw this, Li Yu frowned, broke through the crowd, and stepped forward.

There was an old man with a gloomy face that fell on the ground, he was gray hair and a lot of blood on his face.

A middle-aged man with a yellow face stood on the rundown shop, holding an old man’s shirt.

Three young men shouted and laughed around the old man. Every time the old man struggled to get up, he was kicked by these people.

“Don’t hit my grandfather! You’re all bad people! Huuuu …”

A five or six-year-old girl sat on the ground, screaming in a hoarse and weak voice.


Seeing the old man and helpless children being abused, Li Yu could not contain his anger.

The middle-aged man with a yellow face turned around, looked at Li Yu with narrowed eyes, and snorted coldly, “Huh, who are you? You really dare to disturb my business, do you want to die that bad?”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“You dare to mess with the Li Family? If you don’t want to die, scram!”

The three young men surrounded him with loud laughter and their fists.

“Go away!”

Old Jiang struggled to get up from the ground, and Li Yu kept waving to get them out of there.


The middle-aged man with a yellow face pouted, “How dare you let them go! If you looking to fight, we will take it! Don’t you think you can back for mercy!”

The middle-aged man with a yellow face waved his hand, and he pouted indifferently.

In recent years, Li Family misusing their influence to oppress many commoners.

Li Yu quickly released the energy in the form of wind, and the wind immediately blew the three young men flying and falling hard to the ground.



“My arm! My arm is broken!”

“Akkkkh! My leg is broken!”

Three young men were in pain with damage to their bodies.

“You …”

Middle-aged man’s face turned pale, and he was frightened. He pointed his finger at Li Yu, and he said, “How dare you do this to us! We are from the Li family. The young master in our family is cultivating in Yanxia Cave, Boy, you … …”

“Shut up!”

Li Yu’s face was icy cold, and he snorted coldly, and then he exerted all energy his body, and the middle-aged man was scared.

“Get these losers out of here!”

Li Yu shouted at the middle-aged man.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!”

The middle-aged man quickly picked up three young men and ran away.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

“It’s amazing!”

“Finally, they ran away.”

The audience watched as Li Yu crushed them and cheered.

“Pssst, do you want to be targeted by the Li family?”

An old man reminded them.

“Thank you for helping us.”

The old man with the little girl came and thanked Li Yu.

“Brother, you are amazing.”

The little girl looked at Li Yu in awe, her big, watery eyes didn’t flicker, she looked adorable.

“No need to thank me!”

Li Yu smiled and reached out to help old Jiang. Li Yu glanced at the old man, the old man’s body was covered with blood and minor injuries.

“Old man, you are injured. I will help you! You should lay down and rest.”

Li Yu helped old Jiang and took the little girl to a rundown shop.

“Brother, you must go.”

As soon as Li Yu entered the room and sat down, old Jiang said to Li Yu: “Brother, Li Family is an influential family. Someone in the family cultivates in Yanxia cave. You are in danger if you stay here.”

“Yes! Brother, you must go quick! The people here are evil, they will find and kill you if you don’t leave.”

The little girl stood up, she looked at Li Yu anxiously.

Li Yu smiled at the little girl, and he turned to look at old Jiang, “Not before I give you a treatment.”

“Brother, no. You have to hurry … cough!”

Old Jiang coughed before he finished speaking.

Li Yu smiled and extended his finger, a beautiful aura flowing through the tips of the fingers, glowed, like fireworks.

The aura of light showered like rain.

The aura was entered into the old man’s body. Old Jiang felt like he was soaking in a hot spring, and that regenerated the vitality in his body.

The pain in his body disappeared, the chronic cough was healed, and his back no longer hurt. The whole body seemed to be full of strength as if the old man has returned to his youth.

“Ha! Grandfather, your hair is getting darker, and the wrinkles on your face are gone.”

The little girl was gasped when she saw this miraculous sight, and she clapped and laughed, “Brother, you are amazing.”

Old Jiang saw a miraculous change in him and looked at Li Yu in surprise, “Cultivator? Brother, are you a cultivator?”

Li Yu smiled, turned, and sat down, “Indeed. That’s why I am not afraid of the Li family.”

“Brother, thank you.”

Old Jiang stood up and gestured to the little girl, “Tingting, come here, say thanks to him.”

“Like I said, no need to thank me.”

Li Yu quickly got up to stop old Jiang.

“Brother, you must leave immediately!”

Old Jiang held Li Yu’s hand.

“Brother, some young masters from the Li Family are cultivating in the Yanxia Cave. They are powerful, so you should leave as fast as possible.”

“Come out! I know you are in there!”

A scream outside.


The shop’s door was broken, and several figures entered.

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