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S.S Chapter 35 Breathing Can Kill You


“Is he the one?”

A 25-year-old young man looked at Li Yu and walked to the shop.

“Yes, Young Master Li, that’s the one.”

The middle-aged man walked into the room, pointing at Li Yu, he nodded his head towards Seventh Young Master Li, and said, “Young Master Li, this person is speaking impudently to our Li Family!”

“So, you’re the one? Hah!”

Seventh Young Master Li glared at Li Yu in anger.

“How dare you mess around with the Li Family, Who do you think you are to pick a fight? You think I’m just an average person? Just for your information, I have cultivated in Yanxia Cave.”

Seventh Young Master Li’s eyes glanced at the bell at Li Yu’s waist, and he snickered again, “Wang Xiaoer also told me that this bell is a treasure.”

Li Yu ignored Seventh Young Master and looked at Tingting instead.

“Hah? Who is this little girl? I haven’t seen her in two years, but this little girl has grown up. “

Suddenly Seventh Young Master Li looked at the little girl and grinned, “Hey little girl, when you grow up, you will be my servant.”

“Tingting, stay behind me!”

The old man took Tingting’s hand and hid her behind his body and looked at Seventh Young Master Li.

“Hey, old man, if that little girl comes with me into the Li Family, her life will be much better than living with you.”

Seventh Young Master Li snorted, and coldness appeared in his eyes.

“Are you done?”

Li Yu was very tired of dealing with this arrogant Seventh Young Master Li.

Seventh Young Master Li frowned and looked at Li Yu, he grinned like a demon, “Oh, if you want to die quickly, my men will help to kill you.”

The half-foot silver spear was hurled like lightning towards Li Yu.

“Watch out!”

The old man shouted and hurried towards Li Yu, using his body to protect Li Yu.


Li Yu immediately pulled the old man behind him, he didn’t care about the silver spear was hurled towards him.


The silver spear pierced through Li Yu’s chest, but …

Li Yu’s clothes shook. The silver spear melted very quickly, like melted ice cubes, and immediately turned into smoke and disappeared.

“This … this …”

Seeing this extraordinary scene, Seventh Young Master Li was speechless.

“Old man, why did you protect me?”

Li Yu didn’t even care about Seventh Young Master Li. He turned to look at old Jiang, “Old man, I’m not afraid of him.”

“Brother, you’re a good person. When I see you in danger, how can I just stay still?”

The old man looked at Li Yu seriously, even though he was old, he still had his own pride.

Li Yu admired the old man. Even though he still charged forward even if it meant and endangering his own life.

“Hahahaha! I know! I know!”

At this moment, Seventh Young Master Li suddenly laughed wildly and looked at Li Yu, as if he saw an incomparable treasure.

“Turns out your robe is a treasure too! Hahaha! I’m lucky! Now, I get more treasures to take home. What a haul!

Seventh Young Master Li laughed and looked at Li Yu, “Boy, give me all your treasure, otherwise … You all will die!


Li Yu turned and looked at the Li Family, and shook his head in disgust, “It’s my fault that you guys go through to all this. So … I clean my own mess.”

“Boy, do you want to die that bad?”

Seventh Young Master Li was very angry. He waved his hand and breathed out a colorful mist.

“A fly is a fly.”

Li Yu shook his head, “I can even kill you by breathing.”


Seventh Young Master was confused.

Li Yu opened his mouth and sighed quietly at the Li Family. With a little breath like people breathe.

There was no strong wind nor storm. Only a gentle breeze came slowly around the Li Family.

The colorful mist Li Yu breathed out and immediately blew it towards Seventh Young Master Li.

“Akh …”

Seventh Young Master Li was screamed. A cloud of smoke shrouded Seventh Young Master.

Suddenly, Seventh Young Master Li turned into a cloud of smoke, and he disappeared.

“Ah …”

“What kind of mystic art?”

“He is a Demon!”

Seeing this terrible sight, all the Li family members were scared, so they screamed and ran away.

“Brother, this is …”

Old Jiang was also shocked by Li Yu’s extraordinary mystical power.

“That’s just a little mystical power.”

Li Yu smiled.

Yes, that was only the mystical power of simple breathing.

“He really is amazing!”

Old Jiang could feel Li Yu’s strength. After all, old Jiang was a cultivator.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Old Jiang felt many emotions in his heart, and his eyes became red.

“I hope your kindness will be rewarded!”

Old Jiang held Li Yu’s hand tightly, and he cried.

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